How to Paint with an Easel – Complete Guide for Kids and Beginners

An easel offers you the best position to bring out your aesthetic thoughts into life. It is one of the essential things that you will require while preferring an artwork. The impressive thing about the instrument is it has been used for centuries for this purpose, and it is still as same as before.

If you are a beginner in the universe of artwork, then the next part of the article will be helpful for you. Today, we will describe how to paint with an easel. So, keep reading this article with full concentration.

How To Paint With An Easel (Step By Step Guide)

While using the easel for the first time, you may find this thing a little awkward. But after acknowledging how to use it, it will be a gem for you. Below, we will provide you the step by step guide that you need to know for using an easel.

Choose A Suitable Easel

The first thing you require to do is to choose a proper easel. They are vastly available at both online and offline shops anywhere. More so, they don’t cost you a lot.

So, buy an easel according to your preference and budget. It should be adjustable so that you can adjust the position of this tool according to your height. Moreover, it should be able to accommodate the different sizes of the canvas correctly.

You can also make an easel from your home. The process of creating an easel from home is straightforward. Sometimes, you don’t even require any budget for doing so. You can check out our latest guide on how to make an easel.

Choose Your Paints

Okay, now you will need to decide the paints you are going to use. As you may already know, either the acrylic or the oil paint is used most of the time for painting. Both of them arrive with their pros and cons. You should choose the one which suits you better.

The acrylic paints are perfect if you want to complete the artwork faster as they take no time to dry. Besides, you can also create a crisp line using these paints. Moreover, the color produced from the acrylic doesn’t change over time.

On the other hand, oil paints require some extra time for drying, and that means you will need to work with them for an extended period.You can’t produce a crisp line from such paint, but they can blend well and let offer better color transition.

Depending on your preferences and the pros as mentioned and cons above, you can choose one of the paints. Some of the people also use water paint currently.

Choose The Brushes

It doesn’t matter which types of the painting you choose; you will require brushes. There are a variety of types of brushes available in the market. If you are going to work with the acrylic paint, then you should pick the synthetic brushes. If you prepare oil painting, then go for the natural brushes. You can also use synthetic brushes for oil painting, which are made for oil paints.

You will require different sizes and shapes of the brush while creating artwork.  Make sure that you bought them carefully before moving to the next step.

Gather Other Accessories

There are some extra accessories that you will require for painting. You will require a tray (also known as a palette) for mixing the colors. Moreover, you may also need a tray cover to ensure that the color will not dry soon.  You will need a tray knife for mixing the colors as well as a color chart to know the color combination for mixing. You may also wear an apron to keep yourself clean from the color.

Choose The Canvas

An art canvas can come in different sises. Depending on your preference, you should choose the right size and types. Usually, the canvas arrives in two types, which are linen and cotton. They can be used with both oil paint and acrylic paint. Linen is a preferred choice, but it will cost you some extra bucks. Besides, cotton is cheaper than linen, but it requires some extra time to make it ready for work.

It’s Time To Paint

Now put the canvas on the easel. If requires, adjust the height at a comfortable level for you. Bring the colors and put them in the tray. Then take your preferred version of the color and start painting. That is how you will use an easel for painting. However, depending on the types of easel and accessories, you may require more or fewer steps to follow.

Above, we tried to illustrate the necessary procedure of using an easel for painting. Hopefully, the above guidelines will help you to paint with an easel efficiently from now on.

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