Syma X5C Reviews for 2022 [In-Depth]

Are you curious about a drone but you don’t have enough money? No, a problem you should choose the Syma x5c. Syma is a notable name in the realm of toy RC portion and this organization has discharged around 20 quadcopters and helicopters till now. The X5C is fundamentally a drone for training that is little enough to remain beneath the FAA’s base size prerequisite for drone enlistment. It is worked to withstand a lot of knocks and wounds. If you want to start a beautiful journey with it, read on for the full Syma x5c reviews.

If you are an aerial photography fan, then you wish an inconceivable camera UAV. This is one such drone that is pressed with impressive features. It’s a high tech quadcopter that is intended for apprentices and prepared fliers alike. If you are a novice and need to investigate drone flying. It’s the perfect quadcopter that you want to get a start.

Why The Syma X5C Best ?

  • The first thing from our observation is the price of the Syma. The price is much affordable than the other drones of the same configuration.
  • The Syma X5C gives around an hour of flight time. Attach the propeller guards and camera to fly hard. But, that drops to as low as half hour. With a battery, you’re taking a gander at minimal over 4 minutes noticeable all around. It has the remarkable battery life that always supports the drone.
  • Not to be mixed up with a minimal or collapsing drone, the Syma X5C is still exceptionally portable. It weighs so little that you’ll scarcely see whether you attach it to the outside of a bag or convey by hand.
  • It has the well-known style of machine. You will undoubtedly discover frill, more vital and new parts for repairs. It has a high compatibility list that can get confusing, yet, in any event, the parts exist.
  • It enables you to control propeller speed the distance down to zero. This sounds senseless, yet think about your Mavic Pro or comparable drone. You can control the throttle. However, you can’t effortlessly or viably turn down the propellers to a stop while the machine is airborne.

Syma X5C Quick Specifications

  • Model Number      :     SYSX5C
  • Dimensions           :     31 x 31 x 8 cm
  • Weight                    :     1.37 pounds
  • Battery                    :    3.7V 500 mAhLiPo
  • Remote Control    :      2.4 GHz
  • Camera                   :      2 MP
  • Charging Time      :     About 100 mins
  • Flight Time             :     7 minutes
  • Spare Propeller     :     4
  • Storage                        2GB
  • Flight Range           :     50 meters
  • Stabilization                 6 Axis Gyro
  • Remote Batteries   :      4 AA Batteries  (Not Included)

Syma X5C Reviews

Yes, it’s the time to discuss on the Syma x5c.  We want to discuss the x5c drone for you. There are some questions. How simple is it to fly? Is it the best choice among different drones of its size and price? What are its specs? These are a few inquiries we’ll reply in the following sections. Right away, here’s our reviews in full.

There are many features of the drone. Let’s discuss detail features. It will help you learn more information about the drone.

X5C Camera

The x5c does not have a camera by default. This quadcopter has a camera-prepared form as the Syma X5C. In any case, regardless of whether you purchase this cycle of Syma quadcopter, take note of that the camera is as yet unremarkable. For a beginner drone, it’s sufficient to learn essential FPV flying. If you have a hobby to capture aerial photographs and videos, you should need to upgrade to a beefier model.

Besides, the  Syma x5c camera has a 2GB SD card. Not only you can take photos, but also make videos. On bad windy weather, the videos may not good. However, in good weather, it is possible to get smooth video. You can freeze a recorded video during a beautiful scene to get a snapshot. So, the Syma x5c drone camera is fantastic to use.

X5C Battery and Charger

To discuss the battery and charger is vital of the Syma x5c reviews. The Syma x5c accompanies 3.7-volt 500mAh lithium-ion battery that empowers you to appreciate up to seven minutes of flight time without energizing it.

The flight time can fluctuate contingent upon the settings of your drone. There is one other thing, on the off chance that you need to broaden your flight time. You can separate the camera by expelling the prop protects and landing gear. Reviving the battery takes around an hour and a half.

​Relatively every drone survey about the x5c has blended responses with its battery and in light of current circumstances, as well. We should begin with the not all that great stuff with its capacity source. It can fly for around 6-8 minutes and that could get shorter relying upon how stable the breezes blow.

Additionally, the battery takes 100 minutes for a full charge. Contrasted and different drone, the 500 mAh battery life of the x5 crashes and burns. You can trust with the Syma x5c battery.

Speed and Control

​The primary perceptible technology was the remote. You can change the remote with a flip of a change to take into account left or right-hand throttle. For lefties that frequently need to fly with their correct throttle, this is a pleasant change. The 2.4G remote control fits splendidly in your hand, however, the AA battery is excluded. So ensure you have one accessible before endeavoring flight.

​Syma bragged about their technology, enabling this remote to achieve more distant than others in the market. The distance of the remote is slated to be a most extreme of 50 meters, however, this is off track.

You can fly far over the 50 meters go and never had an issue. For being quicker than standard technology, the controls were super-fast. The minute you hit the directional left, right or some other course, the copter will respond. Out of all models in this range of the price, I have never attempted a remote with this much control.

Design and Weight

The X5C comes with a 2 gigabyte miniaturized scale SD card, or, in other words, expansion at the cost. However, camera aside, this little quad is grinding away best when the camera is expelled and it’s flown with as little additional weight as could be expected under the circumstances.

The Syma X5C takes after the DJI Phantom Vision both in design and usefulness. The propeller theme and the all-white body make it lovable. The propellers are affordable and you can get extra ones for about $7 to pad any startling crises.

The LED lights upgrade night vision and are set merely under the edge. The back engines are greenish while the forward engines are checked orange. The Syma X5C additionally brags of extraordinary toughness.

The drone is fit for continuing accidents and marks without harm. Its size makes it profoundly obvious when up in the sky. The propellers likewise accompany monitors for included insurance on account of an accident. It has a simple weight that you can carry the drone easily.

Flight Distance and Remote Control

​You must know the flight distance and the remote control from our Syma x5c reviews. The Syma X5C is furnished with a great radio unit that can adjust its flight conduct and course. It has around seven catches that capacity truly well. The controller can fit easily into your hand. You’ll require 4AA Batteries to work. But, the batteries may not be incorporated into your bundle, and you may need to buy them independently.

The remote distance is roughly 50 meters and works every which way. The spread range innovation gives more prominent remote-control separation and exactness. The remote unit or transmitter works with a 2.4GHz recurrence setting with four channel compose control. It encourages pilots to appreciate more excellent flying extent with spread range technology.


​Bulky is a decent word to depict the X5. It has a wide, thick structure that makes it somewhat annoying to use for a smaller than expected drone. It’s still light, however, so it wouldn’t be a major ordeal with regards to flying and route.

The manufacture, be that as it may, takes its toll on the battery life. As the engine needs to produce more capacity to keep the machine midair. You get the chance to fly the X5 at a substantially shorter time than different drones.

​It might be a little thing. However, it’s something that influences the manner in which you utilize the quad. But, it’s not all terrible. There are several fantastic focuses on this present drone’s plan.

This machine includes some beautiful landing slips that keep it from causing harm while heading towards the firm ground. It has a couple of slides at the middle, in addition to it makes them arrive equip on every propeller’s sides also. The design is just great. It likewise has defensive arms in the territory of every propeller.

X5C Accessories

There are lots of parts included with the drone. In the Syma x5c reviews, we make a list of spare parts of the drone. These Syma x5c parts will help you in the future purposes of the quadcopter.

  • Motor Base
  • Camera Spare Part
  • Receiver Board Spare
  • Clockwise Motor Spare
  • Main Blades Propellers
  • Main Body Cover
  • Spare Parts USB Charger
  • Propeller Protectors Blades Frame
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Main Gear
  • LED Cover Lamp Shades
  • Landing Skid
  • Receiver Board
  • Transmitter
  • Charging Cable
  • Lipo Battery

​X5C Manual

​Before your first trip with another quadcopter, it’s precious to peruse the air ship’s guidance manual. Many things are included in the Syma x5c manual.

  • ​Key features of a quadcopter.
  • ​Wellbeing and Caution of utilizing RC flying machines.
  • ​X5C Package content.
  • ​Remote control keypad and LCD manual.
  • ​Instructions to make prepared your Syma X5C.
  • ​You not only change the battery but also charge it.
  • ​Repair and maintain the battery.
  • ​Controller modes and flight directions.
  • ​Flight guidelines.
  • ​Guidance to introduce and work the 2Mp HD camera.


  • It is incredibly steady in quiet, windless climate if you set the trims appropriately.
  • ​The bundle incorporates blades you can add to the drone to fill in as a defensive guard.
  • ​Perfect for the beginners.
  • ​It can deal with acceptable in different weather conditions.
  • ​It is solid and can survive brutal crashes on all surfaces including rocks and trees.


  • The camera of the drone is 2mp, in other words, low resolution.
  • Long time to recharge battery

How To Fly Syma X5C

​Well, after buying the drone, you have to fly it as soon possible, right? There are some flying instructions in the Syma x5c reviews. Follow these and enjoy.

  • ​The battery can give power to the drone. Charge the drone battery before start flying. You can check the charging condition of the first.
  • ​Ensure the place is out of danger where the drone is taking off. Always follow the instruction of the manual while positioning the Syma x5c.
  • ​The left stick provides the throttle command. There are some procedures to start the transmitter. First of all, push the throttle down. Make sure that the transmitter is off while pushing the throttle down. Then turn on the transmitter. Connect with the battery. Disconnect the battery after finishing the flying process.
  • ​After finishing the previous procedures, you should push the throttle upwards. Then the drone starts by taking off. When you want to land the Syma, push the throttle down.
  • ​The YAW control command controls the rotate option of the drone. After taking off the quadcopter, you have to balance the device in the air.


​Syma’s X5C can be incorporated into the rundown of must purchase item for learners for its every mind-blowing feature. If you are an amateur and are only going to find out about flight essentials, then this propelled camera unit can serve you best with every single great control. Its smooth outline alongside features rich stage offers plenty of things to investigate in the air.

So, you should know the Syma x5c reviews. You will love to make the most of its general and master mode settings with remarkable flight experiences. The easy assembly and long flight time make it unique. It would help if you bought now.