How to Remove Stickers from Glass with Vinegar

It is true that stickers sometimes beautify things. But as soon as it becomes older, dirt, dust, and other substances deposited on it and made it uglier. In such situations, you may think of removing the sticker. But as soon as you want to rip them off, you will realize that they are much harder to remove than you are thinking. That is because of the adhesive items used in the sticker to stick form a molecular bonding which makes the item hard to remove. However, don’t worry. Vinegar can be a lifesaver for you. Today we will tell you how to remove stickers from the glass with vinegar in some easy steps.

There are many ways to remove a sticker from the glass. But amongst them, the easiest and inexpensive way is using the vinegar. It is such a substance which will be found in every household. Keep reading the article to know how to remove the stickers from the glass with vinegar.


How to Remove Stickers from Glass with Vinegar

Removing the stickers from glass is the most hardest. But vinegar can help you to remove the sticker from the glass easily as like some other materials. Here is the process:

1. Fill a sink with water

Find a clean and dirt free sink in your house. Then start filling it with water. Make sure that there is enough with hot water to completely submerge the glass you want to remove the sticker. If you are going to remove a label from many glasses, then make sure that there is enough hot water to submerge all the glasses. Remember that the hotter the water is, the better result you will get. The hot water will help to softer the stickers and their bonding so that you can remove it easily.

2. Add some drop of dish soap

Now add some drop of dish soap in the water. If there is no dish soap on your home, then don’t worry. You can also use ordinary hand soap. Adding the soap will help to loosen the level and make it much easier to come off.

3. Add some cup of vinegar

Now it is the time to add some cup of vinegar in the water. The vinegar should be white vinegar. The vinegar contains acid which can help to dissolve the substances that are holding the sticker to the glass. Now it will be much easier to take the sticker off. 

4. add the glass

We are heading towards the final steps. Add the glasses in the water. Do it carefully. Else, you will end up breaking the glasses. Make sure that all the glasses are submerged in the water entirely. Now, wait for a while. The longer you wait, the better result you will get. That is because the vinegar will get much time to dissolve the glue to remove the stickers. However, you don’t need to wait for hours for this. Ten minutes to thirty minutes is enough for the procedure.

5. Take the glass off

Now take the glass out of the water carefully. Try to peel the sticker out of the glass. It should slide off nicely. If there is any remaining residue, try to scrape it off using a scrubby sponge. Once you remove the sticker, rinse and clean it using clean water, then dry it using a clean towel. You are now free from the stubborn sticker.

Using the vinegar is one of the best ways to remove the sticker from the glass. Hopefully, the above article on how to remove stickers from the glass with vinegar will be helpful for you.

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