How to Remove Baked on Tree Sap from Car

Parked your car under the shade of a tree and then found it affected by the sap? If so, then we want to let you know that you are not alone. Almost all the vehicle owner often gets affected by this problem. The sap is usually removable by normal water and soap easily when it is young. However, if you put it for an extended period of time, it will become hardened and quite impossible to remove. If you are anxious about how to remove baked on tree sap from car, then don’t worry anymore.

Today we will discuss the different procedure to remove hardened sap from the car easily.

What Is Tree Sap

Tree sap is as like as the blood of the tree. It includes myriad minerals and nutrients which are highly required for a tree to survive. It also supports the functioning and growth of the tree. There are two types of sap. One of them is known as xylem. It moves hormones, water, and minerals throughout the tree’s body. The second variant is phloem which is a little bit sticky and it includes the sugars generated by the tree through photosynthesis.

The sap is generally considered as the sign of a disease of the tree. It can also cause by previous wounds and infections from the pests. 

As the xylem is not that sticky, it is very easy to remove. But the phloem is very sticky and it is hard to remove. It is actually like the glue. Even the people from the past used it as glue because of its stickiness.

How To Remove Baked On Tree Sap From The Car Using Rubbing Alcohol

Here is an easy way but effective way to remove the hardened sap from the car. You will require these items for the cleaning procedure.

  • Two clean and soft towels.
  • Blade for a box cutter.
  • Bug or Tar remover or rubbing alcohol.
  • Washing sponge
  • Water
  • Spray wax or quick detailer polish.

One thing we forget to say – you will also require a lot of patience and energy for the whole process. Follow the below steps to clean the dried sap from the car:

1. Start By Cleaning The Car

After a sap happens to your car, the first thing you should do is clean your car as soon as possible. It helps to remove the sap before it becomes sticky. Clean the car with soap and hot water. Make sure all the dirt comes off from the surface, which is sitting around the sap. If the sap is situating on your car for a long time, then you may not be removed with hot water. But it will soften the sap and prepare a cleaner surface for making the further cleaning process.

2. Pour The Remover Or Rubbing Alcohol

You will find the rubbing alcohol in your local stores as well as automobile stores. There are also available online. At first, find out all the sap affected area. Now take a towel and rub some of the alcohol or remover on the towel. 

Now put the cloth on the sap for a while and then start rubbing it. You may need to repeat the whole process several times to remove the stubborn saps. If the sap is still present, then you can use fingernails to scratch the sap and remove it. After removing the sap, there will make some leftovers in the area. For now, don’t worry about it.

3. Wax The Car

Clean the leftovers using hot water and a clean cloth. They should be removed in this way. Then let the car dry for a while. You are in the final steps now. You can now put the wax and spray a few mists over the paintwork after that clean the substances using a clean cloth. Now you are ready to go.

How To Remove Baked On Tree Sap From The Car With A Household Item

You will be happy to know that the tree sap can be removed with some of the household product. If you have stored mineral spirit or alcohol wipes on your home, then you can use these substances to remove the sap. However, before applying the solution to the paint of the car, apply it on a hidden area of the paint job to be assured that it will not damage the paint. The test is important as none of the mineral spirit or alcohol is made for the car.

Apply the mineral spirit by rubbing a soft cloth. Try to gently rub only on the sap as it can damage your car’s paint. Follow the same procedure for alcohol wipes. Repeat the process several times, and the sap should be removed.  Clean the leftover using water and clean cloth.

How To Remove Baked On Tree Sap From Car’s Windshield

You simply can’t remove the baked on tree sap from car’s windshield as you removed from the body. It can badly damage the paint as well as the windshield. However, there are some easier ways to do this. You can use some products such as nail polish remover, white vinegar, etc. to remove the sap from windshield. Follow the process of using rubbing alcohol to do this.

You can also use a razor blade to remove sap from car windshield. Buy a blade scraper which comes with a single slide blade and try shaving the sap off from the car. Be very careful while doing this and never try this on the car’s paint.

Final Words

The sap is one of the worst things that you will ever experience with your car. Hopefully, the above procedure will help you to remove the sap from the car. If you have any question then please free to ask us through comment.

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