How to Push an Automatic Car with Dead Battery

Cars are our locomotive assistants in our daily life. They make lifestyle enjoyable and provide a lot of help to humankind. All the same, at times our lovely commuter assistants present annoying surprises amid the journey. To be on the safe side, we need to be ready with troubleshooting skills. For instance, you should know how to push an automatic car with dead battery. We are going to share tips on how to handle such a situation.

Automatic cars possess no clutch or shifter. This is how to push an automatic car with a dead battery in the event that you get stuck on a highway before reaching your intended destination. The only thing you require during this situation is a jump starter pack which is portable or a battery from another car.

This is done through basically connecting power source from another battery to the cars dead battery.Automatic cars have automatic transmissions which have a gearbox too hence prevents the person driving the car from rolling it at a speed of five miles per hour like it is done with manual vehicles. Hence, you should never try to roll the car with an open clutch as you can’t be able to close the clutch manually hence being hazardous to try this event.


  • Following are the essential things to boost the battery of an automatic car
  • Jump starter pack
  • Emergency warning triangles
  • Safety jacket

Things To Look Out For How To Push An Automatic Car With Dead Battery

The jump starter pack must be fully charged before being used as being half charged will cause damage to the car by destroying the cars battery plates. The safety jacket should be LED to protect self from health complications caused by the effect of the batteries fluid and the sparks that occur during jump starting of the car.

Don’t use a battery from another car of a very different brand from the one you own or that has different voltage specifications to jumpstart the car as it may have high voltage hence leading to serious damage of the car.

Always ensure you have jumper cables before you start traveling and in very good condition thus should be strong. The jumper cables must be heavier wire so as to allow large amounts of current to be transferred to the dead car battery because if the cables are thin or small they will be damaged in the event of power transfer as they are not able to withstand a large amount of voltage that will be passing through them.

Procedure To Connect An External Power Source

In order to start the engine of the car with a dead battery. We need to boost the energy of the cars dead battery. This will enable the dead battery to have sufficient power in order to start the car’s engine. Ensure that the engine is very clear from the connection of any equipment so as to prevent explosions from the connections.

Also, ensure that the engine of the car is turned off during the connection process as this will safeguard you from extreme harmful effects. Proceed and open the hood of the car in order to start the connections in order to jumpstart the car.

Find your jump starter cables from the booth or the area you always carry them from. Set everything you need into position. When you are in the process of connecting the batteries ensure that the alligator clips at the edge of the cables don’t come in contact with each other as it will lead to sparks from the battery. The clips shouldn’t come in contact with metallic parts of the car too as it will lead to the generation of sparks.

Locate the red clamp which is on the jump starter pack and make sure alligator clamp is connected to the positive terminal of the car battery. This is because when you connect the terminals wrongly thus positive terminal to negative terminal. There is the creation of reversed polarity which causes sparks of fire in the hood.

This will eventually cause damage to the battery due to warping of the plates. In extreme circumstances, the housing to the battery might crack open and enable fluids to come out from the unit which might lead to an explosion when it comes into contact with certain parts of the car.

Find the on and off button on the jump starter pack. Locate the on and off button too on the black clamp. Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the car battery. Ensure the connection is done right or can always refer to the manual of the jump starter pack. There are cases where the jump starter pack may lack an on and off button.

There is no need for alarm as there is a solution for it. Just connect the black clamp to a block of metal. This implies that you should always have a block of metal in your booth when you travel. The connection of the metal must be done some few meters away from the battery. This is due to the fact that when a connection is done near the car battery it will lead to sparks from the battery terminals and the effect is not very good.

Switch on the power switch on the jump starter pack then start the engine of the car. In the event that your jump starter doesn’t have an on and off button just go ahead and start the car.

If all the procedures have been followed correctly as found in the manual of the jump starter the car must be able to start the engine. To disconnect the jump starter pack. First, you must start by removing the black clamp then proceed to remove the red clamp. During the process of disconnection ensure that the ends of the power cable don’t come into contact.


It is always advisable to have a portable jump starter when you own a car with automatic transmissions. This is because it is always easy to carry it around and hence becomes very useful and accessible at any place when your car gets stuck in the middle of nowhere.

This also prevents the need of always having another car around to jumpstart it as it is not always possible to have a second car within reach. Portable jump starter too prevents the experience of reverse polarity and overcharging of the cars dead battery hence avoidance of harmful damage effects.

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