How to Draw a Butterfly – Guide for kids

The butterfly is one of the tiniest but beautiful animals. The kids especially love the impressive appearance of the creature. They may ask you to teach them how to dray a butterfly. Drawing a butterfly is not that hard, and with minimal practice, any kid can draw it. 

In our today’s article, we will let you know how to draw a butterfly in some easy steps. Keep reading the article with deep concentration to acquire the technique entirely.

How to Draw a Butterfly

Follow the below steps to draw a butterfly:

  • At first, gather all the required things for the drawing sessions. You will need drawing papers, drawing pencils, and other drawing supplies.
  • Start with drawing the vertical oval for the torso of the butterfly. It will be like a small egg that is put in a vertical position.
  • Now draw a vertical line in the middle of the torso. Make sure to select the correct size of the line as it will be the length of the body.
  • Then draw a wider but slim oval under the smaller one that you have drawn previously. Also, keep the line in the middle for the new oval.
  • In this step, you will need to connect both of the ovals with a slim waist. Now, draw a little circle on top of the ovals, which will be the head. Add the eyes on the oval by drawing two smaller circles.
  • We will draw the palpi now. In case you don’t know, the palpi are like furry antennae. You can create two tiny oval shapes on topmost of the head as palpi. Then add two curve lines on the palpi with small beans on the top, which will be antennas of the creature. 
  • Outline the full body of the structure; make the torso fluffy, and the abdomen segmented. Add the other important details as you want.

How to Draw the Butterfly Wings

Drawing the butterfly wings can be a little tougher. However, the below steps can make it easier for you:

  • Start with marking a dot upper inside of the torso. It will work as a reference for putting the wings.
  • Now draws triangles on both sides of the point. Make sure that the main point of the triangle will be on the reference point. Now draw two “U” shapes under the triangle. Both of the shapes will be connected in the middle line of the structure.
  • Now outline the wings of the structure. You can check an image online to be assured of how it looks. Then draw the edges and complete the other outlines.

After following the steps mentioned above, you will get the basic shape of the butterfly. Then you can add different details and other outlines to make it more realistic. While teaching the kid, make sure that you are using an easel to be more efficient.

It may take a while and practice to get an impressive result. Hopefully, the above instructions will helpful for you to draw a butterfly.

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