How to Recharge Ac in Car r134a – You Should Know

The engine of any r134a car requires to be regularly cooled. This is to avoid overheating which might cause engine failure. For this reason, the car needs to have an Air conditioner. An Air conditioner is very essential for each and every car. It is responsible for air cooling purposes in a car. There are many types of air conditioners.  Some require to be charged after they have withdrawn all energy. This is why you need to know how to recharge your Air conditioner by yourself. This is why you need to read this article as we get to understand the importance of recharging an AC and how to recharge ac in car r134a.

What is AC Recharge? – This simply means the act of checking the present levels of cooling fluid in the system. If the checking is done. Then the process of refueling it to get to the levels it is supposed to be followed. This is because, without the right fluid levels, the system might overheat and experience additional pressure which might cause the AC system to damage.

It is, therefore, a necessity to keep the coolant fluid levels at the above the minimum point to keep it functioning properly.

Importance Of Recharging The Ac Of R134a Car

  • When the Air Conditioner is recharged the system is able to work more efficiently.
  • Recharging the Air conditioner helps it to last longer.
  • The air the ac produces will be cooler and this will avoid the damage of other parts of the AC system.
  • When you recharge the air conditioner the system is able to work as it should each and every time.
  • When you recharge the air, conditioner is able to function properly and hence keeps your car comfortable.
  • The conditioner is able to provide cold air when needed.

What Is Actually Done In The Process Of Recharging The AC?

The first thing is the realization of the malfunctioning of the Air conditioner. With this, you will need to check the source of malfunctioning. If you find out the AC needs a recharge, then it is not a big deal you will just need to recharge.

During this process, coolant fluid is replaced. All the parts in the AC system are evacuated. Later these parts are replaced. Then the air is removed from the system. Then the new refrigerant is installed. Plus, all the worn-out parts are replaced and a seal is added if the previous one was damaged. The unit is then ensured that it does not leak. This is what we call the process recharging the AC.

Symptoms Of Your AC System When It Needs To Be Recharged;

  • There is loos in cooling capability.
  • The refrigerant starts to leak.
  • The AC clutch starts to malfunction/ stops working completely.

Requirements You Need In Order To Recharge Your AC

  • AC Dispenser with an activator/trigger and low side gauge.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Thermometer.
  • The refrigerant that is specified for r134a. (For additional information look under the boot).
  • A pair of Gloves.

NB: Always wear safety glasses while working on the AC system to avoid chemical particle getting in contact with the eye.

Here Are The Steps To Take When Recharging Ac In Car R134a

1. Turning On The Air Conditioner

 The first step is for you to start the car and ensure you turn your AC to the maximum.

2. Checking Whether The AC Compressor Is Engaging

The next step is to determine whether the Ac compressor is engaging. An AC compressor is a device which converts refrigerant from liquid form to gaseous form. If clutch on the compressor is engaged, then there is a likelihood that the refrigerant in the system is low. If the clutch is not engaging then the Ac system either has an electrical problem or very low refrigerant.

You, therefore, measure the pressure to identify the real cause of the problem before adding refrigerant.

3. Test The Pressure

In order to taste the pressure, you need to turn off the r134a car. Then locate the port with lower pressure. This port is generally located on the passenger side engine bay. It will have either a black or gray cap.

4. Prepare The Recharge Kit

After testing you can now prepare the recharge kit which you had purchased. Make sure all the required requirements above are included.

5. Attaching/Connecting The Recharge Hose From The Kit.

In this process, you are going to place the recharge hose onto the port. Then push it down until it clips correctly.  Make sure not to trigger at this time to avoid refrigerant from escaping to the atmosphere.

This is because we still need to determine if the system is undercharged.

6. Restart The Car And Observe The Gauge Readings.

Then now restart the car and observe the readings on the AC compressor. This is going to engage the clutch. Once the compressor is engaged, read the readings. If they are below 40 psi it is evident the AC is undercharged. This is why when charging you need to make the reading to be close to 40 psi as possible.

7. Connect The Recharge Hose With The Refrigerant Can.

Connecting like this allows you to be able to tap off the AC system with liquid refrigerant. Once you have connected, hold the can upright and squeeze the trigger. This will take about 10 seconds in order to add refrigerant to the system. After the 10 seconds have erupted release the trigger. Then check on the pressure gauge so as not overcharge.

8. Using The Thermometer Return To The Inside Of The Car And Check The Temperature.

Now using the thermometer insert it into the AC vents. This is especially on the driver’s side, near the steering wheel and note the temperature reading. A fully charged Air conditioner will blow air at about 28 degrees.

At this point, the Air conditioner is already recharged. You can know comfortably drive.


We have been able to look at the importance of recharging, the symptoms of whether the AC system needs to be recharged.The requirements when recharging and also how to recharge your r134a car. These are the recommended steps to take that will ensure you have comfortable driving.

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