Is It Bad Luck to Buy Baby Stuff Early?

The pregnancy period is one of the best times for every woman,undoubtedly. Cause every mother dream for something special during this time. Moreover, there are some traditions in our society related to newborns and their mothers. Most of them are bad luck.

Where the birth of a child is a special moment for every family, these traditions and superstitions can spoil the happy moments and made your life painful. Some parents buy baby stuff before pregnancy or during pregnancy period very ugly. This may cause some problems sometimes. Now, you will get a clear view of our observations that Is It Bad Luck to Buy Baby Stuff Early?

These superstitions are related to the important event of life like pregnancy, childbirth and also after that in a child’s life. For example, in the past, some geographical areas people believed that after birth, child mother and child are vulnerable, and they effected by dark forces.

According to some traditions, it brings bad luck to the child when you kiss a child’s neck or something like this. There is also a story that if a pregnant woman looks in the mirror, then evil spirits will take over her child. These beliefs bring obstacles to the prosperity of the child’s life and family.

A mother needs a lot of strength to remove all obstacles that come on her way like worries, problems, emotional stress, and pain itself. During the pregnancy period, a mother needs to be extra safe and avoid anything that can harm her baby and herself.

What Does It Mean

As we have known that there are some superstitions are related to the pregnancy period, and we can easily understand that when the baby is not born yet, there is a fear that something can go wrong. There is a matter that you can’t control the pregnancy naturally. So people find the unknown facts about the pregnancy and make something of their mind. That’s how the superstitions come into our life.

So, people who believe the superstitions because besides the drugs and other things, there are many things to go wrong in pregnancy time. Overall it is a nightmare for the mothers that something happens to their baby.

Buying baby stuff too early is a superstition that still exists in some parts of the world. A mother or parents who buy baby stuff before the baby born are summoning the devils to the stuff of the baby. In those superstitions, it is said that something will go wrong with your baby and would not be able to wear those baby stuff.

It is also said that you are mocking the devils so the devils will come to take revenge, and your baby will be disfigured so the clothes will never fit. So you can ask now. When is the best time to buy baby stuff? We are here to tell you that in the following writing.

Why Is It Said Bad Luck?

As we know, pregnancy is a matter of confusion of problems because it is a natural thing. You are going to have a new member of the family; it is a joyful message. In this excitement, parents buy their baby stuffs too early, sometimes before getting pregnant, buying baby stuff in the first trimester sometimes before knowing anything about the baby.

This early buying of the baby stuff might cause loss and disappointment. If you buy baby stuff before pregnancy but can’t get pregnant for some cause, then the stuff will disappoint you again and again when you see them.

During pregnancy, you can buy baby stuff after 14-16 weeks. Before that, gender of the baby can’t be said. If you buy baby stuff, you have to know that your baby is a boy or a girl. If you buy stuff without knowing there is a chance that you may cause a great loss.

Unfortunately, if you face miscarriage of your baby after buying baby stuff, then the stuff will hurt you when you see them. In ancient times, the percentage of miscarriage was much more than today. So it is not good to buy the baby stuffs early.

Now you can judge on your own that why the early buying of baby stuff is said bad luck.

What You Have To Do

You have already known the superstitions and problems of buying baby stuff early. Now you can ask when to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy. As you can’t buy baby stuff before pregnancy or very after pregnancy, then you can buy them before the delivery time.

When it is delivery time, you are quite sure about the gender of your baby. Now you can decorate your baby stuff and room as you wish without any hesitation. You can buy baby stuff after 16 weeks of your pregnancy time.

By that time, you can know about your baby by medical science technology. You can also buy baby stuff after delivery. Buying clothes before baby born is a bad choice because you do not know how your baby looks like or the structure of your baby. So it is good you buy baby clothes after delivery.

Storing Baby Stuffs

Let’s consider you want to buy baby stuff because it is an enjoyable time for every mother’s life. But in fear of these bad lucks, you can store them somewhere far like your parent’s home or somewhere safe far from your eyes.

It is for precautions of any unfortunate event like miscarriage, accident, stillbirth, or any kind of unwanted event that is not good for you and your baby. If these events occurred, that stuff can hurt you so badly and always reminds you that you have lost your baby.

Gifts from relatives need to be safely stored until the delivery. People keep buying stuff for my baby when I am pregnant. This stuff should be given to the mothers and fathers after delivery. After delivery, you can bring them home and decorate your room with those things.

Pregnancy Superstitions

Pregnancy is an important stage in life. Pregnancy and giving birth play a major role in society. That’s why society has concerns about the pregnancy period. In our experience, most of the time, superstitions vary region to region.

Some of them are so much terrifying but seems silly. There are also some rituals about buying baby stuff during the pregnancy period, as we have already written here. A ritual says that pregnant women should avoid funerals and weddings. They say that this may cause her miscarriage or stillbirth.

If you think personally without taking anyone’s suggestions, then you will always say that rushing into things very early is not a very good sign. During pregnancy, every parent wants to decorate their future baby’s room in excitement.

Sometimes they buy things in two months! You can’t blame them for this. But it is not a wise thing. Some people say that these baby stuff enhance bad or evil forces, as we have said before. These superstitions mean nothing to our daily life. You don’t have to fear any of them because they are made by humans and have no meaning. But you have to think wisely before being rushed into anything.

FAQs for Baby Stuff

When should I start shopping for the baby?

Generally, you can start your baby staff’s shopping when you enter the second trimester; by that time, the risk of miscarriage is reduced. So you can surely know that you will not disappoint after buying those stuff. You know about the gender of your baby until that time. So you would not be in confusion when buying baby stuff.

Is it bad luck to start buying baby stuff early?

Yes, you can say it is bad luck to buy baby stuff so early. Cause before birth can be practical, and you have chances of stillbirth. If that happens, it will be very unfortunate to donate or sell those stuff that you have bought for your pregnancy. It is also very traumatic. 

Is it unlucky to have a cot in the house?

As cot is a car seat and it is baby stuff. You can store your buying staff in another house before your baby is born. If anything unexpected happens, then it will be a very disappointing fact.

Additional Note

It is not a wise thing to buy baby stuff without knowing anything about the future baby. As baby stuff are so expensive.

During pregnancy, you should care about your health first. You can buy this stuff after delivery. The first trimester is very risky for pregnant women. You care about yourself at that time.

Final Thought

We know that it is the best feeling in the world to know that you are going to have a child. But it is not wise to buy baby stuff too much early like before trimester. This can hurt you if your luck is bad. So it is best to buy things or shift them home after delivery. It is a matter of emotion, but there is nothing to take stress about baby stuff. You can buy them anytime.

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