How Many Diapers Does a Baby Use By Size

It is quite hard to decide how much diapers your baby will require. That is because the number of needed diapers varies from babies to babies depending on a lot of things. If you are expecting a baby or already have one, then you should know how much diapers you will require. It will help you to decide how much diapers you should store.

In our today’s guide, we will let you know how many diapers does a baby use by size. Keep reading this article with deep concentration to know the information.

Step by Step Guideline to Using Diaper by Size

As we said earlier, the size and number of the diaper mostly depend on the baby’s weight. When a larger baby requires a bigger size, the smaller baby will need smaller sizes. As per different sources, an average baby in the United States weight around 5.5 pounds to 8.8 pounds and will require around 2500 diapers for the first year of his life.

Below, we will let you know how many diapers a kid will require when measured based on the size of the diaper.

Newborn Diapers

 A newborn or infant requires around 70 diapers every week. Generally, an eight-pound baby can wear the infant size of the diapers for six weeks. It will be from the four weeks to the 13 weeks of the baby. In the meantime, he will require around 420 newborn diapers.

Size 1 Diapers

The baby will still require a lot of diapers when he moves from diaper size newborn to size 1. In the meantime, the usage of diapers will also increase. The baby will require around 49 diapers to 70 diapers in this period. The baby may need this size of diaper up to 16 weeks ( for the babies who were eight pounds during blood). That means the kid will require around 637 diapers of size 1 in total.

Size 2 Diapers

As the baby becomes a little bigger, the diapers change frequency will start slowing down. In this time, the baby will require around 35 diapers to 49 diapers. It will continue for an extended period of around 30 weeks (if he is around eight pounds during the birth). That means the baby will require around 595 diapers of size 2.

Size 3 Diapers

After the week of 30, the baby will require a lower number of diapers, and he will need the size three diapers in this period. That means you will need around 35 diapers every week. The period will continue to the first year of baby, and in this period, he will need around 805 diapers of size 3.

After the first year, the baby will require a minimum number of diapers. If the baby passes the nights sleeping in a single diaper, then you may need around 4 to 5 diapers every day. That means approximately 28 to 35 diapers per week. The size of the diapers can vary from size 3, 4, to 5, depending on the baby’s growth.

That means the baby will require around 1500 to 1800 diapers approximately in this transition. Then the baby may start potty training and stop the needs of the diapers. Generally, a baby will begin potty training when he is around 35 months to 39 months. A baby will require around 7000 diapers in their lifetime before they become potty trained. 

Disposable Diapers Vs. Cloth Diapers

The above-given measurements are for disposable diapers. The analysis will be different for cloth diapers. As you can reuse them by washing, you will require a small number of diapers. The analysis will mostly depend on how much time you want to wash in a week. As per some reliable source, the kid will require around 18 diapers to 24 cloth diapers in the first 18-months of his life.

After that period, you may require around 12 diapers as the baby will require fewer changes and start potty training. Note that the above-given measurement will only apply if you are going to the laundry every two days. For more extended periods during every wash, you will require many cloth diapers. 

Hopefully, the above-given instructions will be assisting you to know how much diapers you will need for the baby based on the diaper size.

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