How Long Does a Mobility Scooter Battery Last

How long does the mobility scooter battery last? The answer to the question depends on a lot of things. So there is no straight forward answer to the question. Today in this article, we will discuss the factors which thing affects the battery of a mobility scooter.

Types of Battery

Usually, a mobility scooter can come with two different types of battery. They are the lead acid battery and gel cell battery. Besides, there are two variations in the lead-acid battery, which are wet cell and sealed. When compared with the other types, the wet cell batteries are a little inexpensive. However, they require proper maintenance; you will need to check the water and electrolyte level frequently and maintain the correct level. On the other hand, the lead-acid batteries don’t require such maintenances.

The lead acid batteries usually have a smaller lifespan than the gel cell batteries. The gel cell batteries are also not that expensive. Gel cell batteries are considered a good choice for heavy users. If the right one has been chosen, you can be assured that you will get a long-term performance from it.

Charging Practices

Charging practices can put a massive impact on your batteries lifespan. Poor charging management can cause a lot of damages as well as decrease the lifespan of your battery. 

Overcharging the cell is one of the top reasons for battery failure. Some users believe that it is not possible to overcharge a battery. But it is not valid. A cell can be overcharged if it is problematic. In such situations, the battery will not switch itself off if and let the battery charge for a longer than required.

Moreover, if you use a charger which didn’t come with the scooter and is equipped with a higher power than it will literally overcharge the battery. The same thing goes for the cheap batteries which are not capable of monitoring the batteries charging state.

As like as overcharging, undercharging also affects the lifespan of your battery. Typically, it happens when you don’t fully charge the scooter after every uses. The different scooter has different charging time. You must charge scooter fully after every use. Moreover, it will also happen if you have changed the default battery and equipped a cheap or faulty battery. Keeping the battery uncharged for a long time will also decrease the lifespan of scooter’s battery.

Using The Scooter When not Charged properly

If you frequently try to use the scooter without charging it properly, then you will notice the battery is losing its performance. The same thing will happen if you completely drain the battery before charging. Try to recharge the battery when there is enough battery left for riding 30 minutes.

Loads on the Scooter

The loads on the scooter also affect battery life. The heavier the scooter load, the more energy will be required by the engine from the battery to run it. So, overweighed riders as well as loading the scooter with other weighed goods will drain much battery than usual. Frequently overweighing the scooter will make the battery wear out faster.

Types of Driving

It requires some extra energy to start and stop the battery. As a result, the rider who frequently need stopping and rides the battery again will see shorter battery life. It is recommended to keep the ride long and avoid unnecessary stopping. 

The same thing happens when you ride in bumpy roads or downhill. In such situations, the battery requires much power to operate and drain batteries quickly.

In above, we mentioned the main reasons which cause battery to drain faster as well as decrease the lifespan of the battery.

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