What Are The Differences Between Arts And Crafts?

Art and crafts are very interesting and one kind of necessary thing to learn. But some of us don’t understand the importance of learning arts and crafts for toddlers. Some of us think both art and craft are the same things, and they teach their children that too.  But it’s not the truth.

Art and crafts are two different forms of creativity. There are some similarities available between these two, but they differ from each other. What are those differences between arts and crafts?  We are here to clear the dilemma. If you don’t know them, how you will teach your kids?  Scroll down and learn more.

What is Art & What is Craft?

Before we discuss the differences, we need to know their definition. Without knowing what art & craft is, it will be difficult for you to understand the differences.


Art is creativity. It’s about uniqueness and innovation. You can try to make artwork like an artist, but you can’t. Art is one skill that comes from inside and represents artist thoughts, desires, emotions, and expressions. It needs talent and inner inspiration. You can say it’s a human creative skill that is different from person to person. Not everyone can have the same creativity. It’s a solo work that only one person can. 

Craft in art is available, but the craft isn’t art. Maybe you have creativity, you have innovated something new, and you can realize what you can do, but you cannot express that emotion within your art because you don’t have that talent or the inner feeling that a artist need to create art. Art has no limitation to express. A artwork is a unstructured work of an artist. In a saying, art is unique; it can’t be reproduced.


Craft is a work of mind & skill. When more than one person can practice and do the same thing that another person can, it’s a craft. People follow someone work, use some technique and can present the same work with skill. That form of work is a craft.  With time your skill will grow, and your craftwork will be better and better. Sometimes you can find the art in the craft. How? 

Imagine you are a cook, you have used all ordinary ingredients to cook a dish that others do, but you have added some/one new ingredients that increase the taste level. You can say it’s a art as you have innovated this. 

Yes, somehow it’s true, but if you disclose the ingredients name or a skilled cook can guess the name just by tasting and try himself, maybe he can do this same. Because it’s not something, you have innovated within yourself by making your inner soul/emotions work. You just added a ingredient that is also available without you. Art is something that means nothing without you. And in crafting, you are just following the structure of what is gonna make. In a saying, crafting is the fruit of practice/experience/training.

Differences between arts and crafts

  • Art has no limitation t express; it unstructured work of an artist. Craft is visible and has a specific limitation that crafter has to follow when they craft.
  • Art is a work of the heart & inner soul and connects people with emotions. Craft represents the skill of the crafter and attracts people minds.
  • No one can copy an art; not even an artist can copy each other art. Anyone can learn a craft; even people can do better than their master by learning from them. 
  • Painting, Poetry, Drawing, Sculpture, architecture etc., are some of the artwork examples. Pottery, Jewellery, Metalwork, Glasswork are craft.
  • Art is one’s inmates talent; the artist uses their imaginative skill and makes perfect art. Crafting is all about using mind and practice. The much you practice, the more world-class your craft will be. Practices make a perfect craft.

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