How to Get a Drone Out Of a Tree

The drone is a valuable item. It will cost you a good amount of money to own a decent drone. Let’s assume you have bought a super nice drone and instantly go out to check it out. The drone starts flying nicely, but after a while, you end up by sticking the drone on a tree.

Once my nephew’s drone got stuck in the branches of trees. He got so overwhelmed as the drone was gifted by me. Again, he is also a beginner. This is actually a matter of grief when we purchased a drone as our hobby or got a drone as a gift and ended it up in the branches of trees. And rescue anything from such heights is a kind of nerve-wracking experience. When the place where you are flying your drone is covered with long trees, there is a chance of murphy’s law for your drone to get entangled in the branches. And the probability of this chance is higher for the novice pilots, kids, teenagers. The teenagers sometimes could not control their drones.

What should you do in such situations? Well, if you don’t know what to do in such circumstances, then keep reading this piece of writing. Today we will discuss how to get a drone out of a tree within a short time.

Some Steps for How to Get a Drone Out Of a Tree

This is so palpably that we get feared when our expensive drone gets stuck in the trees. However, we have researched and experienced some effective steps for this dilemma. So, we are sharing some hits for the uninitiated on how to get your toy back –

Climb up the tree

If you have the tree-climbing skill, then we will suggest you climb up the tree to get the drone. However, it will only work in a few circumstances. If the tree is very tall or thick, you will not be able to climb the tree. If the tree is easier to climb, then try to rise and free the drone.

The tree should be enough strength to support your weight as well as if it should have enough branches where you can balance. Also, you should know exactly where the drone is stuck. Also, be assured that you can easily climb the tree and get down from it.

Before climbing the tree, wear well-fitting cloth. Besides, if you are wearing accessories, remove these too. If you have shoes with proper traction, then you can use the shoes for climbing. If not, then it will be better to climb barefooted than wearing a shoe with weak traction. Never attempt to climb the tree if the tree is wet or if there is a possibility of bad weather.

Use a Ladder

Using a ladder will be a great option if you don’t know climbing. It is capable of supporting your weight, and you can balance on it correctly. If you don’t own a ladder, you can lend one from the equipment stores. Climb up the tree using the ladder and try to bring the drone out. However, if you still can’t touch the drone using the ladder, we will suggest you to use a thin pole bring it out from the tree.

If the tree is unclimbable, then you can use the ladder to shake the tree. If the tree is flexible, and if you can produce enough force, then the drone should fall on the ground. To do so, at first, set the ladder against the tree. Then climb up the tree and start shaking the tree using your hand. You need to be highly careful while doing this to avoid falling. Make sure that someone is holding the ladder while you are on it.

Using a Pole

If you can see where the drone is hanging, then you can use a long pole to dislodge it from the tree. However, you must use a lightweight pool else it will be tough for you to balance the pole. So, choose a pole which you can carry with both of your hand. You may find the carbon glass pole on the local equipment market, which is the best option for this procedure.

If you don’t find a pole anywhere, then you make one from your own. Buy some thin PVC pipe from the shop and stick them together end to end with duct tape. Then you can use it to poke the drone. If you are lucky, the drone will fall from the tree. There is a possibility of damage if the drone falls on the ground. Make sure that someone is waiting under to catch the drone.

Knock it off with something

Well, this step is not recommended by us, but it can be useful sometimes. You can use a ball (tennis ball, smaller ball, etc.) to knock off the drone from the tree. You need to do the entire process carefully because if you knock too hard, the drone may break.

Call a tree service

If there is no way out, then you can call tree service for help. They use the professional technique to bring down your drone. The impressive thing about the services is they will ensure your drone will bring out the drone hundred percent safely.

Use the Fishline Technique

Fishline technique can be an effective way to take your down your drone. For this procedure, you will need a fishing line and a weighty thing. You can use a stone as the weight. The weight will need to be pretty heavy, but it also needs light enough so that you can reach up to the drone. Make sure that you have chosen a highly strong fishing line for this procedure.

Now tie the fishing line with the weight. Make sure that you have tried weight properly so that it doesn’t slip off while on the air. Now try to throw the drone to close to the drone. If somehow you can attach the drone with the line, you will be able to unstuck with a gentle turn.

Hydraulic Lift

Usually, hiring a hydraulic lift will cost a bigger amount of money than the price of the drone. If there are any nearby businesses or services that are using a hydraulic lift, you can use it to bring out the drone. The hydraulic lift can go up to a decent amount of height, and you can easily come close to the drone to take it out safely. The bucket truck or backhoe can also help you to take down the drone from the tree.

Now you have known what to do to take out a drone if it falls on a tree. However, there are some other specific things that you shouldn’t do to take out the drone. Such as, at the internet, a lot of people will suggest you flood the drone with a hose. But, most of the time, it will not work.

That is because the usual garage hoses are not powerful enough to blow up to a very high distance. Besides, this step can damage your drone if it is not waterproof. Avoid taking down the drone using another drone. You may end up by sticking both drones at the tree.

What Not To Do

There are certain things that you should not do while taking out a drone from the tree. Below, we mentioned some of these:

  • Never try to knock the drone with concrete or stone. It can make the situation worse by damaging the drone. You will end up by breaking the drone for sure.
  • Some online blogs may recommend you to flood the drone using a hose. You should never do this as you can end by damaging the drone.
  • Some people will also recommend you to use another drone to take out the drone. It is another terrible idea. You can end up sticking both of the drones.​​

Final Words

Getting a drone out of the tree is not an easy task. You need to do it with patience and proper plans. Hopefully, the above piece of writing will help you to get the drone out of the tree.