How Do You Fix an Easel Canvas

An easel is awell-designed tool that can hold your canvas in the perfect position to paint it comfortably. There are a variety of easels available in the market. One thing you may know about the easel is you cannot get a satisfactory performance if it is problematic. Sometimes you may end up damaging your canvas due to the problematic easel, which is so frustrating.

Most of the individuals who own an easel don’t know how to fix simple problems that occurred in it with times. Today, we will let you know how to fix issues about an easel canvas quickly from your own.

Common easel problems and their solutions

Below, we discussed how to solve the most common problems that may occur with your easel.

How to fix an easel that slips

Stability is a must when you are painting something. An unstable easel can make your arts go wrong and demotivate you from using it. It is one of the most common problems with easels. Usually, the older easel which didn’t arrive with a foot cover is more tends to this problem. Different types of floors can also cause the problem.

You can quickly solve this problem using a simple trick. Below, we will discuss how to stable an easel that slips.

To fix an unstable easel, you will require adding foot cover in its leg. The procedure is simple; you will need an old cloth. Make sure that it is not silky or other clothes that can slip. If possible, you can use rubbers instead of the fabric.

Cut the cloths in square pieces and then put them under the legs. More so, you can fix them with the bottom of the easel legs with ropes. This way, you can make the easel stable.

How to set up an easel properly

Without setting the easel properly, you will never be able to enjoy a comfortable performance from it. Below, we will discuss how you will do this.

Position the easel

The first thing you need to do is set up the easel in the right position. It should be in a spot from where you will get an unobstructed view of the canvas or the artwork you are painting. Most of the easels available in the market currently are adjustable. The position should also let you comfortably draw for a long time. You can be able to adjust them easily.

Adjust the height

Easels usually arrive with adjustable legs. This feature allows adjusting the position of the easel for different individuals with different heights. It also lets you work while sitting on a stool or chair. If you are planning to paint from a sitting position, then adjust the height of the canvas according to your stool or chair height.

Tilt arms and move the clamps

The modern easels also allow you to angle the canvas arm to position the easel in a comfortable position for painting. You can fix it at anywhere from 45 degrees to 95 degrees angle according to your choice.

You can also move the clamps to fit the height of the canvas on the canvas arm. It will allow you to make the easel in a much friendly position to comfortably paint.

The last thing you need to do is brace the clamps to stable the canvas in the right position. It will ensure that the canvas will not slip while working with it.

There are different types of easel available in the market from different manufacturers. If you failed to fix the easel according to the mentioned method, then contact the manufacturer’s customer support. We hope you will get the solutions. 

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