How to Charge a Li Ion Battery without a Charger

Are there ways on how to charge a li ion battery without a charger? The answer to the question is yes. It is simple. In this article, I am going to take you through some steps that can help you charge your lithium-ion battery. A Li-ion battery needs to be continuously supplied with charge.

Therefore, In case you lose your charger for your lithium ion battery, it is not advisable to adopt other chargers to charge your battery. The outcome of this may be disastrous because your battery might not withstand the charge rate of the charger.

The best way to charge your battery without charger is to connect a USB cable to a computer and connecting to the device your Li-ion battery powers. Several dates in conjunction with the ground wires are contained in the USB cable, but also they have inbuilt charge wire whose output is favourable for Li-ion battery charging.

With your computer having a current of between 100A to 500A, it supplies the cable which in turn supply 5 volts to the Li-ion battery. The following are the proven alternative ways that are best for charging your Li-ion battery without a charger

  • Take advantage of electronics with USB ports.
  • Using a clip charger to charge the Li-ion battery
  • Using several devices that utilize different energy sources

1. Using Electric Devices With USB Ports

Most electronic appliances are fitted with USB ports and due to the almost universal life hack, you can take the advantage of these pots to charge your Li-ion battery. According to this life hack, essentially you require a USB cable in which at one end you will connect the device powered by your Li-ion battery to be charged and the other left connected to the port of the electric device. Most smartphone chargers are made in the same form as the USB cable.

To charge your Li-ion battery using this simple trick, follow the following easy steps:

• Step 1

Check your Li-ion battery powered device. Most electronic devices have USB ports fitted in them.

• Step 2

Connect one end of the cable to the USB socket of the device powered by your Li-ion battery. Make sure your Li-ion battery is fitted into the device it powers.

• Step 3

On the opposite end of your USB cable connect it to the outlet socket of the USB in your laptop or PC’s. On turning on your laptop or pc the Li-ion battery in your device will start charging and when fully charged the device will indicate it.

2. Using A Clip Charger To Charge Your Li-Ion Battery

A clip charger is some type of portable charger, popular in the earlier days in which you accustom distance of terminus connectors to fit the model of the battery that is to receive charge. It is hard to find such kinds of chargers in the present day, but if you get an opportunity to acquire one it is a convenient device to carry around. A clip charger is an alternative you can use to charge your Li-ion battery.

To be able to use this kind of charger you need to remove your Li-ion battery from the device it powers because the battery is to be mounted on the platform of the charger. Having such a kind of charger will ensure your calmness knowing that whenever you need to charge your battery you can conveniently do so.

Concerning this kind of a charger in the olden days, the paramount thing is that when you have a spare battery so ensure regular supply of power to your device. Thanks to the existence of the clip charger.

3. Using Several Devices That Utilize Different Energy Sources

Handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones and all the other portable electric appliances that have gained popularity in the present day have an advantage that they can be charged using gadgets that are capable of using other energy sources. Have you by chance heard about solar chargers? I bet you have. 

The solar chargers give you an opportunity to use the uninhibited solar energy. There are several newly invented charging gadgets available in the present market apart from solar energy. You can probably use a crank charger or a wind turbine to charge your Li-ion battery. These devices might require your little effort to provide energy.

Such chargers as these are a much grander substitute that you can use while charging your device that is powered by your Li-ion battery. Worldwide these types of chargers can be accessed at ease since it is currently sold at larger numbers in close to all available electronic dealer shops.

Most of these gadgets are pocket-friendly thus they save you money on electricity cost due to their usage of renewable energy thus a double advantage. While preparing a bbq recipe on the grill you may as well charge your gadget using any available charger.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our article. In this article, I have covered for you some of the most popular alternative ways which you can use to charge your Li-ion battery safely without the use of a charger.

It is my hope that this modest article will get you covered on how you can charge your Li-ion battery without a charger. The information in this article will be of great help to you since it is strictly on the topic of discussion. Hoping the article has served the purpose it was a great pleasure having your time.

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