How to Improve Memory and Concentration While Studying

Some students often feel that the study is not their things. But still, they require studying as they need to pass the exams and graduate. If you are one of them, then you may already know how hard it is to keep your mind stick on the study notes, especially before the exams. However, don’t worry; here are some tips on how to improve memory and concentration while studying.  Following the tips may help you to be more productive from now on while studying.

Improve Memory and Concentration

Choose an appropriate place for studying

The location of studying is extremely important. It is crucial to create a suitable environment before you seat for study. Try to get rid of anything that can cause distraction. Also, the place should be comfortable and aesthetic so that you can concentrate easily. More so, the studying area should be quiet as the sounds can distract you too. You can study in a private room or in a library for this purpose.

Remember that different people have different preferences when it comes to studying. Prefer or choose an environment that can help you to concentrate. If you prefer fresh air and natural lights while studying, then the outside environment can be significant. If you are not sure about preference, then you should experiment different studying style.

Another thing you can do is clean or sweeps the study space. You will definitely find it hard to concentrate in a messy place. So, you better clean it up before sitting for study.

Gather notes and all other materials

You will get distracted whenever you leave the seat for searching for things like a pen, pencil, or sheets. That is why you should gather all the things that you will require for studying. They may include study guides, papers, textbooks, notes, highlighters, etc. More so, you may also include some light snacks like nuts, sandwich, chocolate bar and a bottle of water.

Remember that these things don’t necessarily need to be in front of you. As putting them aside or in front can distract, you can put them in arm’s reach.

Get rid of your smartphone

This step is essential. In this era of technology, things like smartphone, tabs work as a great distractor while studying. A simple notification on your phone can easily distract you.

So, if you don’t need these electronics while studying, you should keep them silent. And, don’t keep them close to you as your subconscious mind may want you to check them. The devices also include computers too. However, if you need them for notes and tutorials, then you may keep them.

Create a study plan

Most of the student doesn’t have specific study time. If you are serious about the study, then you should stick to a routine. That can help you to build an instinct for studying at that time.

Usually, you should choose a time when you will be more energetic and capable of concentrating better. This time can be morning, or after evening, as you prefer. Studying regularly in the same period can be extremely helpful to concentrate and memorize better.

Reward yourself

Before seating for study, think of something that can be served as a reward. It can be a chocolate bar, a drink, or a TV show that you would love to watch. Assume you can get it only after completing your study. That can help you to concentrate better and stick to the study for a period of time without feeling bored. In the case of bigger projects, you can reward yourself something better and unique.

Find an effective study method

To maintain the concentration, you must find an effective studying method. Different person has different ways of studying effectively. So, you should experiment with different techniques to remember thing better and easily memorize while needed. Try to feel and experience what you are studying. Sometimes reading things aloud can also help you to learn things better.

When some people prefer just reviewing the notes and papers, some things writing while reviewing the notes can help to memorize better. You can also prepare notecard and flashcards with essential terms and concepts to memorize things better. If your study consist structure and diagram then you should also draw them along with reviewing. This will help to remember the diagrams or structure.

If you are on to a bigger project or concept, you may create an outline. In the outline, you can break out the bigger concept with smaller details to memorize easily. You can also group the information and make visual sections to memorize easily. You can also remember thing easily if you can grasp why you are studying the topic.

Studying with a partner

Some students also prefer studying with a partner as they think it helps to memorize the study easily. That is because we can memorize things better when we hear it from someone when compared to just reading it. It is also effectual as you can know the topic from someone else’s perspective. The partner can also help you to track with the study, concentrate better, and clarify unclear concepts.

However, some people find it distractive to study with a partner. In the case of selecting a partner, don’t go random. Try to be with someone who is focused and sensible. It would be helpful if they are a more dynamic student in the class than you.

Try concentration strategies

Concentration is a thing of practice, and you cannot build it within one day. You can try mental concentration strategies that are known to assist in concentration.

One popular and effective concentration strategy is “Be here now” that may help to bring back your mind on to what you are doing. As soon as you feel that your mind is not concentrated on study and thinking of something else, you can say “be here now” and try to concentrate. You may get the focus back on the study.

Short breaks during the study are important

Different studies have shown that studying with short breaks work better than studying for an extended period at a time. Try not to study for more than one hour at a time. Take small breaks of five to ten minutes.

You can go for a short walk around the home, stress your body, and drink a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Doing so will help you to start studying again with a sharp mind. You can also take part in simple yoga, meditation, and basic exercises too during the short breaks.

Hopefully, the above-given instructions will assist you in improving your memory and concentration while studying from now on.

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