How to Adjust Dual Flush Toilet Mechanism

The dual flush toilet is one of the important inventions of technology. It is helping us to save a billion gallons of water every day by decreasing the needs of water in our toilet. Moreover, you can adjust the water level up to certain level easily. Less water also means less water bill.If you are searching for a guide on how to adjust dual flush toilet mechanism, then keep reading this article.

Here we will let you learn how to do it as well as teach you how to solve the common problem of dual flush toilet mechanism.

The History Of Dual Flush Toilet Mechanism

A dual flush toilet is a version of the usual flush toilet that comes with two buttons or includes a handle mechanism to flush different quantity of water. The mechanism was first developed by a Japanese product manufacturer known as TOTO during the 90s. The product included two levers along with a hand washer. The revolutionary product was, fortunately, capable of reusing the water that you used for hand washing for flushing.

The product was not that popular outside Japan. In 1976, American industrial designer Papanek Victor proposed a real-world friendly design of the dual flush system in one of his book. Then at 1980, the design was first implemented by an Australian sanitary-ware company. It has flush volumes of 5.5 liters and 11litres. After that, the product becomes very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries. 

Dual Flush Mechanism – How It Works

As the dual flush mechanism toilet was developed in Australia and the developer designed with a view to the old traditional Australian flushing toilet, the push button varies from the old siphon flush toilet which relies on the gravity to remove things from the toilet. As it lacks the siphoning feature, this mechanism requires less water for operating.

In the dual flush mechanism toilet, the waterline is comparatively lower than the siphon flush toilets. The most impressive feature of the product is it includes two buttons in the cistern which allow you to release different quantity of water. The smaller button delivers three liters of water when the bigger button delivers six liters of water. The smaller button is designed to flush off the liquid waste, and the more prominent button is for the solid wastes. It also releases water faster with 10 cm trapway in the bowl, which helps to clean off the waste with less water. 

The main benefit of the mechanism is it requires less water. Every day, we pollute thousands of tons of water every second, which is decreasing the supply of clean water. In such situations, the dual flush mechanism decreased water uses on a large scale with its proper design.

How To Adjust A Dual-Flush Toilet

Adjusting the dual flush motor requires adjusting the water level and the flush button. One thing we want to let you know that adjusting the dual flush motor doesn’t require removing the water from the water tank. You will require flushing the toilet while making the adjustments. Here are the step by step guides on how to adjust the dual flush toilet mechanism.

Step-1: Remove the tank lid off from the dual-flush toilet tank and put it in an upside down position. Make sure that you put it on a flat surface carefully. After removing the lid, you will find two rods which reconnected with the push buttons. Deal with them carefully as you end up by damaging them.

Step-2: There will be float adjustment screw in between the flush valve and fill valve. Now take a flat-head screwdriver and raise turn the adjustment screw at a clockwise direction. It should raise the water level to the indicator line on the backside of the toilet tank. Now turn the screw on a counterclockwise to decrease the water level.

Step-3: Now take the lid and carefully place it over the tank. As you have done it, you should test the flush buttons to know whether they can work or not. The smaller button should produce less water, and the bigger button should provide much water. Check the button, whether they work properly or not.

Step-4: If any adjustment required, then you should remove the lid again from the tank and put it in upside down position. Slacken the plastic nut with the help of nut. You will find them in the rod of the push button. Make sure that you are not removing the nut. Here, your purpose is to just lose the nut so that it can turn the push button.

Step-5: To lower the rod, run the push-button rod in a clockwise direction and counterclockwise to if you require extending. Now carefully tighten the plastic nut and put the lid back on its position. Now re-test the flush to check whether it works efficiently or not. If you require further adjustment, you can continue the adjustments.

The Solution Of The Common Problems In Dual Flush Toilets

If the half/full flush closes instantly after you release the tank lever: If this happens, you should set the water level at a higher position. You shouldn’t use the duo flush if it doesn’t allow you to increase the water level. After setting the water level, set the adjustments dials at maximum. Now check whether it works or not.

If the fill valve turns off and on automatically – the problem is known as ghost flushing.It usually happens when the water tank is leaking in the bowl from one or multiple leaking point. Find the valve set and remove the dual flush valve. Then find the seat adapter and turn it in upside down and spread and reshape the putty ring.  Make sure that the refill tube is clipped properly so that it doesn’t shove into overflow pipe directly.

Adjusting the dual flush toilet is not that easy. However, we hope that after reading the above guide, it will be easier for you.

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