How to Setup a Tripod Easel – Step by Step Guidelines

Painting is surely something that you are very passionate about. You will definitely need to do the job of painting under proper, convenient circumstances. And for that it is essential that you find working with a tripod easy and not something that you struggle with. Hence, to make sure that you create beautiful paintings we came up with this guide that will enlighten you about how to setup a tripod easel.

A tripod easel is basically an A-frame easel with a supporting leg present in the back. And setting up the easel will all about looking for your own personal convenience. We have some essential tips and guidance that you need to follow to properly set up the easel for little painter. Have a look at them below.

Consider the height

Your little painter and you do differ in terms of height. It is essential that you consider the height of the tripod that will be comfortable to work with. Also, think of how big the work will be. Depending on that you will need to choose the position of the shelf.

Setting the work below the middle rail

If you are using a large canvas to display a big piece of work, then make sure that you set the work below the middle rail. Setting the work below the middle rail causes the canvas to be at a low position.

Positioning the shelf above the middle rail

A lot of artists do the positioning of the shelf above the middle rail. If you cause the shelf to rest on the middle rail you can adjust the position of it from the lowest to highest point. Fit the shelf on the A-Frame by just loosening the knobs slightly. Don’t remove the knobs. Loosening the knobs will help you to tilt the shelf so that it can slide in the frame of the tripod easel.

Setting the easel to the highest position

If the canvas that you have chosen is small in size, you will need to display the piece on the highest position. For that you can mount the position of the shelf on the frame of the tripod by keeping the bolts of the shelf on the outside of the frame.

For keeping the bolts on the outside of the shelf, you will need to remove the knobs of the shelf completely. Removing the knobs allows you to position the shelf on the near top of the frame. Make sure that you fix the mast first and then you will fix the shelf on the tripod easel.


To sum up, you surely learned how to setup a tripod easel after reaching the final end of this entire guide. Before beginning with the setting up task, you surely have to make sure that you unfold the tripod easel first. Then just follow the guides we provided for setting up the easel according to your comfort zone and convenience. Just keep in mind regarding the size of your work to know how you should set up.

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