Technical Guide – Drone Battery Basics

What is an essential accessory of a drone? The drone battery is the essential accessory of the quadcopter. And the LiPo battery is for the UAV.  What do you mean by the Lipo? LiPo is for lithium polymer. The LiPo has the source of power that allows the systems to drive forward. The drone battery is the primary source to fly the quadcopter. It’s like fuel of a car, bus or motorcycle etc.

Nothing will happen without the help of the drone battery. When you own a drone, you need to get knowledge on the power source of it. However, it’s necessary for you to learn on the details of the LiPo battery of the UAV. Besides, you should know how to charge the battery and how it works.

Drone Battery Basics

In the post, we are going to share you an epic of the battery of a drone. We told you earlier that the lithium polymer battery such as the LiPo battery is using for the drone. It can give significant benefits than the others. The LiPo can hold enough power and transfer the power faster. Read the following information of the battery.

Voltage / Cell Count

The nominal voltage of a LiPo cell is 3.7v. The full charge of the nominal voltage is 4.2 V/cell, and the minimum charge of the battery is 3.0V/cell. The number of cells determines the total voltage. You should many 3.7V with the number of cells in series to know the total voltage of the battery.

If there are two cells in series of a 2S battery pack, it makes 7.4V. Tell me how. You should see many between 2 and 3.7V.As a result, a 3S battery with three cells produces the voltage of 11.1V. The spin of the propellers depends on the voltage of the battery pack.  The speed of your drone propellers spins faster if you have more voltage of your battery.


The capacity of the battery holds power. It’s like the fuel tank of a vehicle. You can fly in a long time if your batteries have the higher capacity. The mAh is measuring the ability of the battery. Do you know about mAh? mAh stands for milliamp hours.

There are some difficulties in choosing the larger battery with high capacity. It became much weight while flying. So, the extra weight loss the drones flying time. The drone may damage the high capacity battery. The high capacity battery can heat the motor much more. So try to set a perfect LiPo battery for your camera Drone.

Discharge Rating

Let’s show the equation, maximum discharge current = C-rating x capacity.

What do you mean by it? Ok, don’t worry, let’s elaborate it. This C-rating of a Lithium polymer battery. Again you became confused. ‘’C’’ is for capacity and the C-rating is for a capacity rating of the battery. The manufacturer specified the pack of safe, continuous and maximum discharge rate.

The battery can’t deliver enough current for the motor of the drone for its lower C-rating. The quadcopter won’t show you any good performance for the lower C-rating. You can get a tremendous performance with the high C-rating.

Battery Storage

Keep your battery in storage that’s not harmful to it. The LiPo has no problem if it’s not using for some days. But, if you are not using the battery for seven days, it will be damage for the gas. You should store the battery if you aren’t using this a long time.

The LiPo battery has a 3.8V per cell voltage storage. The computerized chargers can do the function of charge or discharge.  Remember, the battery can sustain if you carefully storage it.

Working Temperatures

When the LiPo gets the worm, it operates the high performance.  The battery is able of operates right up to 60 degree Celsius. However, it doesn’t work in a cold environment. So it’s clear that the battery is happy when its summertime.It’s not happy in winter. Be sure that the packs are hot while start flying in cold season.

Best Battery Brand

There is a lot of brand of the battery in the market. We share with you some best drone battery brand in the world.

Turnigy: Turnigy is the best for its durability and performance. It also has a good battery charger.

Thunder Power: It’s the favourite brand of the battery. The battery of the brand has an affordable price.

Zippy: It’s a cheap price battery, but it can show its excellent performance. We recommend this brand for your battery.

Charging and Safety Features of the Battery

Follow the instruction below to charge the battery:

  • ​Charge the drone battery up to 100% before its first flight. You should charge the battery one or two days ago before its beginning operation.
  • Don’t charge or use the battery if you find any drop in the quadcopter after the full charge.
  • To avoid the explosion you should use the LiPo guard bag for charging.
  • Avoid charging the swollen battery.
  • Disconnect the battery from charging if you smoke or smell something wrong.
  • Always use a battery charger that is approved by the manufacturer.aYou should avoid the damage charger.
  • Don’t charge the battery in a flammable and conductive surface. It has a chance to catch fire.
  • Don’t charge below 0 degrees and above 40 degree Celsius.
  • Check the cable, enclosure and plug in a regular basis.
  • Inspect the battery if your drone crash.​


So, it’s clear that the drone battery is the nucleus of a quadcopter.  And we present you the basics of the battery. It will help to learn more about the essential accessories of a drone. You already know that the capacity, C-rating make the power of the battery. You also know about the voltage and the cells. Besides, there are some safety features that you must know. Have fun with the drone and the magic of the battery of the UAV.

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