How to Extend Drones Flight Time – 6 Tips for Drone Pilot

How to Extend Drones Flight Time

The drones can provide us a spectacular bird’s eye view, then flying drones become a profession for the professional, then it becomes a hobby for the hobbyists. So this aerial vehicle is getting fame from the novices to the professionals. So while choosing a drone, people examine various features like different specs and price tags appropriate for … Read more

How to Do Drone Photography

How to Do Drone Photography

Once upon a time, there was a thought in my mind –isn’t the photography hobby is costly without adding flying gadgets to the equation? Again, if I use a drone for aerial photography, wouldn’t it be very risky? But the circumstance is quite the opposite now. By the drastic development in the drone or UAV … Read more

How to Charge A Drone Battery – Ultimate Guide

How to Charge A Drone Battery

The drone battery is one of the most important components of the device. Without a decent battery, it is quite impossible to fly the drone. Drones usually arrive with lithium-ion batteries which are small in size but capable of storing huge power. The lithium-ion batteries are also versatile which means they can stay in good … Read more

How to Drone Race – Complete Beginners Guide

So you need to be a part of the most exciting sport in the world? Welcome to UVA racing, where you can encounter the surge of flying at crazy speeds through minor holes. Flying a quadcopter in FPV is the most dreamlike experience I for one have ever had. You can go anyplace in 3D … Read more

How Much Weight can a Drone Carry?

How Much Weight can a Drone Carry

Are you thinking about purchasing a drone? Then one question that may hit your mind is how much a drone can carry. Well, the answer to the questions depends on a lot of things. Drones are made for different purposes. When some of the drones are just for hobbyist and entertainment, some others are used … Read more

The 10 Best Micro Drones [2022 Reviews and Guide]

Did you know that the best micro drones is so discreet that it can easily fit in your hand? This means that they can easily be carried around as they comfortably fit into an average size pouch or bag. With that in mind, you may be thinking about getting one. Great idea! Drones have become the … Read more

The 10 Best Low Priced Drone [2022 Reviews and Guide]

Yes, got it. You’re a beginner. So, you’re looking for a cheap drone for you. Ok, don’t feel hesitate. We will provide the best low priced drone for you. You can catch each snapshot of your life with the drone. Possibly you’re out with your family. Having a pleasant time and loosening up a bit … Read more