How To Replace Bike Brake Pads Disc Brakes

A cyclist should know how to maintain his bike correctly. As a rider, he will often encounter different types of problems and issues about the bike. They can include puncturing, brake adjusting, replacing bike pads. Replacing the bike pads can be a little bit tricky if you have no prior knowledge of it.

Today we will let you know how to replace bike brake pads disc brakes without any issues. We will provide you step by step guidelines on how to do it.

Step by Step Guideline to Replace Bike Brake Pads

Replacing the disc bike brake pads is not that hard. Here is the step by step guideline that you need to follow for replacing the bike brake pads:

You will require these things:

  • Replacement pads
  • Disc Brake cleaner
  • Paper cloth
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wide or fat flathead screwdriver

Step 1:

Start with removing the wheel from the bike and checking the brake pads that need to be replaced. You should review the pads regularly as they wear out quickly due to the contact with the brake rotor. Make sure that you are not actuating the brake while doing so. It can compromise the hydraulic system and may bleed out the brake unit.

Usually, the brake requires changing if the pads become 1.5mm or less. If you think the brake pads need replacing, then continue to the next steps. Else, reconnect the wheel, and keep riding.

Step 2:

Now use a pad pusher tool or a large flathead screwdriver to push the old pads into the caliper. Never do this on the new brake pad or in the piston as it can cause damage. Then you will need to remove the pad retention system. Some of them are equipped with a pin, while the other only use clips. Use the appropriate tool to remove it.

Then get rid of the old pads as well as the springs using the needle-nose pliers. Then clean the inside of the rotor and caliper with the paper cloth and degreaser. Cleaning is optional but necessary, as it can help to eradicate any dust or dirt build-up in the area. Save the pin or bolt you removed, as they will be required again.

Step 3:

Now insert the new pads in the caliper and put back the retention pins and clips in its place. Also, re-attach the wheels with the bike using the bolts. Do not try to use the brake yet. Now give a closer look at the rotor. It should be central to the rotor body and running parallel. If you see it is not in this position, then remove the mounting bolts and adjust them as required.

Now you need to check whether the brake is working or not. Spin the wheel and, in the meantime, use the brake. The brake should be able to stop the wheels instantly. If you think the brakes are not working, then you may make some mistakes. Repeat the procedure with proper concentration to solve the problem.

How to Replace Disc Brake Rotors

Replacing the disc brake will require the right tools and replacement rotor. Usually, there are two types of the rotor which include center lock and six bolts. The modern mountain bikes usually arrive with 6-bolt rotors when the road bikes typically come with center-lock rotors. Check the below guide to read the disc brake:

  • Start with removing the old rotor. You will T-25 Torx wrench for the 6-bolts rotor and cassette tool for the center-lock rotor. Save the bolts that you removed from the bike.
  • The step is not necessary, but you can clean the dust and debris from the hub.
  • Now take the new rotor and give a closer look at it. There should be an arrow pointing to the rotation of the wheel. Following the direction, insert the rotor on the bike.
  • Tighten the bolts precisely both in the rotor and star pattern if you are working on a 6-bolt rotor.
  • If you are dealing with the center-lock rotor, change the end cap and rotate it with hands to assure its working. Tighten the bolts using a cassette tool.
  • Both types of the rotor should arrive with a pre-applied thread lock. If they don’t come with thread lock, then put one drop on each hole and wipe it instantly.
  • Put back the wheels in its place. Then check the brake, whether it is working or not. You should be done if you follow the procedure correctly.

Nowadays, most of the bikes equip a disc brake to offer you precise braking experience. Though they are vastly used, not a lot of riders don’t know how to work with them. In the above, we discussed how to replace bike brake pads disc brake as well as the disc brake rotors. Hopefully, you will be able to change the brake pad and rotor easily after reading the guide.

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