How to Put Freon in a Car with Gauges

Have you ever asked yourself, how the AC system manages to cool the air? This is to avoid overheating which might cause engine failure. For this reason, a car needs to have a Freon refrigerant. A Refrigerant like Freon is very essential for each and every car. There two types of Freon used in an air conditioner.  Some require to be charged after they have withdrawn all energy. It is responsible for air cooling purposes in a car. I, for this reason, you need to know how to put Freon gas frequently. We shall look at how to put freon in a car with gauges.

What Is Freon?

This is low toxic, non-frameable, gases or liquids which are used a refrigerant. This Freon is used in the Air conditioner as a refrigerant. If you have been thinking that the air conditioner only uses common air. Then you are wrong. The Air conditioner also utilizes Freon. It is usually very useful to cars but to us human beings it might be very dangerous if inhaled in a poorly ventilated room. This Freon, when mixed with oil, is used to lubricate the compressor.

How Does Freon Work In Air Conditioner?

The compressor is first used to compress the freon gas. Then a small amount of oil is combined with this gas. This is used to lubricate the compressor. When this gas is compressed it becomes extremely hot. Then this hot freon gas is forced to move through some coils. In this process, it lowers its heat and converting it to liquid.   This liquid flows through some valves.

This causes it to cool down until it evaporates. The result is a low-pressure freon gas lead through some channels.  The gas absorbs heat. In this process, it helps cool the whole AC system.

Importance Of Freon In A Car With Gauges

  • Freon acts the coolant in the Air Conditioner.
  • Freon gaseous fluid is the fluid responsible for absorbing heat in the Air conditioner.
  • This cooling effect of the Freon fluid helps to reduce the wear and tear of the parts in the AC system.
  • It increases the durability of the car’s engine.
  • When mixed with oil it forms a lubricant for the processor.
  • Freon is able to provide cooling when needed.

Steps To Put Freon In A Car With Gauge

1. Install The Hose On Can

The first step is installing the Hose on Can. Here you will sure that the pin is not seen.  Then go ahead to install the hose tool onto the can.  Make sure the can is not punctured. After you screw the pin down into the can you will not be able to pull it out. This is until the can is empty. The pin is used to seal the freon. The other of the hose has a pin to avoid freon from spreading to the atmosphere.

2. Familiarizing With Your Cars Freon System

The next step is to familiarize yourself with the car freon system. This is essential so as to avoid mistaking it with another system. Firstly, you should see which freon your vehicle uses. You will see this information under the hood.  For the new cars, you will see 134A. Then check out the pictures so as to see the basic parts of the AC system.

You will also see the pump or compressor. It is responsible to pump low-pressure gas to high pressure. That is why it is called a compressor. Next, the high-pressure gas goes to a condenser that sits in front of your radiator.

3. Plug Up The Freon

The next thing is to plug in Freon. You will need to look for his part carefully depending on your car type. Mainly it is on the bigger tube or the high-pressure side tubing. This is the part with a smaller diameter than the low-pressure side. An advantage is that these ports are very difficult to interchange. You then should loosen the fitting.

The next thing is to retightened the can be punctured. This is by screwing in the pin until it bottoms. After that start the car and turn the AC and turn the fan on high. You should ensure the temperature control is at the full cold. If you may like set it to the lowest temperature.

The Air conditioner is now filled with Freon.

You know will need to charge it.

4. Checking If The Freon Is Well Filled

After filling the freon you will need to check whether the AC system is working well. This is by checking if the freon is undergoing all the required processes. This is:

  • Check if the gas is compressed in the first process. This is indicated by the gas becoming extremely hot.
  • Then check if this gas is able to pass through some coils. This you can check by measuring if the temperature has lowered.
  • After that, the gas should liquefy.
  • This causes it to cool down until it evaporates.
  • Ensure the result is a low-pressure freon gas lead through some channels.

If all this is correctly working. Then be sure that the Freon is well filled.  The next process will be to recharge the air conditioner.

5. Charging The System

During this process, coolant fluid is replaced. All the parts in the AC system are evacuated. Later these parts are replaced. Then the air is removed from the system. Then the new refrigerant is installed. Plus, all the worn-out parts are replaced and a seal is added if the previous one was damaged. The unit is then ensured that it does not leak. This is what we call the process recharging the AC. At this point, the Air conditioner is already recharged. You can know comfortably drive.


We have been able to look at what is freon, the importance of freon, and also how to put freon in the car. This is the recommended steps you need to take. This is to ensure the cooling effect is well catered for. That will ensure you have comfortable driving.

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