How To Buy A Drone – The Ultimate Drone Buying Guide

Welcome and congratulations! No, I’m not kidding you guys. But what’s the cause of my congratulations to you? Yes, you want to buy a drone. So, you need a drone buying guide and we are in the world of drones. So, we know the techniques of how to buy a drone. The drone place is a great world to start for you. Remember, the market of the drones is changing day by day.

There are different things to consider while buying a drone. People often go to the market to buy a drone without having any experience. The inexperienced people failed to choose the right drone. Moreover, it will be a big challenge for you to choose the perfect drone. If you’re a beginner, it’ll be a more difficult task. Don’t worry friends; we are always with you to buy the drone.

So, hope you got it what we are going to share in the article. There are a lot of parts in the post. It gives you a total view of a drone while buying. You may be beginner or expert; this buying guide can fly you in the perfect blue illuminating sky. What are you thinking about? You are not sure.  You are confused about us, right.Then ready to go with us.

What are the Drones?

Drone is the most popular and recently invented technology in the world. It’s a flying object that can fly with the remote control. UAV is the short form of the drone. What is the full meaning of the UAV? Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is the abbreviation of UAV. The UAV is a device that flies over your house or surroundings without carrying anything. And you can control the device with a remote control. The drone has another name, quadcopter.

The drone has the different parts. A Drone is using the GPS system tracking to take photos and video from the flying situation. It has four propellers in the four corners of the device. The quadcopter has different shapes like square, circle or X-shaped. It has a transmitter and channel control that navigates the aircraft.

What is the cause of the invention? Yes, it makes a lot of benefits with the drone. It can’t take photos and shot video’s but also use in an emergency period. People also buy it for their hobbies. It can also use for the GPS tracking. The military is using the device for spying and much more.

Points to Remember​ – ​Drone Buying Guide

​You are reading the buying guide of a quadcopter. There are several things to consider while buying the drone. We discuss some points to recognize on the drone. It’s a vital matter for you.

You should buy a drone according to your skill. For example, if you’re a beginner, then you should buy the beginner’s drone. Besides, if you’re an expert buy the heavy drone that is perfect for you.

​Think about the purpose of your using the drone. Then find a drone that’s suitable for your purpose. For example, you may use the quadcopter for agriculture, photography, military monitoring, etc. You should know the best brand of drones.

The drone of the best brand ensures the quality and support. So, try to buy a drone from the best brand. Remember, there are some terms while buying the drone naming RTF, BNF, ARF.

​RTF stands for ready to fly. BNF means to bind and fly. ARF stands for almost ready to fly. Check all the terms before buying the drone. You should need to know all the accessories of the quadcopter. If you have a previous introduction to the feature, it will be an excellent support for you.

Type of Drones

There are different types of drone on the market. You become confused when searching for a drone. When you want to buy the best drone, you should know the different types of drones. Drones are divided with its size, shapes, design, camera and different applications.

Besides, the drone has many types. You can find the drone for kids, beginners, professionals. Besides, there are other types of drone on the market. You can see the photography drone, racing drone etc. But mainly the drones type depend on the applications. When you go into the deep of the drones function you can see some terms. Multirotor, single rotor, hybrid and fixed wings are the designs that the drones divide. As it’s a drone buyers guide, so you should know the types of the quadcopter.

Toys Drone: Toy drones, the name look like kids but the toy drone is using for many serious issues. What are you thinking about the toy drone? The drones are using for various purposes. They can take outstanding aerial photos. The extraordinary features of the toy drone make it great.

Beginners drone: Yes, this part is for the beginners. Beginners have the challenge to fly the drone. As it’s a drone buyer guide you need to know about the beginner’s drone. Well, people often think that the beginner’s drone is cheap and user-friendly. That’s exactly right. When you search for the perfect drones for the beginners, look into the operating system of the drone. You should know how it works.

Professional drone: Do you know the cause of the invention of the drone? Yes, it’s for the professional use. And there are plenty of professional drones around you. Do you recognize them? No, ok we’ll let you know. There are different kinds of professional drones. These professional drones are using for different purposes. They are using for aerial photography and filmmaking. They also used for agriculture, mapping, surveillance of the home and military purposes.

Photography Drone: Are you a photographer? Then photography drone is for you. How are the photography droneslook like? No matter what a powerful camera are the main characteristics of a photography drone. While choosing the drone you should check the camera and its resolution. You need a mountain or a helicopter to capture a majestic landscape. However, the photography drone is able to your entire task about that.

Racing Drone: Do you look for the drone that is much faster than others are? Yes, it’s racing drone. It’s a tiny UAV that is built for first-person view racing. This type of is not the same as the photography drone. Speed is their main feature. They built to race for the users.

Features to Looking When You Buy a Drone

What’s the most important part of a drone buying guide? What do you consider while buying the drone? Well, you may fell hesitate to say about. But remember, features are the vital part of how to buy a drone? You should know the detail features of the quadcopter. There are different shapes, designs, and sizes of drones. In addition, they come in different functions. The drone has several features with many functions.

You should think of the functions of the quadcopter before buying this. However, what type of drone you want to buy, fixed this goal. Then you have to see the features of the targeted device. Remember, the features of the drones are depending on the functions. You can see a lot of features of a drone. If you are a smart buyer and if you win a perfect drone, you must know detail features.

First all you should know what the feature of the UAV is. Then start your journey with the drone. Here we provide a couple of the most exciting features that do can help you to understand.


Size is a vital feature of a drone. You always confused about the drone. A question is gathering in your mind. What size is perfect for you? Let’s tell you about the big and small size of the UAV. It’s essential to answer the question. It’s a specific question. Size is depending on the functions. So, the answer depends on the needs.

But you should know both the small and big size in the drone buyers guide. We divide the drone into four types. There is a micro, mini, small and large drone in the market. Let’s tell the example of some different sizes of drones. Cheerson CX-10 is a micro and the Hubsan X4 is the mini-drone. Syma X5C and Walkera F210 Pro etc. is the small drone. DJI Phantom 4 pro and Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus are the perfect example of a large drone.

Please see the table below. It can help to understand the size while buying the drone.

Type of DroneAverage WeightAverage Dimension
Micro Drone5.6 ounces1.6 x 1.6 x 0.9 in
Mini Drone1.28 ounces2.6 x 2.6 x 1.6 in
Small Drone1.65 pounds16.5 x 12.1 x 3.7 in
Large Drone8.82 pounds15 x 8.7 x 12.8 in


The battery is the oxygen of a drone. It’s the power source of a quadcopter. The battery can drive and allow flying the drone in the sky. It’s like fuel in a vehicle. If you have done, you should know on how the battery works on. You also know how long the charge of the battery. So, don’t forget to see the battery option in the drone buying guide.

There are some terms of a battery. Let’s know the details of the battery. Lipo battery is the most popular and durable. It’s much better than the others are. You can able to fly the drone 15 to 20 minute. The nominal voltage in a Lipo cell is 3.7v. To swap the batteries to drone, you should use the battery connectors. You should buy a quality battery charger to charge it. So, try to buy a large charger.

You should watch your drone battery regularly. Using a charger bag is a good practice for you. If you fly your drone in the rainy or cold condition, the battery on the stress. Remember, the battery will decide the flying time of your drone.

Flight Time

The flight time of a drone is an important feature to think in a drone buyers guide. Remember that the quality drones are able to fly up to 30 minutes. You should check the flight time before buying. However, the flight time is depending on the power of the battery. Mind it, the higher the battery life and the better the flight time.

Moreover, the drone carries different types of accessories. They are motor, battery, 4 or more propellers and a camera. All the accessories have a weight. This total weight is a great pressure for the battery to fly for a long time. The lightweight materials of a drone are able to fly for a longer time.

Besides, the cold and windy condition can reduce the flight time. So, the flight time of a quadcopter depends on all the matters. We are going to share you some best drone of long flight time in the drone buying guide.

Flight Modes

What do you mean by the flight mode? Do you any previous experience with it? It’s important to know the flight modes before start flying the UAV. There are different types and functions of the flight mode of a drone. Let’s discuss the flight mode. As it’s the drone buying guide, so you should know about the flight mode.

Standard mode: Another name of the standard mode is normal mode. For example, a pilot is sitting in the cockpit and ready to fly.

Heads free mode: Simple mode or carefree mode is another name of the heads free mode.

First person view (FPV): If you fly the drone in an FPV mode, your drones have a front-facing camera.

Altitude Hold mode: The altitude mode should keep constant. However, roll, pitch, and yaw will be operating in the same way.

Stabilize mode: Stabilize mode allows the drone to fly manually. It can do all the work automatically.

Auto Return mode: It allows returning your drone while the communication is out of range.

Besides, there are angle mode, horizon mode, and all-self-modes etc.

Charge Time

What’s the best practice to the charging of drone battery? When the battery shows that it becomes lost some power, then you start to charge it. No, it’s the wrong way. The process will damage your battery. So you should more careful on the battery. You have followed some rules to charge the battery. You also need to know how much time for the charging.

Recharge the battery when it becomes extremely low. You can see it charging faster at the beginning. But it becomes slow in a time. The battery has four lights and all the light is flashing when 90% charge is completed. The lights will become off after completing 100% charge.

How much time will the battery take for 100% charge? Yes, it’s an essential question. The 2 cells battery will take 2 hours and 4 cells will take 4 hours. If you have a 6 cell battery, it will take 6 hours for charging. We suggest you wait until its finished 100% charge.


The camera is a most important and essential feature of a drone. It can help you to see the aerial view of what you want. You can’t think without a camera of a drone. What will you see in the camera while go for buying the drone? Yes, it’s a vital question. You should check out the resolution of the camera. You should also check if it is high definition camera or not. Check the video option carefully. The video option is one of the essential parts of the camera. It can able to record different types of sceneries while flying in the air.

Always buy a drone that has the latest technology. Let’s introduce some latest technology drones. You should see some perfect drones with a camera like the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, Spark and the DJI Mavic Air. Besides, you can check the Inspire 2 drone. This drone is suitable for filming. If you failed to choose the right camera they can’t shot any awesome photos and videos.

Remember, a powerful camera of your drone can able to help with details what you want to see. If you are a professional, you must have an HD camera with your drone. It’s also important for a beginner or a hobbyist to set a good camera in the UAV.


What do you mean by the range of a drone? It’s the range that is the distance between the transmitter or remote control and the flying drone. If the flight range is longer, there is a very less chance to lose the control of the drone. There are some benefits of the long flight range.

1. You can able to fly drone much long distance from you.

2. You can fly with the quadcopter at a great altitude.

Let’s us tell you on how much the range. It allows a minimum 400 meters and largest 7km from the transmitter. However, all these things are depending on the weather condition. One thing you should know about the flight range. The range is happened by the radio frequency of 2.5 Hz and 5.8 GHz.

You have to know about the flight range details from a drone buying guide. So, don’t forget to check the range of a drone. Ask the buyer about the range between the transmitter and the UAV. Let’s see the table below:

No.Brand and ModelFlight range
1Inspire 2 , Mavic Pro, Phantom 47000 meters
2Matrice 100 , 6005000 meters
3Autel Robotics X-Star2000 meters
4Yuneec Typhoon H1600 meters
5 Phantom 31000 meters
6Global  drone  X183400 meters

Headless Mode

People often want to know about the headless mode. The headless mode is a specialist flying mode. You can find it in all the entry-level drones in the world. This headless mode is able to track orientation with its transmitter. If you are a beginner, then it will be a great support for you.

It’s very simple to function the mode. While taking off, you should position the UAV in your front. You can find the headless mode in the toy drones. The filmmakers can use the mode. It can help them for close shots. There are some affordable headless drones in the market. If you are a beginner, you can try this. This will be a great experience for you.

Drone with headless mode:

ModelFlight  TimeRange
MJX Bugs 2W18 minutes500 meters
UDI U818 Plus12 minutes150 meters
Altair AA10810 minutes100meters
UDI U818A8 minutes80 meters
Syma X5C-16 minutes30 meters


Light is a vital feature of the drone. The light can help to take videos and photos in the dark. The lighting of the UAV is included with LED technology.

Drone Accessories

You should know about the drone accessories while reading the drone buying guide. What’s the drone accessories are? Drone is not only a single device but also a sum of many parts. If you a have knowledge of the accessories, then it will be easy for you to collect all the things. We provide a list of accessories for you.

Propeller guards: The guards can help to reduce the injury or damage the drone.

Li-Po battery bag: A fire-proof battery bag is included in the pack.

Micro SD cards: For longer storage, you should need the micro SD cards.

Sunshade: It protects the remote control or the smartphone from the sunlight.

Lanyard: It attaches with the remote control that hangs from your neck or shoulder.

Carrying case: All the accessories are included with the bag.

GPS tracker: A GPS tracker is including with the drone pack.

8. Gimbal: It’s using for the better performance of the camera.

Bonus accessories: Besides, there are some bonus accessories. You should check them out:

  • FPV system
  • Landing Pad
  • Decals and stickers
  • ND filter
  • Charging hub
  • Tablet holder for the controller
  • Night LED

You should also check about the spare parts. This spare parts can help you a lot while your drone in a problem. For example, if you have spare propellers and your drone have a crash. Then you can set the spare propellers in place of the damaged propellers.


Uses to carry heavy types of equipment are increasing day by day. Especially filmmaking needs the drone that is able to carry heavy payloads. How many weights can the drone able to carry?  Now it’s a big question for everyone. However, the question has no appropriate answer. It has many answers.

If you don’t know the answer, then it’s clear that you don’t know how to buy a drone. Let’s tell you the details on the weight. There are different types of weighted drones in the market. Such as –

Low weighted drone: Yes, this type of drone is suitable for the children and beginners. This drone is small and tiny in size. The Racing mini-drone is around 280 gms. This drone is able to carry up to 400 gms in weight. Let’s see another example, the F181DH drone is about 1 pound weight. It can carry the payload of 70 gms.

Heavy weighted drone: People are interested in these types of drone at present. Now a day, the heavy weighted drones are using the field of business. We can say about the Yuneec Tornado H920 drone. It can able to carry 1600 gms payload. Besides, the DJI MATRICE 100 drone can carry 3.6 kg payload. If the two of them are not satisfied with you, then go for the DJI Agras MG-1. It can carry 10 kg weight.

Hope, you get the answer. Set it to your goal and find the best drone for you.


Budget is the main fact of buying a drone. Everybody wants to buy a drone that is affordable to him or her. However, remember, don’t try buying a UAV that is very cheap. You have to consider some matters before buying the cheap drone. What matters you have to consider?

If you choose the cheap drone, check the battery, camera, and other accessories. Besides, you should know the flight time and range. Then take your decision. We provide a list of drones that are the affordable and high price. You can pick a drone from our list.

DJI Spark QuadcopterFlight time- 15 minutes Easy control. Gesture capturingAffordable
SYMA X5C-1 RC QuadCamera – 2 megapixel Flight time- 7 minutesAffordable
Holy Stone F181W720 HD camera Flight time- 9 minutesAffordable
Hubsan H501S X4Camera – 1080p HD Flight time- 8 minutesAffordable
The Freefly Alta 8Payloads- 20 pounds Propeller- 8 with 18-inch longExpensive
LanLan DJI S1000Camera- 5D canon Flight time- 15 minutes Li-Po 15000mAh batteryExpensive
Ouku OEM DJI Inspire 14k camera with built-in system. Range: 1 km Flight time- 25 minutesExpensive
Yuneec Tornado H920Flight time- 24 minutes. Weight: 5kgExpensive
Walkera Voyager 3 DroneHD camera with a professional model. Weight: 8.5 poundsExpensive


Drone is the most innovative technology in the world. But what is the purpose of the greatest invention?It’s a million dollar question. In the drone buyers guide, We show you some excellent purposes of the drone. It’s nothing but the benefits. Yes, if you discuss the benefits of the UAV, you can find the purpose.

So, guys why are you late? Let’s discuss the benefits of the quadcopter.

– The small drones are using to detect the bomb. The military is doing the risky work with the device.

– It cans also using for the surveillance of your home and country. The drone can saves manpower and money for that.

– The most uses of the device are film and journalism. People of these professions are using the drone much more than others.

– It can also use for the disaster management.

– The drone is using for agriculture. If you have land of crops, you can look into the crop field with the help of the UAV. – Besides, the drone is using to the mapping, law enforcement and archaeological survey etc.


Everyone needs a guide on how to fly a drone. In the post, we provide you with a step by step process of flying a drone. And this will be the perfect part of the drone buying guide. You should know some rules to fly the drone smoothly. Follow our instructions below:

1. Weather and Site

– See the weather.

– Don’t fly during rain.

– Trees, building, and wires should avoid.

2. System Check

– Check the camera, propellers, transmitter and aircraft frame etc.

– Join the fuel source.

3. Power Check

– Press the ON button.

– Start the device.

– Turn the antenna into the sky.

4. Take off

5. During flight

A drone has no pilot. Carefully read the technical matters to fly the drone.

6. Turn left/right and forward/backward

Roll and pitch control with the right stick. The right stick can move your drone left and right or backward and forward. Yaw and throttle controlled with the left stick. The left stick can adjust the height of the flying drone. It also can rotate your quadcopter.

7. Square pattern

Push the right stick to fly forward. Back the right sticks in the middle. Push the right stick to the roll to flying to the right.

8. Circle pattern

Use the roll, pitch, and throttle at a time to fly in a circle pattern.

Safety Features

While flying the drone you have to ensure the safety. There are different types of safety features of the drone. Let’s take a tour of the safety feature in our drone buying guide.

  • Protect your head from the falling drone.
  • Protect your eyes from the splinted propellers.
  • Mark the drone flying area. Remember, it can’t fly anywhere for the safety of the public. So, mark it in a restricted area.
  • Create a sign like a drone flying area. People will be getting alert for the sign.
  • Never use the carbon fiber propellers for their deep cuts. Always use the plastic propellers for their protective cover and packaging.
  • Use the Lipo batteries. Check the batteries before flying.
  • The drone is out of spark. However, after connecting with the battery it may create a simple spark. Therefore, you should care about the spark.
  • Avoid flying during rain.
  • Remember the wind speed. The wind speed under 20 mph to fly.
  • Try to avoid the obstacles like trees, building, and wires while flying.
  • If you find any problem during fly, take the drone back as soon as possible. You should choose a known and safe spot for an emergency landing.

Customer Support

You already buy the drone. Do you think that your duty is to finish? No, you should know the customer support after the sales of the brand. A drone is an electric gadget. It will be a breakdown or causing any kind of problem. A reputed company gives the support after buying the drone.

Check the manufacturer or buyer if they have any support or not. You should also tell them that have their any spare parts of the drone. If they don’t sell the parts of the UAV, ask them are the parts available or not. Most of the company makes the spare parts. You can get the customer support from them.

You should also check the company website and find their customer support option. Click here and you find different types of support. Here you can also find a message option that ensures you to communicate with the support.


Thanks, dear, for reading the epic of the drone buying guide. What do you think about? Most people have no drone. They only stand beside the crowd while flying the UAV. But you have owned a quadcopter. So, you have lucky enough. A drone can’t fly in the sky like the birds. But you can use the camera of the drone for the bird’s eye view. You can also take different amazing photos and shot awesome videos from the ground.

The drone will take you there. Hope that you already know how to buy the drone. If you are a beginner or hobbyist, the post will help you. Moreover, if you are an expert, many parts of the post improve your knowledge. If you want to buy a drone, this post will help you as your virtual assistant. There are different types and different brands on the market.

As a new buyer, you get confused what is perfect for you. After reading the post you become confident. Finally, you get the full pack to choose the best drone for you. Don’t be and feel free to choose the right UAV. Hurry up and enjoy.