How to Teach a Child to Draw on Easel

There are a wide variety of benefits that a kid can receive from drawing. It can help to develop his creativity from an early age. Kids usually love painting. But with times, they can lose interesting due to various reasons. That is why it is essential to encourage the kid to learn drawing. Today, we will let you know how to teach a child to draw on easel in multiple steps. We described every step briefly below:

Introduce Him To The Easel

Usually, kids draw on paper or chalkboards. Most of them may not be familiar with the tool easel. Your first task will be to introduce the easel to your kids. If you didn’t have an easel at home, then buy an easel first. There is an extensive range of kids easel available in the market. You can choose one amongst them according to your budget.

Then let the kids know the functionalities of the product. Tell him how to draw on the board and why to use the board instead of paper. Also, the kids may not know about the brush and other painting accessories required for easel. You should introduce these accessories to the kid.

Teach Him The Basics Of Drawing (If Required)

If your kid has no previous experience in drawing, then this step is significant for him. Your goal will be to create an impression about the art or drawing in the kid’s mind. At first, let him draw in the paper. Let them draw anything they want even it is some dots and lines. Then you can let him switch to the easel over time. Easel requires different types of brush and colors. Introduce the kids to these things.

Position The Easel

The proper position of the easel is very important. If the easel is not positioned correctly, then kids will never find it comfortable to work with. Eventually, they will lose interest in drawing. Kids easel usually arrives with adjustable legs. Adjust the easel according to the kid’s height in the right place. The kid should find it comfortable while drawing.

Let Them Draw Free-Handedly

While using the easel for the first time, don’t try to teach them. Children develop basic motors skills with drawing free-handedly. More so, freehand drawing also helps them to develop self-expression, invention, and creativity. Instead of providing instruction to the kid, appreciate whatever he or she is drawing. This will help him to be motivated more and spend more time on the easel for drawing.

Never try to correct the kids if they are doing anything wrong. It will lessen the self-confidence as well as destroy the natural growth process. As we say, don’t correct the kids while they are doing anything wrong. Instead, observe what he is doing and appreciate. 

Teach Him Shapes

After a few days with the easel, you should let the kids know about shapes. You can show them and suggest to them to draw on the easel. More so, you can draw the shapes on the easel and then ask them to draw. Let them draw and appreciate them whatever they do.

Add Drawing On Daily Routine

To be good drawing, even an adult requires a lot of practice for a long time. That is also obvious for the kids. Always keep the kids motivated so that they can take part in it. What you need to do is make drawing a part of the daily routine so that the kid can quickly adapt the thing day by day.

Drawing is one of the activities which helps your kids in his development.  Hopefully, the article on How to teach a child to draw on easel will be helpful to teach your kid drawing.

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