How To Learn To Ride A Bicycle Without An Instructor

How to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor? Mastering the bike is one of the first skills that the kid learns when they grow up. You will be amazed to know that almost 90% of the kid learns this skill in this period. But unfortunately, 10% grows up without the bike riding skill. Most of the time, they failed to learn due to their demotivation amongst the bike. There are some parents, too who never think bicycling is a lifetime skill for their kid.

For me, the scenario was different. I lived my whole childhood in an apartment where there was no bicycle friendly area. Even all the roads around the area were filled with traffic 24/7. However, as I left home and started living in the university hall, I realized the need for learning bicycle. I was amazed after realizing how easy it was. It takes only two days for me to acquire everything about bike riding.

Now, let’s talk about learning the bicycle without an instructor. If you are an adult who grew up without learning the bicycle skill, then don’t then keep reading this article. It is never too late to learn the skill. Today we will let you know how to learn to ride a bicycle without an instructor. It will be an excellent guide for you if you are shy to ask someone about instructing. Below, we discussed the step by step process of learning the bicycle skill.

How To Learn To Ride A Bicycle Without An Instructor Step By Step

Choose The Right Bike

Whether you are a grown-up adult or a kid, it is always essential to choose the correct bike while learning. There are different types of bike, including mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, etc. We will suggest you start with the road bike as they are properly optimized for the roads.

Then choose the correct bike size according to your height. Check the bike sizing chart from the internet to find out which size suits you the most. Choose a bike which is newbie friendly, not a bike for professional cycling. If you are going to buy a new bike, then we will suggest you read the bike buying guide before going to the market.

Find A Proper Location

The first thing you need to do is find the correct place for learning bicycle. It is highly important as yours, and the passerby’s safety is a significant concern. Never choose a busy road to learn the skill. Also, avoid the neighborhood roads. We will suggest you select an open and wide field. The place should be free from huge traffic.

The least the traffic, the better it is. That is because you may not want too many outside watching you learning to ride a bike. If possible, take a mate with you so that he can help you if anything unwanted happens. You can also choose a park (the empty one) or an empty parking lot.

Wear Suitable Clothing

Clothing is also important while riding a bike. Equip yourself with a lightweight cloth. It will make you less tired while riding the bike. Also, if possible, wear a helmet and other protective gears like gloves. They will aid you to avoid any unwanted situation. Wear a shoe which comes with rubber sole under the shoe so that it can protect you from slipping the pedal. Avoid any slippery shoes at any cost.

Learn The Bike Mechanism

Well, you should learn the biking mechanism before you leave home for learning. The bike is a simple thing, but it has different components which you may know about. Gather knowledge on the pedal, handlebar, brake, suspension, and other things that the bike includes. Most importantly, understand how the bike mechanism works. You can know about all of these from the internet.

Getting On The Bike

Now it’s ride time! Start with checking the bike, whether it is in good condition or not. You will not need to be an expert for this. Check whether the brake works. Check whether the tires are pumped or require pumping. Check the pedal by spinning to check whether they are oiled or not.

Now seat on the bike and see whether you are okay with the seating position or not. At first, stand beside the bike from the right side and hold the brake with your both hand to keep the bike steady. Then swing your right leg over the saddle and seat. If it is too high, then use a wrench to remove the nut in the seat clamp. After removing the nut, you will be able to reposition the seat as you want. Pu

If you are seating on a bike for the first time, then you may feel a little uncomfortable. It will take some times to get used to the bike seat. Practice getting on and off the bike to feel comfortable on the bike. Walk with the bike and frequently use the brake to be comfortable with the mechanism.

Scooting On The Bike

Scooting on the bike means touching the ground from the seat with your leg. Choose a firm slope and push down the feet against the ground and try to move forward with the opposite force. One tendency while biking is common – you will try to look down while doing scooting, and it will make balancing hard for you. Look at the front to get a better balance. Make sure you are holding the handlebar gently while riding as holding them hard don’t do any good.

Balancing On The Bike

At first, balancing on the bike will be a little hard and uncomfortable. Balancing is hard to learn but much easy to feel, more like an instinct. While scooting, move the bike in the direction you feel like falling to avoid the fall. Moreover, turn your feet on the paddle after scooting and put them down while the bike loses the force. Balancing requires a lot of practice. With practice, it will be much easier for you to balance.

Start The Ride

Your time has come to my friend. It is time to ride the bike. Put your right foot on the right paddle in a two o’clock position. The left foot should be on the ground then to support the bike. Now, push your left foot opposite to the ground, so it produces energy to drive the bike. In the same time, push down the right food, and the bike will start moving with acceleration. Now lift your left foot on the paddle and acquire the balance. In the meantime, start pushing the paddle in the clockwise direction, and the bike will eventually speed up.

Use The Brake If Required

Ride the bike in a different direction and while properly keeping your balance. And, don’t forget to use the brake frequently. While using the brake, balancing will be much harder due to the opposite force. Deal with it by pushing the foot on the ground as like as previous. Keep doing this until you feel you learned it.

Keep Up The Practice

The practice is the most important thing to acquire biking skill entirely. Keep up the practice in the open ground or empty parking lot. If you are fully confident, you can start riding in the neighborhood roads. Eventually, with the practice, you will be able to make yourself ready for riding at the road.

Final Words

Bike riding can provide you an immense fun which you will not get from other sports. As soon as you start riding the bike, you will understand what you have missed in your entire childhood. However, don’t regret it and keep pushing the paddles.

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