How to Fix a Mobility Scooter – A Proper Guide

The mobility scooter is a highly beneficiary companion for the elderly and disabled peoples. It helps them to commute comfortably without the help of another person. As like as the other electrical equipment, a mobility scooter can become problematic at any time. On long-term use, the scooter can become defective and shows a lot of issues. There are a lot of problems that can occur on a mobility scooter. We will discuss how to fix a mobility scooter easily at your home.

If you need a mobility scooter to commute, then you must know the process of troubleshooting. The problem can occur in different components of the scooter. Below, we will discuss how to fix a mobility scooter.

Common Mobility Scooter Issues and How To Fix Them

Below, we discussed some of the most common problems that occur in the mobility scooter. We also discussed how to fix these problems.


Usually, mobility scooter’s problem occurs on the battery mostly. It is because you need to charge the battery and discharge it while using regularly. As a result, the battery becomes weak and shows different issues. If you have a modernized mobility scooter as it will alert you if the battery requires replacing. 

However, if the battery is continuously showing problems, then the first thing you should do is giving a check to the battery. Check whether they are secured or not in their place. Most of the time, the battery issues occur because the battery is not seated correctly in their compartment.

If the battery is secured in its place and it is still showing the problem, then you should check the battery with a multi-meter. It will allow you to check the voltage of the battery if the 12v battery shows less than it usual volt then battery becomes incapable of storing the charges. In such situations, you will require changing the battery.

The battery is easier to change as they are available at the showrooms of the manufacturer. Moreover, you can contact the customer support to know where you will be able to find the product. Battery problem can also occur because of the faulty chargers and fake batteries.


The tires of the mobility scooter are usually equipped with hard wearing, and they are built to provide you a long-term performance. However, long-term use on a daily basis will lower the lifespan of the tire and damage them. As a result, you will need to replace the tire to get smooth performance. There are two types of the tire in the mobility scooter. They are pneumatic and solid.

The pneumatic tires will provide you a comfortable ride as they are filled with air. On the other hand, the solid tire has a hard wearing, and they can give you durable performance. It doesn’t matter which tire is used in the scooter; you should always check it and replace it if necessary. Sometimes, you may require replacing the tire faster than usual if you frequently ride in bumpy roads and sidewalks.

Try to replace the tire as soon if they are worn out. That is because it increases the chance of puncture. Moreover, worn tire also affects the braking mechanism as well as the stability of the scooter. Servicing your mobility scooter on a yearly basis can keep your scooter away from such problems.


Most of the mobility scooters are equipped with reliable motors, but with time, the motor of the mobility scooter can drop its performance. If you notice that the scooter is bumping, then it is basically because of the faulty motor. It is quite impossible for you to troubleshoot the motor. So you will require taking it to the technician. If you have warranty coverage, then you can contact the manufacturer as they can help you to fix the issues. 

One thing we want to tell you that if your scooter is too old, then fixing the motor may not solve the problem permanently. You will frequently encounter such problem. In such situations, you will need to change the motor. The cost of the motor is relatively cheaper than the scooter.

Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is another part of your scooter, which is prone to issues and damage. Corrosion is the main reason behind the problems in the ignition switch. Sometimes, a faulty ignition switch will cause the key to stick and break off inside. If the key of the scooter is broken inside the scooter, then you may remove it using tweezers. If you can’t remove the ignition switch, then the only way is calling the repairmen. He will safely remove the key without harming the ignition key. You may try starting the scooter with the help of nose pliers by twisting the head of the broken key, but it is not recommended.

The ignition of the scooter is also a spare part, and you can easily change it if required. However, you will need help from a repairman for this process.


The potentiometer or speed potentiometer of a scooter is usually used to adjust the maximum speed of the scooter. It is also called the speed pot. It allows you to go forward and backward simply with a simple lever. If the mobility scooter fluctuates without any reason, then there is a chance that the potentiometer is damaged. Usually, the potentiometer gets damages because of corrosion. You can check the tool using a multi-meter to know whether the wire is showing you the correct voltage or not.

The potentiometer is easily available as a spare part of the scooter, and they are inexpensive too. You can also replace them easily. However, if you are unsure about what to do, then it is better to leave it to the repairmen.

The mobility scooter is pretty easier to deal with than the other electrical tools. Moreover, it has spare parts available everywhere. As a result, if you have a problematic mobility scooter, then you can easily fix the issues. If the scooter has warranty coverage, then it is better to call the customer support team for any problems.

In above, we mentioned the common issues in a mobility scooter. Hopefully, you can easily solve these issues if they occurred in your mobility scooter.

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