How to Put Air in Bike Tires at Gas Station

The proper air pressure in the bike tires is highly essential. Especially, the certain level of pressure on the bike tires ensures you that you will get a comfortable journey. It will also make handling the bike straightforward for you. But one nasty thing about your bike air pressure is it never lasts long. You will often need to inflate air in the bike. If you don’t know How to Put Air in Bike Tires at Gas Station, then keep reading this article. We will let you know how to do this in different situations.

How to Put Air in Bike Tires at Gas Station for Schrader Valve

Bike tires come with different types of valve. The valve is the place from where you will push the air to the tire. The Schrader valve is also known as car valve or American valve. If the bike tire comes with a Schrader valve, then the entire procedure will be more comfortable for you.

One thing about the valve is usually wider in diameter than the other types of valves. They are usually equipped in the car, inexpensive bike, and mountain bikes. A threaded valve core encloses the Schrader valve stem. You can simply open the Schrader valve by unscrewing the rubber cap, which is situated on the top. 

Check The Air Pressure

All types of bike lose air pressure after a time. Some bike can lose it faster than the other. Usually, that happens most with the usual bike tires. However, if your bike is equipped with tubeless tires or butyl tubes, then there is less possibility of losing the air quickly.

Sometimes the type of valve attached in the bicycle also affects the air pressure. As an example, we can take the Schrader tires. They tend to lose pressure quickly than other types of tires.

It is essential to know the available air pressure in the tires before inflating. For this purpose, you will require a pressure gauge. Currently, a lot of bike includes a pressure gauge. If your bike doesn’t cover it, then you will need to invest in a good pressure gauge. It will help you a lot. Some gas pumper even consists of a built-in pressure gauge. However, they tend to be less accurate.

Unscrew the valve stem to check the air pressure. Make sure that you keep it in a safe place. Now push the pressure gauge over the valve stem and make sure that air is not leaking out. Now wait a while for stabilization and then check the pressure gauge. You will get the available pressure measurement.

Find Out The Ideal Tire Pressure

Before pumping the air, you will need to know what is the perfect bike tire pressure for your bike. Generally, the smaller the bike is the less pressure it will require. Usually, the narrow road bike tires require around 80 to 130 PSI. Besides, the fat mountain bike tires need approximately 25 to 35 PSI air pressure.

The tire pressure should be mentioned on the manufacturer website or in the manual. Sometimes, the PSI is also mentioned on the body of the tire. Find out and remember the tire pressure in PSI scale. You must not exceed the mentioned PSI. Over inflating the tire will increase the chance of flattening.

Use The Gas Station Pump

Bike tire inflator is a small tool that you should own if you do cycling regularly. It will definitely save a lot of your bucks. However, if you don’t have one, you can borrow one from your friend. Else, you can go to a gas station which has a pump. If you are bike has Schrader valve then you are lucky as you will not need an adapter in this step.

Connect The Pump With The Power Source

The gas station usually uses air compressors to pump the cycle tires. They are highly robust and pop up your tires if you are not careful. Make sure that you have adjusted the PSI before turning on the machine aka pump. After that, connect the air compressor with its power source and let it start producing power. Look at the pressure gauge of the pump to ensure that it is in the right pressure level.

Inflate The Tires

Now unscrew the rubber cap which is attached on the Schrader valve and reserve it. You must not lose it as it will be required again for sealing the tire. You can put it in your pocket. Now attach the pump hose with the valve. If the pump includes a lever on the nozzle, then make sure that it is open.  Close the lever after connecting the hose properly.

Now, the tires will start filling with air. Keep your eyes on the pressure gauge to ensure that it is not exceeding the required PSI. Now open the lever, remove the nozzle, and quickly put back the rubber cap of the valve. You are done!

How to Put Air in Bike Tires at Gas Station for Presta Valve

The Presta valve is usually known as French Valve or Sclaverand Valve. It is mainly found on the premium and high-end road bikes. They are longer but narrower in the diameter when compared with the Schrader valve. They include an outer valve stem which is protected by the valve cap. Below we will let you know how to put air in a bike with Presta valve tires.

Remove The Valve Cap

To air the tires, you will need to open the Presta valve. Just remove the dust cap from the valve and reserve it in a safe place as like as before. Now loosen the brass cap on the valve stem. It will not come off entirely but eventually rise as you loosen. You can ensure that you have loosened the valve enough by pressing the valve stem. If you find that air is coming out with a sharp burst, then the stem is loosened enough. 

Find out the PSI range

If the tire includes a Presta valve, then the PSI measurement should be included in somewhere on the tire. There will be a PSI range instead of a specific number. Note the PSI measurement. While pumping the tires, you will need to ensure not pumping lower or higher pressure than the mentioned unit.

Connect The Adapter

You will require a Presta adapter while inflating a tire with Presta valve. The Presta adapter will simply turn your Presta valve into Schrader valve.  You can buy the Presta adapter from any nearby bike shop as well as from online. Connect the Presta adapter on the valve.

Then find out the available PSI on the bike tire. If the pumper of the gas station includes two openings, then the smaller aperture is for the Presta valve. Now connect the gas station pumper with the power source and set the required PSI.

Inflate The Tires

Remove the dust cap and loosen the brass cap as mentioned above. Then position the pump hose on the valve. If the nozzle includes a lever, then open it too. Close the lever when the tube is connected with the tire’s valve.

Now let the bike tire pump. Keep an eye on the PSI gauge of the bike. Stop the compressor and remove the hose when done. Close the brass cap by tightening it and put back the dust cap. You are done!

Bicycle Air Pressure Tips To Prevent Punctures

How would love to end up with a punctured bike tire in the middle of nowhere? I bet nobody will ever. Here are some tips which may aid you to reduce bike tire punctures.

  •  If your bike tires become flats very often then may the old tires are causing it. The tire of the bicycle requires upgrading after a particular time. If the tires are frequently flattening, then it is a notice to you to replace the tire.
  • Though flat tires are mainly caused because of the impact on the tires, it can also be caused by the problematic rim. If you are using the bike for quite a long time without servicing, the rim may become insufficient and require changing. Give a closure look to the rim, and if you notice sharp edges and hole on the rim surface, then the rim is the culprit here.
  • Choose your tires with a wider one if you typically ride on rough roads. The wider tires include a significant volume of air which resists against puncture and pinch flats. A wider tire may increase the weight of the bike a little bit, but they will surely save you from frequent punctures.

Ending up with flat tires often is terrible luck. But you can change it or resist it with proper knowledge and skills. Hopefully, the above piece of writing on How to Put Air in Bike Tires at Gas Station will be helpful for you.

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