Holy Stone HS100 Review for 2022 (In-Depth)

The Holy Stone HS100 drone is the royal one for its profoundly propelled GPS emotionally supportive network that does not frustrate you. In the wake of perusing this Holy Stone HS100 review, you will be shocked at it is at a sensible cost. As a result of its component, it a standout amongst the most prevalent automaton.

From the first time when you pushed the take-off button, you will inspire with the intensity of those huge props. Indeed, even you can fly it commonly past its transmission range. It is nice that it just returns to you like a decent pooch and you won’t lose it.

The camera works extraordinary and is nice to the point that it rotates all over so you can see things and not need to raise or lower the automaton to see something underneath. Actually, it has numerous great features that make the Holy Stone HS100 definitely justified even despite the cost. To take a clear idea, here is the Holy Stone HS100 Review for you.

Why Holy Stone HS100 Is The Best?

This holy stone hs100 convey bounteous staggering flying phases which make it awesome from different drones. The HS100 drone offers phenomenal redesigns over the Holy Stone Company’s beforehand discharged quadcopters.

The HS100 drone is bigger in size than the Holy Stone HS200 and HS110. The propelled GPS framework is incorporated into Holy Stone HS100. That accommodating huge amounts of fascinating highlights.

It’s Headless Mode, elevation hold and one key Take-off furthermore, arriving for less demanding activity. You won’t need to stress over the introduction. It is ideal for the newbie.

Another decent element of this drone is that, the arrival stature. So, it doesn’t come back to you and fly directly into a protest or a tree. It will come back to your spot at the pre-set elevation and drop directly down to you.

You will jump at the chance to peruse that demonstrates your present stature, separate away, battery level in the controller. Above all else, the battery level in the automaton. Come back to home works AWESOME. It arrives inside two or three feet of where you began.

HS100 Quick Specifications

The HS100 drone is great. The hs100 is smooth to fly, and the auto-arrive works delightfully. I portray some snappy determinations underneath for you:

  • Weight (Including Battery) :   700 g/24.7 oz (FAA is required)
  • ​Flight time:   12-15 minutes
  • ​Flight go:   500 meters, 120m tallness, 150 FPV
  • ​Charging Time:   3-6 hours (Depend on Charging Power)
  • ​Battery:   Li-po, 7.4V 2500mAh
  • Wi-Fi Distance:   150M (Outdoor and Unobstructed)
  • ​Max transmission distance:   500m (Outdoor And Unobstructed)
  • ​Dimensions:   500*500*175mm
  • Camera:   Lens-FOV 120°/2.0, 90 degree flexible point from transmitter
  • Recording Modes:   HD1280*720P
  • ​Sensors:   GPS, indicator, 6-pivot spinner
  • Special highlights:   one-key take off/arrive, headless, elevation hold, FPV, VR​​

Holy Stone HS100 Review

The Holy Stone drone just not looks extraordinary; likewise, it flies incredibly as well. From this review, you will investigate the Holy Stone HS100. It offers more than average for newbies as well as the master.

Its battery limit is around 2500mAh, and it gives in ten to twelve minutes of soaring time. The HS100’s Battery works as a power bank, sounds intriguing, isn’t that so?

The new HS100 drone holds a portable wide edge with well dynamic GPS helped trip. It has the impressive follow-me feature in case you need to think regarding this astounding element with points of interest. You should continue perusing the Holy Stone HS100 Review.

Holy Stone HS100 Features

There is motivation to consider the HS100 the Navigator. Or its propelled GPS framework. It has a welcome sight. It will enable you to look at the magnificence as you fly both day and night. HS100’s most progressive and key highlights are GPS helped flight. It gives you by exact situating points of interest of your drone. Additionally, if it is in a low battery, the automaton will subsequently return home precisely.

Holy Stone HS100 Camera

The Holy Stone HS100 drone camera goes by wide edge HD adaptation for the record the chronicles in 720P. So it can record the video or take the photographs at a fast rate. It’s empowering you to record recordings at various plots. It has 90 degrees Camera edge modification. Can record the chronicles from 116 Meters.

The idea of the record is incredible. The robot can stream LIVE chronicles when you relate it to your propelled cell. The HS100’s camera goes with microSD card space to store the recorded accounts and pictures.

The robot can stream LIVE chronicles when you relate it to your propelled cell. The HS100’s camera goes with microSD card space to store the recorded accounts and pictures. You also can use their iOS application, it goes with part of features joining seeing live spouting in VR mode.

The application in like manner gives distinctive flying status like “Sitting tight for GPS single”, “Transmitter not related” and gathering of various unpretentious components, helping the first-time flyer with getting used to this drone immediately.

HS100 Battery and Charger

Holy stone HS100 drone’s Battery doesn’t give you any possibility for objection about long charge time. The battery limit is around 2500mAh, and flight time is between ten to twelve minutes. It can convey a lot of capacity to the intense engines.

The Battery works at 7.4V. Strangely, the Battery has a helpful status LED like power banks, which reveal to you how much power is cleared out.

The hs100 charger: You can take it anywhere between 3 to 6 hours to completely charge your Holy Stone HS100. Yet it is completely relying upon the power of charging. Be that as it may, you ought to be extremely mindful so as not to cheat this Battery. Try not to abandon it to charge medium-term or someplace you can’t screen it. Make certain to play it safe.

Holy Stone HS100 Parts

You’ll be getting some more parts when purchasing the Holy Stone HS100 other than the drone, transmitter, and Battery.

  • ​7.4V 2500mAh Li-po Battery ( USB Charging Cable)
  • ​8G TF Card
  • ​Card Reader
  • ​Propellers (under the white froth box) 8 pics
  • ​Extra Propeller Guards 2 pics
  • ​Extra Propellers (under the white froth box) 4 pics
  • ​Extra Propeller Guards 2 pics
  • ​Extra Landing Feet 2 pics
  • ​Blade Pads 2 pics
  • ​Blade Caps 4 pics
  • ​Fixed Rubber Pieces for Blades’ Screws 4 pics
  • ​Screws for Blades 4 pics
  • ​Screws for Motor/Bottom Body Cover 4 pics
  • Screwdriver​​

HS100 Transmitter/Controller

The transmitter of the holy stone HS100 drone is very bigger simply like the drone. Be that as it may, it has a decent quality. When you grasp it nothing squeaks or twists? In addition, it is fairly substantial, or, in other words of good quality.

The button underneath the joystick is for driving the transmitter. Left trigger segment has a parchment wheel for changing velocity and buttons for actuating “follow me” and GPS following.

The right trigger has a parchment wheel for changing camera tilt, and two buttons for taking photographs and beginning video recording.

Design and Weight

The HS100 drone is bigger in size and coming in at 50cm long/width and right around 20cm in tallness with the arrival equip. This is one of the huger drones that you’ve had the chance of testing. This drone measures around 700g in weight with Battery. Drone body extends to the sides where sharp edges are, like the Hubsan X4 arrangement.

The camera hangs underneath the drone, and the Battery plugs from behind. LEDs under the cutting-edge arms are unmistakably noticeable and will inform you about paring status between the drone and the transmitter, GPS bolt status, and battery status.

Follow Me Mode

Holystone HS100 goes with a “Follow me” feature that basically pursues you as you move. This mode is astounding. If the mode turns on, you require not to push overflying the machine. The follow-me mode works through GPS on Mobile Phone signal. You can fly physically without GPS in case you expected to; the height sensor will help keep the flight stable. It takes after having your own special eye in the sky to see who may follow you.

FPV Mode

The HS100 is enormously upgraded by 720P 120° FOV FPV Wi-Fi Camera. With its 90° Adjustable point, catches the top-notch video and ethereal photographs. You can appreciate the Real-Time Viewing ideal from your remote control. It can take the perfect selfie. Get each snapshot of your excursion from a feathered creatures eye point of view.

Headless Mode

The Holy Stone HS100 has the headless mode, and we as a whole need it sooner or later. In the event that you don’t know how to fly an automaton utilizing yaw, pitch, and move this component. It can help you decisively. The component giving you a substantially more streamlined and, in some ways, more charming flight understanding.

Altitude Hold

In altitude hold mode, HS100 drone keeps up a predictable elevation while permitting move, pitch, and yaw to be controlled regularly. At the point when altitude hold mode is chosen, it is naturally controlled to keep up the present level. Move, pitch and yaw work the equivalent as in Stabilize mode implying that the automaton pilot straightforwardly controls the roll.

Flying Range and Control

The Holy Stone HS100 flying range is around 500 meters when in an open and unhampered space. It is giving you plenty of space to fly around. The GPS highlights specified above help you in the event that you go too far out of range. Or the flag gets powerless, for the drone will consequently return home. This Holy Stone HS100 is extremely simple to control for the novice drone flyers.

One Key Takeoff

The HS100 enables you to take-off and arrive at the single push of a button which is super simple. It accompanies one-key take-off and landing catch on the transmitter. While flying in the event that you click arrive button, the drone will auto arrive vertically down, controlling the speed individually. This runs pleasantly alongside its follow me mode. The altitude holds mode highlights, giving you a nearly hands-off flying background.

Why We Liked

  • The extra highlights are easy to setup
  • The follow me mode can consequently flight and pitch
  • Enjoy ceaseless view by FPV mode
  • FPV mode anticipates losing ramble
  • The headless mode enables the flyers to fly their robot without pushing
  • The altitude holds feature augment the machine convenience
  • Adjust your hankering speed by speed
  • This ramble is fitting for under-18 people for Return home function

Why We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t fly your HS100 ramble more than 500m
  • Cuts off the range after 150m in FPV mode

Holy Stone HS100 Overview

After going through the review, it can be understood why this is another incredible drone by the well-known quadcopter producer. Despite the fact that it has incredible form quality with magnificent features. However outstanding amongst other things about the Holy Stone HS100 is its GPS helped include. It makes this drone basically extremely fascinating with joy. It’s a perfect drone for the beginner drone lovers and furthermore for expert drone flyers.

It would be obvious to clarify this issue with a precedent assumes if your drone is low on Battery and is 200 meters from you. You require not stressing, on account of its GPS and upgraded wellbeing, the HS100 will fly back to you. So you should thank for its GPS assisted feature.

The 15 minutes flight time make this HS100 drone champion. It’s extremely incredible for those who’ve been searching for an any longer enduring Holy Stone quadcopter. Generally, you can’t discover much ailing in this drone. In this Holy Stone HS100 drone has additionally given particularly FPV mode, follow me mode, one key departure, headless mode, and altitude hold.

Why should you buy the Holy Stone HS100 Drone?

The Holy Stone HS100 Drone offers you wide varieties of features at an excellent price. It also includes all the required functionalities to get a decent performance from a drone. As it includes headless mode feature, a user from any age range can control the drone easily. Another impressive thing about the drone is it can be suitable for different experience level.

With different speed level, the pilot can choose the suitable speed as he prefers to smoothly fly the drone. As there is a return home function in the drone, the user can fly it back home easily without any issues. It also has built-in GPS which can help to track back the drone if required.

As per our review, all the parts of the drone are made from high-quality materials. Such construction ensures you that you will get a smooth performance from the drone for a long time.

The drone includes propeller guard which ensure you that your drone will not be damaged if you mistakenly hit it with a tree or the wall. Such impressive features and outstanding construction of the drone at an affordable price make it one of the best choices for you.


The Holy Stone HS100 Drone is made with high-quality materials and propeller guards to ensure safe use. Besides, it is a small device which is not capable of causing serious harms.

However, we will still suggest you be careful while flying the drone. Avoid trying to catch the drone while it’s flying as it can injure you. Also, avoid flying the drone on other people’s properties to ensure lawful use of the drone.


At the last minute, we just can state that the Holy Stone HS100 is a phenomenal drone for its incredible features. The most widely recognized negative remarks were too short flight time. The Holy Stone HS100 should fly for around 12 to 15 minutes which is not that short comparing with the price. You can simply control this HS100 drone for its altitude hold feature.

GPS mode empowers exactly situating and counteracts losing the drone. The drone will play out an Auto-Return when the Battery is low or in the event that it loses signal. With this new function, you can have some good times. Can appreciate more secure flight. You got an Emergency Stop catch. These highlights are ideal for apprentices to fly the automaton and diminishing the expectation.