How to Extend Drones Flight Time – 6 Tips for Drone Pilot

The drones can provide us a spectacular bird’s eye view, then flying drones become a profession for the professional, then it becomes a hobby for the hobbyists. So this aerial vehicle is getting fame from the novices to the professionals. So while choosing a drone, people examine various features like different specs and price tags appropriate for different consumers. Flight time is one of the aspects which makes the difference in price.  So, year after year, engineers are trying to make a better version of the previous model of drone, they are emphasizing on how to extend drones flight time.

How to Enhance the Flight Time of Your Drone

If we sit and talk about the shortcomings of drones, the flight time will be one. If we want to have a longer flight time, we need to buy a costly drone. But it is troublesome for the novices to buy expensive drones. So, for this reason, they have to purchasethe drones with shorter flight time, which are less costly. So it is unfair, isn’t it? But in this article, we have come up with practical tips that will not only minimize the expense but also boost flight time.

1. Get rid of the excess weight

If you want tofly your drone for a longer time and don’t have an intention of videography or photography, you can ditch all the add-ons of your drones like camera, sensor, guards, recorder or any more gadgets. Because there are more things attached to it, the battery will have to work more to keep the entire structure in the air.

If you are experienced in the UAV field, you can fly your drone without using any propeller protectors. Because these will consume more energy of the battery. So to enjoy anextended flight time, you can remove the camera and other unnecessary accessories  if there is no use of them and make your quadcopter more agile and help the battery from draining of energy.

2. Charge the batteries at the right time

Do you have a habit of recharging your battery a few days before the flight of your drone? If so, you may be unintentionally draining the charge of the battery. The cause is that the battery commences losing its power even if it sits idly. So, to have knowledge when to charge the batteries is crucial to extend battery life and afterward, the flight time.

Again, don’t put the batteries incharging at every time you see a socket. Because it is going to be more harmful to the battery. Also, it is imperative to prevent them from getting overcharged. If the batteries get overheated or overcharged, there is a chance of explosion. So, maintain the 40-80 rule and abstain from charging inappropriately. Thus experts recommend charging the batteries right before your flight as the freshly charged batteries tend to provide better results.

3. The 40-80 Rule

As we are discussing the right time of charging, it is mandatory to let you know the 40-80 rule. There is a thought in the past that it is useful to consume your battery till it is completely drained and after full consuming of battery, when it comes to zero percent, then you should recharge it. But now people don’t support it, especially in the case of Lithium-ion battery as it is going to lose the power of flying. It is approximately 300 or 500 times you can charge and drain a battery before replacing it.

Every time you do this process and it loses its life. You can get rid of this hassle by recharging the battery before it is completely drained. The 40- 80 Rule will work as a solution since you can refill the battery when the charge is at between 40 and 80 percent. But you have to keep an eye on it so that there is no overflowing of charge. Therefore, you should put your drone in charging when the charge is half empty,  and a cool environment lower than 100 degrees F will be preferable to charge your drone.

4. Fly in the right conditions and right weathers

If your battery bears a lithium-polymer battery, you should not use your drone in cold weather. Because this weather will make the drone weak and increase the tendency to lose the charge early. On the contrary, in scorching weather, the drone’s battery needs much more energy to fly. In a rough day, drone requires much more power to remain stable or to make any move, and it puts extra pressure on the battery.

So, if the winds’ speed is up to 20 MPH, there is a risk of crashing down your drone into obstacles. Again, as most of the drones are not waterproof, you need to be conscious to fly it in a wet situation. The preferred time to fly your drone is – clear sky, little to no wind, moderate temperature.

5. Keep some backups

Buying extra batteries will not seem to be a better option of keeping your copter up in the air. But it is indeed a smart trick to fly your toy in a large area. If your current battery has run out all juice of it, you may replace it with a new one. As we all know that every battery has got a life span and it decreases over time, so it is prudent to have some backups. Therefore, check the health of your battery and replace it when it hits 50% of its life span.

6. Choose a battery with a higher amperage

People who don’t have an expensive drone with good flight time, they think that they could not enjoy the flying of drones for a more extensive time. But it is wrong as they can lift the qualities of their drone by using a battery of higher amperage. But you have to keep in mind two significant factors – the voltage of the battery and the weight of the battery. So, check the drone’s specifications for mAh before buying it or it will worsen the situation.

Overall Maintenance

  • Fora better lifetime, keep your batteries at 18°c to 82°c between 45-85% relative humidity with at least half charge.
  • Investigate every things before and after each aviation.
  • Charge uninterruptedly once in three months
  • Keep away your batteries from combustible materials and do not dispose of it in the garbage.

Final Words

The tips we have given above for how to extend drones flight time are recommendable, and you can use any of them to increase the flight time. But as it is a gadget and it also has some limitations; it would be very irrelevant if we hoped for a dramatic increase in the flight time.

Another tip for us is to fly your drone in a conservative flight mode and reduce power consumption. It may be very much thrilling to do some stunts with your drone, but it will lessen the strength of battery and then the flight time. So, maintain the terms and conditions of flying your valuable thing so that you can enjoy its flight time for more and more years.

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