How to Make a Covered Wagon out of Wood – 7 Easy Steps

Are you fascinated by wooden wagons that radiate the vibes of ancient history? Do you want to make a wooden wagon for yourself to decorate the exteriors of your house or use it in a theme party? Then, end your search right here. 

This article is a step by step guide to enlighten you regarding how to make a covered wagon out of wood. By following the steps that we have listed down below you will be definitely be happy with the outcome in the end.

Step 1: Preparation

To begin with. First you have to get yourself a thick board of wood that has been pressure treated from before. Choose the size of the board according to the requirement of your design but according to our recommendation the standard dimension should be 12 feet in length and 6 feet in breath.

According to the size of the wooden board you have chosen the next thing that you will need to do us to take some wooden planks of the same size. You will need to then align the wooden planks against the side of the wooden board in such a way so that all the things fit perfectly.

Step 2: Drilling holes

At the ends of the planks that you have lied against the sides of the wooden board you will need to drill holes at both the planks and the board on the same spot at the end. While you do so, ask someone for assistance so that they can hold the planks at proper place.

Make sure that the whole is not drilled at the edge of the planks. The hole should be drilled at least 3 inches away from the edge. After being done with boring holes, insert bolts and tighten them with a wrench so that you can attach the planks with the board.

After being done with attaching the bolts you will finally get a structure that has a wide base and two sides. The next thing that you should is look out for any sort of space or holes. If you find any cover them up by applying caulk using a gun.

Step 3: Joining a supporting beam

After doing all the job of attaching the planks to the side of the board, the board now needs to be placed on a supporting beam. The beam that will be used must be of the exact size according to the wooden board.

The support board must be thick enough so that it can take up the load of the wagon board when it will be mounted on it. Otherwise it will surely crash down. The beam should now be attached to the bottom of the wooden board using wooden clamps. According to the holes of the clamps that sit on the wood drive in some screws so that the basic structure of the wagon is now ready.

Step 4: Placing a brace

You will now need to mark a point from 2 inches away from each end of the beam. At the points that has been marked you will now need to place a beam that is narrower but 3 to 4 feet long. The narrower beam must be placed in such a way so that a right angle forms with the supporting beam.

After aligning up the narrower beams, fix them at the place using bolts and drilling holes at a distance of 2 inches away from each end. Place a brace at the base of each smaller beam that you have fixed. And then the braces can be fixed at the ends by nailing through the holes that has been drilled.

Step 5: Fixing the wheel and axle

After being done with bracing you will need to take an axle and pass it through the bracings. After fixing the axle, you will see that the axle has two ends. You will then need to attach the wheels to each end of the axle. One wheel will be placed for each end of the axle. Tighten the wheels by rotating them in a clockwise direction after being done with the attaching.

To provide support to the wagon wheels you will need to take two beams that is 3 to 4 feet in length. Attach those two beams to the top surface of the beam by the help of bolting. The beam should be placed at the area where previously some narrow beams for fixing the axles has been inserted. After being done with the entire process you can then attach the wagon board on the beams.

Step 6: Attaching bows

Collect some bamboo strips that are longer in size compared to the size of the wagon board. Then mark points at the longer sides of the wagon base. Make sure that the points are marked 3 inches away from the edges.

On the marked points you will be able to fit in 4 wagon bows. For doing so, fix one end of the strip to one side by nailing and then by bending it fix it on the other end carefully. This will create and arched shape structure. Repeat the process for all the strips. To cover up bows place a sheet of tarpaulin that will look like a hood.

Step 7: Final touch

To make the wagon look even more realistic take a long wooden pole and then nail it to the front surface of the wheel base beam which is known as the tongue. Attach another pole that is shorter than the previous one at a right angle. If you want to add harness to you wagon, you may staple it to the yoke.


To sum up, by looking at the steps that has been listed above you surely have learned how to make covered wagon out of wood. You will surely be able to decorate the exterior of your farm house like you always wanted and also rock the theme party that you planned for.

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