How to Change an Inner Tube on a Road Bike

If you ride a bike, then you will encounter puncture of flat tires several times for sure. A tire can become flat for different reasons. Once it occurs, you will not be able to ride the bike again until you change the inner tube of the bike. As the bike can puncture at any time, learning how to change an inner tube on a road bike will be a good idea for cyclist. It can help them fix a flat bike tire anytime, anywhere. 

Required Tools:

  • New Inner Tube
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Air Pump

Disclaimer: Below, we will tell you how to change the bike tire for most common tires. Different bikes come with different types of tires. So, the specific guideline may not help you to fix the tires on certain occasions.

Follow the below steps to Change an Inner Tube on a Road Bike:

Remove The Wheel From Bike

For changing the bike’s inner tube, the first thing you will need to do is removing the affected wheel from the bike. You will need to shift down the bicycle for this.  You can hold it firmly with a workstand or beside a tree. Make sure that you have enough space to work with the affected wheel.

Most of the times, the braking mechanism of the bike will also need to be removed for changing the tube. Different types of brake require different methods for detaching the brake. We will suggest you follow the mentioned method in the user manual of the bike. Usually, you will need not to remove the brake if the brake is a disc brake.

Loosen The Wheel Nuts

The wheels are connected with the bike using nuts which are situated in the middle of the wheel. Loosen the nuts so that you can take the wheel out. You will need to use a wrench for this step. You can use some lubricants before loosening the nuts. It will make the entire step easier for you.

The newer bikes available in the market include a wheel latch which makes the nut much easier to remove. All you need to do is removing the latches and then you can take out the nuts using your hand.

Pull Out The Wheel

After loosening the nuts, pull out the entire wheel. If you are working with the rear wheel, then you need to be a little careful. Take out the wheel slowly and carefully so that other components such as the chain, crankset don’t get affected.

Now you will need to pull out the old tube from the wheel. At first, remove the valve from the wheel and let the remaining air come out. Then stick a lever or screwdriver in between the wheel and tube. Then go round the wheel so that the tire in the wheel comes out. Do the step carefully; otherwise, you can end up by damaging the wheel frame.

Install The New Tube

Now bring the new tube and pump it until it gets a circular shape. The new tire must come in the same sie of the previous one. Don’t add too much air which can make it harder to reinstall the tube. Connect the valve steel of the wheel with the tire’s tube and push the tube all around the wheel. Give a recheck to ensure that the tube is not twisted or sticking out. Now fill up the tube fully with air with recommended psi.

Reattach The Wheel In The Bike

If you cantake out the wheel successfully, reattaching the wheel will be very easy for you. Pull back the wheel on its place and tighten the nuts.If the bike has a quick-release, then close the latch.If you are working with a rear-wheel, do it carefully without changing the position of other equipment. Don’t overtight any nuts, as you can end up “rounding off” the nuts.

Reattach The Brake

Reattach the brake of the wheel on its place. Use the same procedure you used to detach the brake or follow the mentioned procedure in the user manual.

Give a recheck to make sure that everything was done correctly. Now your bike is ready to go for a ride. Hopefully, the above guideline will let you to fix the punctured tires immediately from now on.

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