How To Sew A Zipper On A Skirt – Easiest Ways

Are you suffering to sew a zipper on dress? Seems like more difficult to sew an invisible zipper in the right way!!! But I think it’s not that ticklish as you think. All you need to calm down and literally sew it slowly if you are a beginner. A skirt with a zipper on the side is so common and elevated. If you don’t know how to sew a zipper on a skirt then it will be messy for you. 

Don’t be afraid you can do it. I’m not terrifying you that you can’t do it. At the very first time, you may make hotchpotch but once you do it, it will seem simple to you. Do several practices and make it easy for you. 

All you have to need some materials, such as-  

  • Scissor
  • Fabrics for your skirt with folded over waistband 
  • Pins
  • Zipper (which is the main attraction)
  • Zipper foot 
  • Sewing machine
  • Threads
  • Iron along with its board

How To Sew A Zipper On A Skirt (step by step process)

  1. At first take two parts of fabrics equally for your skirt. And don’t forget the part about ironing. Before sewing any cloth you need to iron it so that you can sew in a better way. Once your ironing is finished then it’s time to sew. 
  2. Take the wrong side of the fabric in opposite and keep 1.5 inches extra and stitch straight until you come to the end of the fabric. 
  3. After that, open up the two fabrics on two opposite sides. It obviously on that side where you stitches. And fold the small 1.5-inch area opposite. For your favor, you can iron this folded side straightly so as to easy for stitching along with a zipper.  
  4. Now it’s time to attach the zipper with the skirt. Put the zipper teeth straight over the stitches line. Remind it to keep 1-inch fabric extra from the upper side and then start your sewing machine for the main battle. Are you ready? If you are ready then start from any one side of the zipper and stitch near the zip teeth but not so near. Take a balance when stitching both sides of the zipper. 
  5. If you can’t keep the zipper teeth straight along with the fabric stitches line then stuck pins with the zipper and fabric or sew with a needle so that when you stitch the zipper it should not miss its right line. And don’t forget to mark the area of the zipper from where you are going to take a U-turn to another side of the zipper.
  6. When you are at the place of marking area then stitch into the right side if you stitch on the left side. And the opposite system for the right side. Take small portion stitches over the zipper teeth and then go straight for the other side of the stitches. 
  7. After finishing the zipper stitch go to the upper edge and fold the extra fabric. For better stitch, at first, you can stick with a pin or sew with a needle. And then come to the machine and stitch it properly. 
  8. Now you need to cut the threads so that you can use the zipper. Cut the rest of the sewing area thread until the zipper end. 
  9. The thread you are using in your skirt fabric can be the same color or you can keep the color contrast thread as your choose. 
  10. You are very close to the end of your skirt sewing. So now stitch straightly to the other side of the two fabrics as at very first I do with one side. Securing both sides with double stitching. At the lower portion of the skirt fold some fabric and stitch straight and if want smooth stitching then iron it after folding. It will be more accurate to stitch over the full area. 

If you follow the indication of insert a zipper into a skirt exactly since you don’t need to worry for the second time that how to sew a zipper. Everything is so difficult until we try, but once you do a thing then it seems so easy to us. 

But without this technique, you will find some other techniques based on different cloth. In different cloth styles, zipper stitching is also varied. Like-

  • Centered zipper
  • Plaited zipper
  • Pant fly zipper
  • Sew the invisible zipper
  • Exposed zipper
  • Zipper with waistband and knot

Don’t think to go through with all the techniques, you feel messy. When you are going to do this for the first time don’t be so hurry, take your time and pass through a successful full zipper stitching into your skirt.

When I sew a zipper into a skirt for the first time I faced it so tenaciously. But after that, I keep patience and follow the easy technique and what’s the result!! I succeed to sew the zipper perfectly. So don’t be tensed you can do it.

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