How to Get Rid Of Black Stain in a Toilet Bowl

As a homeowner, does it bother you seeing black stains in your toilet? Do you want to know an effective way on how to get rid of black stain in a toilet bowl? These black spot can either appear in your toilet bowl as the growth of molds or as deposition of minerals. Your toilet is regularly cleaned but despite the cleaning there still, appear some stains and some rings from below the rim to the level of water in the bowl.

The reason for all these is because in many of our homes we use hard water to clean the toilet bowls, the hard water is responsible for the stubborn stains in our toilet bowls which are difficult to remove. In cases where the spots appear in between the level of the rim and the water level is either the toilet is rarely used thus molds grow or if they are below the water level then it is mineral build-up by hard water.

As a homeowner you don’t have to worry anymore, this article will help you in removing the stains both the mold and manganese spots leaving your toilet bowl as clean.

Things you will need include the following:

  • Spray bottle
  • Brush
  • Vinegar
  • Borax powder
  • Toilet brush
  • Toothbrush
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide


It is odorless, gentle and efficient cleansing agent, unlike other known cleansing agents.

Borax powder

Borax powder is a very strong cleansing agent normally not found in supermarkets but in hardware stores. Borax is gentle on pipes and less toxic.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another harmless chemical that can be used to make a paste to stick on the stain before scrubbing


Bleach is another rarely unmentioned strong cleansing agent that can be used in stain removal of the black spots. In this article, I have not mentioned much about the bleach but the mode of action is that when a cupful of dry bleach is placed in the toilet’s bowl and left standing for some hours, the black spots disappear and when you notice the absence of the spots flush the bleach away.

Cleaning the Mold Spots

The toilet is flushed as the bowl’s sides are dumped from the flush. The borax powder is sprinkled on the spots.

The distilled vinegar is poured into the spray bottle and sprayed on the black spots. The borax and the vinegar is left to stay on the spots for some hours. During the process, the toilet should not be used.

The toilet brush is made wet and the black spots are scrubbed with it to take away the borax. The toilet is flushed to finish the cleaning of the bowl’s sides.

Cleaning Mineral Spots

The water to the toilet is turned off in the case where the black spots are below the level of the water in the bowl. The toilet is flushed lowering the level of water to give you access to the spots. In case it is basic, more water can be balled from the bowl.

The tartar cream together with a 3% hydrogen peroxide are mixed, the sodium peroxide is added slowly to the point the mixture forms a paste. Some of the paste is bundled by some old toothbrush. The black spots are coated by the paste and left there for about fifteen minutes.

The paste is rinsed off from the black spots using water. In case your bowl wasn’t drained, the water still in the bowl can be used to for rinsing the spots whereas if you drained the bowl then you can pour a cupful of water on the spots whereas scrubbing with a brush gently.

After the entire process check, your bowl for the stains, if the stains are still present, then the process can be repeated but at this time let the paste stay for a longer duration. But in case the black spots are absent, the water to the toilet can be turned on and to rinse the bowl, the toilet can be flushed.


While performing the cleaning process ensure you have a dust mask put on.

Final Verdict

It is my greatest hope that the article will help cool off the stress of seeing a toilet with stains. The cleaning method provided for the stain removal is efficient and safe, the materials used during the process have no strong smell, they are friendly to be used around the household and also pocket-friendly. How does it feel having an all clean household? It is just awesome. Try this and you will thank me later.

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