How to Choose an Easel – An Ultimate Buyers Guide

Easel is an essential thing for artists to paint their imaginations and passion with comfort as it does the job of holding the painting canvas. However, easels are not something that can be purchased the next other day if the initially purchased one gets damaged. Since, easels are the most expensive art accessory. Hence, there is a necessity that you should know how to choose an easel so that you buy the correct one and it will last you for a very long time.

To help you with choosing an easel for your kids or for yourself there is a requirement that you get to know about things to consider when you buy an easel, the type of easels and all of the essential details of each type. Therefore, to help you out we have prepared this easel buying guide that you will surely find very useful and you will get to know which type you should invest your money in according to your requirement.

Things to Consider When You Buy an Easel

When you will be going to choose an easel, you must keep some essential facts in your mind so that you invest your money in purchasing the right one. Not doing so, will essentially cause you to face loss of money. Hence, to help you out we have listed down regarding some essential points to look for.

Consider the place where you will be painting

You know the fact very well, that the conditions indoors are very different compared to the conditions outdoors. So, keeping that in mind you need to first think where is the place that you will be painting. Is it at various natural outdoor locations? Is it just inside the room of your house or just inside a studio?

After deciding the place, you can choose the easel depending on that. There are some easels that can be used either indoors or only outdoors. Some can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Consider the painting media

An artist has his or her own style of painting using various kind of different materials for doing it. You might choose water coloring, pastel coloring, acrylic coloring and any other sort of coloring that suits your work in the best way.

Well for the kind of painting that you do, you need to make sure that your easel is suitable for that. All sort of painting media cannot be used on all type of easels. hence, make sure that you buy the right type considering the media.

Consider the easel that you choose has adjustable height or not

You can only do your painting with perfection if you are comfortable while using your easel. And to make sure that you are comfortable with using your easel, you need to adjust it to a correct position. That adjustment cannot be done with all sort of easels. You will need to choose easels that can be adjusted.

However, if you are comfortable with easels that will remain in a fix position and cannot be adjusted, you can go for that as well according to your convenience.


It would be better to remind you that an easel is indeed one of the most expensive accessory that an artist requires. Hence, you will need to keep in mind that your budget should be kept high if you want a great quality easel that will last you long. Below, we have mentioned each type of easel and the estimation of how much they cost for helping you prepare your budget.


How long will the easel last without getting worn out with upcoming ages and paintings that you do on it is an essential thing that you look for. Easels are indeed costly in terms of price. Hence, you need to make sure that you invest on a durable one so that your investment is worth it and it will last you for a very long time.


What can be done with your easel, what are the options that you have while working with your easel is a question that you need to keep in your mind if you are an artist that does painting with various kind of medias, it is essential that you check your easel is suitable for using all those kind of media.


You might need to store the easel for some or the other reason. For that, you will need to make sure that your easel has a way of storing it and it won’t take up much space. Check if the easel that you are purchasing can be folded up to a flat position, to make sure that it is easily storable.

Easy to clean

Easels can get dirty because of painting media stains and dust accumulation. Ask the store from where you will be getting the easel, if you can use cleaning solutions or any other method for taking of the stains and dirt from the easel. 


Make sure that your easel will not topple over you while you are busy painting because of the heavy weight of the canvas. Enquire whether or not your easel can take on the heavy weight of an easel easily. 

Types Of Easels And Their Features

A-Frame Easels

Easels that has framings that are triangular in shape and also resembles the letter “A”, are called A-Frame Easels. These kind of easels are also known as Lyre easels since they are tapered gently and have an elegant shape. The easels are known to provide a strong foundation and support to the canvas for easy painting because of having a triangular shaped footprint.

Placing A-Frame easels are easy since it has a single rear leg for easily staying over uneven ground and as well as it can easily fit in corners and spaces that are tight. There are some features of the A-Frame Easels that you have to know.

Suitable places to use the A-Frame Easels:  Since, A-frame easels have small footprint, the top part can become heavy when a canvas is placed. It can tend to fall over if a strong wind tends to push it from behind. Hence, because of this feature it is suitable to use the easel for indoor painting, such as inside the house or a studio and not outdoors.

Positioning:  A-Frame Easels can be slightly laid back at a vertical direction. The adjustment must be very little and not forced since it can damage the frame. It is not possible for tilting the A-Frame easels forward.

Type of paintings that can be done with the frame:  With the A-Frame Easels you can place a canvas and use it for oil, acrylic, gouache paintings and also compressed dry substances can be used like Graphite and Conte.

Storage method:  Storing the easel is not an issue since you can just hinge the rear leg to the top so that it can be easily flattened and can be stored easily.

Price:  The cost of the A-Frame Easel begins from 60$ and the price can go up as well.

A-Frame Aluminum Easels

A-Frame Aluminum Easels do have certain kind of similarity with the A-Frame Easels. But there are great number of differences between them. The first one is that the A-Frame Aluminum Easels has been constructed with aluminum and not wood. Well, no more talking about differences let us just highlight its own individual features.

So, the legs of the A-Frame Aluminum Easels are like that of a telescope stand. The easel is three legged forming a triangle at the bottom just like a triangular based pyramid. From sides you will get to see the resemblance with the capital letter “A”. to add more, you can easily adjust each of the legs individually depending on the surface that you place it.

Suitable places to use the A-Frame Aluminum Easels:  You can use the easel for outdoors while you paint the nature on the canvas. The location and the weather won’t cause any effect to the easel. You can use it for your special studio as well if you are a freelancing artists.

Positioning:  Just like the A-Frame Easels, this easel can be laid back very slightly vertically

Type of paintings that can be done with the frame:  With the A-Frame Aluminum Easels you can place a canvas and use it for creating oil, acrylic, gouache paintings and also compressed dry substances can be used like Graphite and Conte.

Storage method:  Since, this easel has been made for outdoors, it is essential that it can be easily taken out since it is lightweight and as well as can be folded into a manageable size.

Price:  The price of the A-Frame Aluminum Easel starts from 25$.

H-Frame Easels

H-Frame Easels consists of square framing and has similarity with the letter “H” in terms of shape. You will know about the similarity just when you have a look at the easel. H-Frame Easelsare widely known for having the strongest construction amongst all the easels. The construction has been done with wood.

The most liked feature of the H-Frame Easels is the bottom heavy base. the base has a four-point contact to wherever it is kept and also it is wide in size. When you load the H-Frame Easel with a canvas, no matter what weight it has you won’t face any disturbance since the easel will not move side-to-side or even rock front-to-back.

Suitable places to use theH-Frame Easels:  Since, the H-Frame Easels are very heavy in weight because of having very strong wooden construction, it can be only used indoors as a studio easel. Carrying it to outdoors locations will be difficult because of the weight.

Positioning:  You can lay back the H-Frame Easels slightly at a vertical position. Any other positioning on the H-Frame can be done in a minimum way. These easels cannot be moved or tilted at a forward position.

Type of paintings that can be done with the frame:  With the H-Frame Easels you can place a canvas of the heaviest weight and use it for doing oil, acrylic, gouache paintings and also painting with compressed dry substances can be done by using Graphite and Conte.

Storage method:  Storing the H-Frame Easel, is definitely not a fuss. You can simply fold it to flatten and then tuck it in somewhere you think seems safe and reliable for storage.

Price:  H-Frame easels are surely expensive since the starting price of these easels begin from $200 and it can go for higher amounts.

The Master’s H-Frame Studio Easel

“Master’s H-Frame Studio Easel”, you can see from the name itself that it has master in its name. And just like that it surely is a master since it does everything.

You have seen that the easels that we have listed above cannot be tilted forward. But you can tilt the canvas forward with this Master’s H-Frame Studio Easel and also you can lay it back completely at a horizontal position and make all your desired adjustments for the paintings that you desire to create.

Furthermore, to make sure that your canvas stays in proper position while you apply all the painting techniques on it, you can lock the easel in one position after you do your desired adjustments.

Suitable places to useThe Master’s H-Frame Studio Easel:  You can use the easel for indoor paintings in the studio only, since, the easel consists of a heavy base, it can surely not be easily carried outdoors.

Positioning:  You can position this easel anyway you want depending on your requirement. Lay it back completely to a horizontal position if you wish to or tilt it forward. You will get to see point knobs as well that will help you make precise adjustments quickly without the need of trying.

Type of paintings that can be done with the easel:  You can do all sort of paintings with the easel. There are no limitations. Starting from water colors to using beautiful acrylics, gouache, oils, pastels and any kind of painting you can think of.

Storage method:  Simply fold it flat and store it in some place that seems reliable to you.

Price:  The Masters H-Frame easels have a starting price from $400 since you will get all sort of freedom in making adjustments and doing any sort of painting you like.

Sketch box easels

Sketching is a different form of art but still it is an art and for ding it you will require a special kind of easel. Hence, for such activities you will need the Sketch box easels. These easels consist if a storage box for helping you keeping painting and sketching tools near you for convenience.

Sketch box easels are also known as free standing French style easel. They are being called free standing since you can place it on uneven surface and simply just adjust the legs for it to be stable. You can easily paint of sketch out portraits of whoever you want without worrying about the easel shaking since it won’t move.

Suitable places to use Sketch box easels:  You can use this easel for both outdoors and indoors. Since, it is foldable it can be carried to places very easily.

Positioning:  You can easily adjust the position of the easel any able you wish, since you can make it lean forward vertically, lay it back horizontally for painting comfortably.

Type of paintings that can be done with the easel:  Sketch box easels can be used for creation of all sort of paintings. You can sketch on your canvas, use the canvas for acrylic painting, water coloring and any type of painting material you want to you.

Storage method:  For storing the sketch box easel, you can simply fold it and make it flat to tuck in the trunk of your car or inside a shelf. You will also get a convenient handle and as well as shoulder strap to easily carry outdoors.

Price:  The price of the sketch box easels begins from $180 and can go more than that.

Table-Top Sketch Box Easels

Table-Top Sketch Box easels are kind of similar compared to the sketch box easels. The only difference between them is that the table-top sketch box doesn’t consist of any legs. Table-Top sketch box are used for keeping it on a table and use it for indoor paintings. To add more, Table-Top Sketch Box Easels consist of larger storage box for keeping in more painting accessories and as well it can hold larger canvases.

Suitable places to use table-top sketch box easels:  Use it to placing it on table indoors. You can carry it outdoors if you wish to but the location must have a table or a counter top for you to place the easel on it.

Positioning:  Same like the Sketch box easels, this can be adjusted to various positions as well.

Storage:  You see that this easel does not have any legs. So it can be folded and the thickness won’t be much as well. You will find a handle in some of these kind of easels for easy carriage.

Price:  This is easel is the most affordable one since this one has a starting price of $30.

Benefits Of Using An Easel

Keeps your posture correct:  If you do painting on a canvas by setting it flat on the table, you will be facing the issue of tending to lean while drawing. Because of leaning you will later on develop pain in your neck and as well as upper shoulders because of putting strain. But, setting up a canvas on an easel makes your neck and head straight and comfortable and you will not need to apply any kind of pressure.

Increase the speed of your drawing:  While using an easel, you will notice that your drawing speed increases. Since, if you want to repaint a scenery you can set your easel right beside it and just simply move your eyes for having a look at it.

Your painting remains safe:  If you feel like drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of juice, you might spill it over your painting if it was lying flat on a table. But, with an easel, the risk is not there. Your easel will only provide you space for keeping the painting only and not anything else.

Final Verdicts:

To sum up, we got you introduced to all type of easel. In all the details that we highlighted about the easels we also made sure that you know what are the things that can be done with the easels during painting. Now, hopefully you know how to choose an easel as it will depend on what your painting technique is, which location you will be painting and also the budget you have.

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