How To Teach An Older Child To Ride A Bike

Are your lovely kid growing up and don’t yet know how to ride a bike? If so, then it is never late to teach him how to ride the bike. Bike riding has a lot of benefits. It can keep him physically fit and helps to strengthen the leg muscles. Another significant advantage of the bike it teaches him balance and confidence. Moreover, bike riding also allows your kid to learn the motor skill, which is highly required for the next part of his life. If you are searching for a definitive guide on How to teach an older child to ride a bike, then you are in the right place..

Today we’ll discuss how you can easily teach the kid riding a bike in some easy steps. Teaching an old child riding a bike is a little easier than teaching the small kids. He can easily understand every step and learn biking quickly. So we want to assure you that it is not going to be a hard job.

Choose The Right Bike

The most crucial thing that you require to do before teaching the kid is to choose the right bike. Here are the things that you need to consider while buying the bike.

1.  Height

The right height is critical when you are choosing a bike for a kid. The right sized bike is required so that the kid can ride the bike efficiently. Moreover, it ensures the proper comfort proper the kid. While choosing the bike for an older kid, you can go for the adult bikes which come in a smaller size. It is advisable to choose the size b6y practicing practically. Ask the kid whether he is comfortable with the size or not.

2.  Weight

As you are choosing a bike for the kid, it must be lightweight in construction so that the kid can easily balance with the pressure. Most of the bikes available in the store are overweighed so you will require proper concentration while choosing the rightly weighed bike. If the kid finds too heavy, he will become tired quickly and lose the interest to ride.

3.  Construction Material

The bike can come in different material construction. The most popular variants are steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc. Amongst them, choosing the aluminum bike will be better as it is lightweight and at the same time it is cheap. If you have a little budget, then you can go for the carbon fiber bikes. They are lightweight and highly optimized to provide you an outstanding performance.

4.  Wheels

Depending on the wheels, a bike can come with different types of wheels. The wheel should be properly optimized to provide reliable performance. They should be easy to brake. Moreover, the wheel should include proper tires so that they can absorb the shock from the road.

5.  Buy From A Shop

You may find an interesting deal on the bike over the internet. But we will advise you to purchase the bike from an offline shop. It will allow the kid to ride the bike so that he can understand whether it is suitable for him or not. You can check multiple bikes to find the right in one in your budget. Moreover, you can also negotiate the price which you can’t do from online.

Start With Ease

As you have an older kid, one thing we want to assure you that it will be much easier for you to teach the kid bike riding. While teaching a smaller kid, you will need to teach him balancing and the, running, and other things first before teaching riding the bike. However, if the kid has slow physical movement, then you will need to learn these skills early. 

In such situations, you can start with the running or balancing bike which has new wheels for balancing the bike. Let him drive it freely until he gains confidence. With time, you can remove the wheel and let ask him to ride without it. There is nothing to hurry as the much time he takes, the better he learns.

If he is older but new to bike, then start with introducing the bike to him. The bike may be a simple tool for you, but it can be confusing and strange to the kid. Let him know how it works also let him know about the different component of the bike.

Find A Perfect Place For Practicing

Which is the easiest way to learn biking quickly? A straightforward answer to the question is “practicing.” As like as the other skills, biking requires a lot of practice. It is also the only way to do well with the bike. He or she must continue regularly practicing to enhance cycling skill.

Before you take him to practice, the first thing you need to do is choose a better place. Find an open place, such as a pavement or your home yard. Never select a road as a practicing area, even it is empty all the time.

Places like sidewalks and neighborhood roads can make the kids nervous. So, it is better choosing an area which is free from traffic. Moreover, it should be wide open so that the kid can change the direction without any hassle. Teach him balancing while you are holding the bike from the back. Ask him to pedal backward, also push his feet on the ground to stop the bike.

Starting With The Bike

The starting will be a little bit hard for the kid. Hold the back of the bike with your hand and ask the kid to steady on the bike. Then allow him to pedal. While pedaling, the kid should look in front instead of the ground. It will enable him to steer straight with much precision. Continue doing the above part until the kid becomes balanced on the seat. You can sometimes free the back for a while to check whether he can ride on his own or not.

Teach Braking, Changing Direction And Other Skills

Braking is one of the most significant things that the kid needs to learn while biking. It is essential because it can save the kid from the accident as well as others from stepping under his bike. Usually, the kid bikes come with coaster brake or brake levers. Show the kid how to use the brake then ask him to do it. While braking, there will be an opposite force. Teach the kid how to deal with the brake force by pushing the feet on the ground.

If the brake is too hard or not suitable for the kid, then you should modify it. You can remove the built-in back and add an external brake to equip with it. There are a lot of manufacturers producing decent bike brakes. You can choose the right one and then equip it to give the kid a better experience.

Teach the kid how to change the direction of the bike. It is not that hard as like as the other skills, but it is important. To move in the left, the kid will need to turn the left handle and the opposite for the right handle.

Allow Him To Ride In Neighborhood Roads

If you are sure that the kid is ready to ride the bike fully as well as he has the proper confidence and balance, then you should allow him in the neighborhood roads. However, your supervision is highly required during the period. Continue the supervision for a long period. You can then allow him to ride with the other kids.

Don’t Forget Safety Kits

It doesn’t matter how careful you are; there is always some risk of an accident while riding a bike. As the kid has less balancing skill, they are much vulnerable to the accident. That is why it is very crucial to equip the kid with safety gear while riding the bike as well as when learning.

There are different safety kits such as helmet, hand gloves, protective shoes, etc. Amongst them, the helmet is the most important, and you must ask him to wear it. Even the law in some countries requires wearing a helmet for the kid while riding the bike.

Always Motivate The Kid

Inspiration for the kid is very vital to do anything. Make sure you are not forcing the kid to do anything while teaching the kid. And, don’t set any exceptional goals while teaching him. Give him time as much as required to learn. Always tell him that he can learn it and he is doing very well. Also, let him know the benefits of riding the bike so that he can never lose interest. Make sure that the whole learning activity is fun for the kid.

Final Thoughts: We have discussed every aspect that you need to know and consider while teaching the kid how to ride a bike. We hope the guide will be helpful for you.

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