How To Replace Mobility Scooter Battery

Mobility Scooters are the motorbike-like electric transporters designed to transport the crippled or elderly from one place to another. Electric mobility scooters run on motors or batteries. These mobility scooters came into usage in the early1950s and their usage has been growing ever since.

Among the electric mobility scooters, the battery driven scooters are comparatively more popular than the gas-driven ones. The battery-driven mobility scooters have a battery container on the scooter board and are charged via a separate charger using standard electric power.

Using mobility scooters outside is greatly advantages for people who lack mobility, like the elderly, crippled or the sick people. The elderly and the crippled can use mobility scooters outside and perform their day-to-day needs.

Batteries in Mobility Scooters: How Do They Work?

Now let us talk about the mobility scooter batteries. Batteries used in mobility scooters are generally of two types, AbsorbentGlass Mat or AGM and GEL. These two batteries are purposed in the scooters differently. For example, AGM batteries are used in case of occasional events whereas GEL batteries are used in case of regular transportations.

Despite the different types of batteries placed in mobility scooters, they are all made up of lead-acid chemically. Generally, a pair of 12Volt batteries are used in series connection for the simplification of charging.

Problems in Mobility Scooter Batteries: When You Should Replace The Batteries?

Even though the mobility scooter batteries can be reused repeatedly, it is not recommended to discharge the batteries fully. If not, the battery will be damaged quickly and will be needing replacement.

Now the question is when will you understand that your mobility scooter batteries need replacement?The short and simple answer is when your mobility scooter becomes less efficient. Confused? Let me make it clear it for you.

You can realize that your mobility scooter’s battery needs replacing when you see the following problems –

  • The batteries are not charging
  • The batteries are not running longer like they should
  • The scooter becomes slow and inactive
  • Running the scooter feels rough
  • It does not start accurately
  • It does not start even though after charging fully

Now that you know when to replace the batteries, it is time for you to know how to replace the batteries.

Guide For How To Replace Mobility Scooter Battery

First, you should keep a few things in mind.If you have the user’s manual with you, check for the configuration of your battery because it is better if you know of the configuration and the properties, helps you with exerting caution while changing. If you do not know of the battery configuration or property, contact your battery supplier.

To stop it from moving while changing the batteries, you should change the gear of the scooter from neutral to drive. Then push the handle after unscrewing the screws or pins. Please note that this will be different for every kind of seat. Follow the instructions given in the manual if you have that at hand.

Remove the cover in order to get to the batteries. Pay attention to the wire configuration and then unplug the battery. There are usually two plugs placed in the middle of the batteries.

Carefully remove the batteries after disconnecting it from the place they were attached. Be careful while following this step as there is a chance to damage the scooter’s internal configuration while removing.

After locating the battery points, disconnect the red point before the black one. You are advised to use the correct tools so that the wires do not touch the battery while disconnecting.

Repeat the first four process inversely to put the new batteries inside the scooter. Exert caution while doing those, as the scooter might receive technical damage if you are not careful enough.

After you are done with the steps, recharge your mobility scooter adequately and thus your mobility scooter battery replacement is done.

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