Features of Drone – Applications and Uses of Drone Technology

​What do you consider while buying the drone?  Features are the vital part of a drone. If you want to buy a UAV, then you should know the features of drone. You can see addition sensors and controls with the features of a professional drone.  And the mini quadcopter has not enough features like the professional drone. The key factors of a drone are the features and the sensors.

Remember, the features of your drone depend on the budget. If you want to pay more while buying; you can get more features with excellent support. These additional features give you a unique flying experience. Besides, the features of the drone direct their functions. There are several features of a drone. And every element has a different role of its own. We discuss some of the features of the quadcopter.

​Features of Drone

​The drone is the most popular vehicle of the current time. You can get a lot of enjoyment and use from the drone. It has different features for the several functions. Before buying the drone, you should know what the feature of the UAV is. Then take your decision. Here we recommend some of the features that you should consider.

​Auto Take Off

​Auto takes off is one of the essential features of a quadcopter. Let’s tell you what the auto take off functions. You can get one touch on the transmitter button, and the drone can fly away from the basement. You can take off the UAV to a level and able to fly under your command.

You have full control of the quadcopter with the flying level. However, if you want to take off UAV correctly, you must be an expert.

​Auto Landing

​Do you know the vital feature of the drone? It’s the auto landing feature. You have to face a significant challenge after taking off or flying away in the air. After a few minutes, you have to land the drone safely. The auto landing feature brings the drone back to the base.

​Before discharging the battery, this auto-landing feature is also able to return the quadcopter to a safe place.

​Batteries of Drone

​The battery is the power source of a drone. It can allow the drone to fly in the sky. The battery of a drone is like the fuel of a car or bus. Lipo battery is the most f. It’s favourite for the drone. It’s better than the other.  The nominal voltage in a Lipo cell is 3.7v.

​The battery capacity holds the power quadcopter. The capacity is like the fuel tank of a vehicle. If your batteries have the higher capacity, you can fly in a long time. Besides, the LiPo can’t deliver enough current for the motor of the UAV for its lower C-rating.

The device won’t show you better performance for the lower C-rating. You can get an excellent job with the high C-rating. Some of the models have spare batteries that help you to the new flying.

​High Definition Camera

What is the most important and essential feature of a drone? Yes, it’s nothing but the camera. It allows you to see the aerial views.

You should check out the resolution and the high definition camera. The video is one of the essential parts. In the time of flying it’s able to record different types of scenario.

A powerful camera can able to help with details of what you want to see. If you are a professional, you must have an HD camera with the UAV. To set a good camera in the UAV is essential for a beginner or a hobbyist.

​Smartphone Controls

​Remote control or a transmitter controls the drone with two joysticks. However, smartphone apps control some drones with their Wi-Fi.

You should not depend on the apps. But you can use them for temporary on behalf of the remote control.

You can also control the camera of your drone. The camera may start taking photo or recording video with the smartphone apps. As a result, you can adjust the color balance of the camera with this app.

​A Range of the Flight

​The range of a drone is the distance between the transmitter or remote control and the flying drone. There is no chance to lose the command, if the flight range is longer, . The longer range of a drone is up to 7 km and the minimum range is 400 meters. The benefits of the long flight range are discussing below :

  • ​It’s possible to fly the drone much longer distance from the transmitter.
  • ​You can operate the drone at an impressive altitude.

​Flight Time

​The flight time of a drone is an important feature. You can find the quality drones can fly up to 30 minutes. The flight time depends on the battery power.  Besides, the quadcopter can carry different types of accessories. They are the motor, battery, 4 or more propellers and a camera.

​These are the accessories of substantial weight. The heavyweight makes a high pressure for the drone to fly in a long time. So, try to carry some lightweight materials for the longest time. However, the cold and windy condition can affect the flight time.

​Drone Size

​Size is a vital feature of a quadcopter.  What size is perfect for your drone? Remember, size depends on the functions. If you want to do different types of massive works with a drone, then you should choose a large UAV. But you should know both size while reading the article on features of drone.

We divide the drone into four sizes. There is a micro, mini, small and large drone. Let’s show the example of several sizes of drones. Extreme Fliers 3.0 is a micro and the Holy Stone HS170 predator is the mini-drone. ​REDPAWZ H36 and Walkera F210 Pro etc. is the small drone. DJI is spreading wings s 900 and Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Plus is the perfect massive drone.

​Different Flight Modes

​Do you know about the flight mode?  It’s important to see the flight modes before start flying the UAV. There are several kinds and functions of the flight mode.

​Standard Mode – A pilot is sitting in the cockpit and ready to operate in a standard mode that means your drone is ready to fly.

Heads Free Mode – The heads free mode has another name that is carefree or straightforward mode.

First Person View (FPV) – Your drone has a front-facing camera if you fly the quadcopter in an FPV mode.

Altitude Hold Mode – The altitude mode should keep constant. However, roll, pitch, and yaw will be operating in the same way.

Stabilize Mode – Stabilize mode can do all the work automatically. It also allows the drone to fly manually.  

Auto Return Mode – When the communication is out of range, it allows returning your drone.

Besides, there are any other flight modes of the drone naming angle mode, horizon mode, and all-self-modes etc.

​Charging Procedure

​What’s the perfect time to the charging your drone battery? Some of us think that, when the battery shows that it becomes lost some power, then it needs to charge it.

No, don’t do that. It will damage your battery. You have to follow some procedures to charge the battery.

  • ​Recharge the battery when it becomes shallow.
  • ​You can see it charging faster at the beginning. But it becomes slow in time.
  • ​The battery has four lights and all the light is flashing when 90% charge is completed.
  • ​The lights will become off after completing 100% charge.
  • ​The two cells battery will take 2 hours and four cells will take 4 hours.
  • ​If you have a six cell battery, it will take 6 hours for charging.

​Headless Mode

​The headless mode is a unique flying mode. You can find it in all the entry-level drones. It’s able to track orientation with its transmitter. The headless mode is for you, if you are a beginner. While taking off, you should position the UAV in your front. The filmmakers can use the mode for the close shots.

​If your drone has the headless mode, you can get a lot of support while flying the quadcopter. It’s a beautiful feature if the UAV.

Final Words

​Drone is the best device that prevails in the world. We can see the uses of the quadcopter are growing faster. This is not the end of the features of drone. The manufacturer of the drones is inventing excellent features day by day.

​Every feature has a function of your need. The drone has a continuous function to work with. As a result, you can use the camera to shot photos and videos. Besides, you need the FPV to enjoy the flying experience as a pilot.

Enjoy the amazing flying experience with the great features of the quad.