How To Charge Car Battery With Home Electricity

The car battery is a component which can wear out within a few years of use. The best car battery available in the market can give you decent performance for around five years. After that, you will frequently encounter issues. However, one exciting thing about the car batteries are, you can still use them even when they are dead. It can be done by transferring power to the battery from another source. They are specialized battery charger which you will be required for charging the car battery.

You can start dead car batteries in some easy steps. However, if you don’t have any previous knowledge about this, we will advise you to read our guide on how to charge car battery with home electricity first. It will help you to recharge your car battery safely.

Wear Safety Kits

The car battery is as powerful as a small bomb. It also has powerful chemical properties. A wrong step with the battery can cause serious harm. So, it is highly relevant to wear safety kits while working with the battery charger. We will recommend you to wear safety goggles to keep your eyes safe from any flying sparks from the battery terminals.

Besides, if possible, wear safety gloves. They are not that important, but they can save your hand from small cuts, pinches as well as the battery fluids. Choose a location which is adequately ventilated and free from children. Also, make sure that there are no fires at the charging area.

Determine The Type Of Battery

Different cars can come with different types of batteries. You must know which kind of battery is used in your vehicle to charge it properly. You can find which variety of cell is used in your vehicle by checking the label on the battery. There, you can also find the voltage of the battery. Check the manufacturer website, if the label on the battery is not clear or worn out.

Two types of battery are mostly used in the car. They are Wet cell batteries and VRLA batteries. The wet cell batteries are serviceable, and you can improve their battery capacity by taking specific steps. On the other hand, the VRLA batteries are completely sealed and don’t require any maintenance. 

Choose A Suitable Battery Charger

You will need to choose an appropriate battery charger according to your car battery. However, most of the battery available in the market will work for all types of battery. However, some types of the battery charger may not work for the gel cell batteries. There can be different types of the charger in the market. The fast charger is one of the new additions in the list. It can charge the battery within the shortest time. Another one is the trickle charger which may charge the battery slowly, but it can provide long-lasting charge.

Some of the new chargers come with a microprocessor inside it which shows how to charging statics. They will stop charging automatically when the battery is full. One thing you need to make sure is the battery must allow charging directly from AC sources or home outlets.

Detach The Battery From The Car

Before you charging the battery, you may require detaching the battery from your vehicle. However, it depends on the battery or the car. Check the user manual to be assured about it. If you don’t need to detach the battery from the car, then make sure that you have disconnected it from the vehicle.

Clean The Battery Terminals

Usually, the car battery terminals are rusty, and they attract dust and grimes. These elements can prevent charging by blocking the connection between the vehicle and the charger. So, clean the battery terminal thoroughly to clean any dust and grimes. You can use baking soda along with a clean cloth to remove the dirt.

Connect The Charger With Battery

Put the charger on a flat surface a little away from the battery. Never try to connect the charger directly as it can cause accidents. Now you will need to join the battery and charger. The step is crucial, and you need to do it properly. Connect the black clamps of the charger in the negative or black terminal of the battery. Connect the red clamp with the red terminal of the battery. Give a recheck to ensure they are connected properly.

Connect The Charger With Electricity

Some types of the car battery charger may need to be charged from the AC source at first and to charge the battery. Some others will allow you to directly connect the charger with an AC source to charge the battery. If you are using the second one, then connect it with home outlets. Make sure the charger is turned off in the meantime. If the charger requires charging first then full charge it from your home’s AC outlet before charging.

Set Up The Charger

The old battery charger usually comes with just on/off switch. But the newer ones can come with charge indictor and allow you to choose the final voltage level. Some of them come with the option for fast charging and trickle charging. If the battery has been dead due to overuse, then you can start the battery by fast charging. However, if the battery is not charged for a while and has been unused for a long time, then you should choose trickle charging.

If the charger is old, then you will need to disconnect the charger after charging. To know the charging time of the battery, check the user manual of the cell. If you have a newer charger, then it will automatically stop charging when the battery is full.

Check The Cell

After charging the battery, check them by reconnecting with the vehicle. If they work fine, then you are done. If the battery can’t start the car, then there is a problem in something else.

Final Words

As you see, charging the battery is an easy task. However, it needs to be done with proper precision to be safe. Hopefully, the above guide will help you to charge the car battery safely.

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