Top 10 Benefits of Finger Painting for Toddlers

Amongst all types of painting for the kids, finger painting is most beneficial. First of all, it is easy for the kids as they don’t require any sort of brush works. Secondly, the equipment is extremely cheap and easily obtainable. More so, the paint can be easily washed off by wiping. That is not all; a painting can also benefit in the development of the kid. Check out the top ten benefits of finger painting for toddlers from below. 

Fine Motor Development

One of the most delightful benefits offered by the finger painting for the toddlers it let them develop an exceptional motor skill. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics website, finger painting can help to promote better and precise control over the hand and finger movement. The articles also described that painting could help the kid to do things like zipping the own jacket or using the spoon.

Finger painting keeps the little hands of the kids busy for a long time on a continuous order. More so, the art also requires some complex movements which can help to develop their excellent motor skills. By using the finger instead of the brush, the kid can develop better muscle control and dexterity in quick order.

Promote Creativity

Drawing is all about creativity, isn’t it? Any kind of process-based paint activity allows the toddlers to experiment and grow a creative mindset. Kids don’t search for a subject or try to copy things while painting. They can literally art anything that arrives in the mind.

More so, they put their efforts to illustrate things they are thinking in mind. By illustrating the mind, the kid can broaden their mind. Finger painting can especially benefit the toddler to be more creative in their work as they grow. 

Literacy and Vocabulary

Drawing can be a great way to teach letters to younger kids. We all know how much hassle it is to teach the smaller kids letters in a mainstream way. Kids are a great fan of colors and colorful things.

By drawing the alphabets in colorful paintings, you can teach the kid to learn the letters in a quicker order. More so, it can also help him or her to learn to write the alphabet from his own. Moreover, you can teach kids about new things by drawing them to enhance their vocabulary.

Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the fantastic benefits of the finger drawing is hand-eye coordination, an essential skill for the toddlers. As the kid learns to art the parts they see, they combine the hand movement with their vision to illustrate it on the paper or the drawing board.

As the hand muscles are used during the procedure, the kid can develop an instinct both mentally and physically. If you think that the kid is not developing adequate hand-eye coordination, you must introduce them to painting.

Balance and Muscle Development

While painting, the kids require sitting or standing still for an extended period. More so, they need using their hands continuously. Doing these things, the kid can get a low-intensity workout, which can promote better balance and muscle development.

Nowadays, kids can hardly get any chance of physical activities. Finger painting can be a fun-filled way to make the kid physically active for better body fitness and overall development.

Expression of Feelings

Art is one of the excellent ways of expressing feelings. The artist often expresses their thoughts on the things that are restricted by different organizations. Not all kids can develop vocabulary skills at an early age.

As a result, it becomes hard for them to talk about their feelings. Finger painting can be helpful for the kid to express their feelings through the drawing. Studies have also shown that art can be beneficial for kids to be more open about their thoughts. Finger painting can be a great way to make the kid efficient in self-expression.

Communication and Language Skill

Toddlers nowadays vastly lack communication skills. That is because they don’t find a lot of scopes to talk and greet the public. Finger painting can help to develop the communication skill of a kid.

As an example, when the kids paint, they are usually with the other siblings or the parents. They typically talk about the creative process, colors, and what they are printing. That means they will be in a conversation which can help to develop communication as well as a language skill.

Sensory Integration

Painting is one of the very few works that require the integration of all five senses, including touching, smelling, hearing, sighting, tasting (ford edible paint). As these senses get exercised while the kid is painting, it can benefit in the development of sensory integration development.

Sensory integration is the necessary skill required in a lot of aspects of the upcoming life of a kid. More times, with finger painting, it means better sensory integration.

Healing Experience

It is now clinically proven that painting offers a healing experience in the kids. Especially for the kids who have gone through something terrible, art can benefitthem to release negative feelings.

More so, fun activities like creating something new and being messy make them happy and release endorphin, the first feeling hormone. Painting is now also used as a therapy to heal mental issues like phobias. It can be a great way to keep the kids busy with a good idea.

Confidence Development

Finger painting can be a great way to develop confidence in toddlers. Typically, they end up illustrating something every time they take part in this activity. Creating something new makes them think they are not useless. The development of confidence can help the kid to be confident about different events in their upcoming life.

In the above, we discussed some of the excellent benefits of finger painting for toddlers. So, if you didn’t yet introduce the kids to the finger painting, then it is the high time to do it for the well-being and development of your little superstar.

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