Different Type of Drones – Explained From Expert

Drone is the most popular vehicle of the present days. We can see the different purposes of the quadcopter. You can use it from aerial photography to the agriculture field. Every drone has the various features. As a result, the type of drones depends on the features. You can find so many different type of drones in the market. In the article, we share the different drones in the world.

The technology of drone is changing. There are lots of drones in the several features. You should pick one of those according to your use. The quadcopters are hip and cool. The drone assists you with your different purposes. Not only you can play with the drone but also you can do the professional job with them. There are several drones in the market. Moreover, variations of the drone depend upon the uses.

The quadcopters have different sizes and shapes. The military is using the drones. They are using it for the surveillance work. Besides, this device is using for several reasons, all the tasks need a different configuration of the drone. An agricultural drone is not equal to a photography drone. There is a difference between the two. You should know the knowledge on the drones variety before buying the quadcopter.

Here, we are going to help you with drones variety.

Type of Drones by Users

Well, we are talking about the different drones. Remember there is many quadcopters in the market. According to the users, you can also find several UAV in the world. What do you know about the users of drone? It’s simple, let’s tell you an example. If you’re new to use the drone, then you’re a beginner user.

However, if you want to use the drone for your profession, then you’re the professional user. According to the users, we divide the drone among kids, beginners and professional. These different type of drones will help you a lot to choose the right one.

For Kids

If you want to present something special to your kids, then choose the kids drone. The children can able to learn the STEM skill from the drone. All the ages of the children are interested in playing with a quadcopter. You should always ensure the safety of your kids while flying the drone. But you have no worry about the kid’s drone.

The drone that is made for the kids have the secured features. The features are child-friendly. Let’s tell you some examples of drone for kids. You can choose the holy stone U818A for your child. Not only that but also Altair 818 Hornet and EACHINE E010 Mini UFO are the perfect example of the kid’s drone. There are lot kids drone in the market. Choose a quadcopter that is suitable for your child.

For Beginners

Drone is a full pack technology device. So, you should train up before flying the drone. You have to introduce the new technology of the UAV. However, the manufacturer thinks about the beginner. Finally, they made some drones that are suitable for beginners. What’re the features of the beginner’s drone?

The first requirement of a beginners drone is easy take-off and landing. It includes the technology that is user-friendly. We often see that the beginner’s drone are affordable. This type of UAV has easy operating remote control. You can easily control your drone with this remote.

If you’re a beginner, then you can choose the holy stone HS160 for you. It can give an awesome experience as a beginner. Besides, you can buy Cheerson CX-10WD-TX, Syma X5C.

For Professional

Drone is expanding its capabilities for the professional day by day. Yes, you can see a much professional drone in the market. But what do you mean by the professional drone? Well, the drone that is using in the field of agriculture and filming are the professional drone.

This type of drones is several features for the professional usage. For example, if you’re a filmmaker, you can use the drone for the shooting or the aerial photography.

So, you should have a drone with a powerful camera. Besides, if you’re a law enforcement personnel, you should need a drone for the surveillance. Yes, these are also the different type of military drones.

The DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect example of a professional drone. However, you can select Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus and Parrot Bluegrass.

Type of Drones by Size

Size is a vital thing to consider while buying a drone. There are different size of the drone. Why are different sizes using for the drone? Drones are applying for many purposes. And all the sizes have a different task to perform. For example, a Nano drone use as a toy of the kids or surveillance of the military.

However, the large drone is using for filming or high powered monitoring of the military. Keep in mind that the ability of drone depends on size. We divide the drone into four sizes. They are Nano, mini, medium and large drone.

Nano  Quadcopter Drones

One of the fundamental reasons why Nano drones are so well known as a result of their low value. Some are very shoddy in truth yet offer some extraordinary feature. Beside is their size, Nano Drones are very little and can fit in your palm. Some fit into your pocket. A couple of models are foldable. So, you can easily pack the device. It gives you the flexibility to take them flying anyplace.

These smooth device can be lots of fun inside and outside. A wonderful decision for anybody that needs to encounter the excitement of flying a quad. If you want to see the nano drone, then the Newest Syma X20 mini pocket drone is the perfect example for you.

We provide you Nano drone from other companies too. Cheerson CX-10, Eachine E010 and UvifyOori etc. are the popular Nano-drone in the market.Usually, the Nano drones made for the children, beginners. It also using for the military purposes like surveillance.

Mini Drones

Smaller than expected quadcopters are for the most part little enough to fit in your grasp. However, they are not to be mistaken for toy drone. Their minimized bodies and controllers don’t imply that they are mechanically traded off. They hold the camera quality and features ordinarily connected with bigger UAV’s. They can be effectively taken anyplace, being little in size and having minimal controllers.

You don’t need to stress about registration. You don’t need to stress over accidents. As the drones are light, crashes don’t damage anything as they are for heavier drones. Parts can be supplanted or settled, and the cost is low. If you’re a beginner, then it’s the perfect choice for you. It’s the suitable device to learn how to fly.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator is an example of the micro drone. Children often using it for their gaming purpose.

Medium Drones

Medium drones are utilized for surveillance, aeronautical mapping and survey and aerial video. These UAV’s are utilized by law enforcements and for military uses. Medium quadcopters additionally include applications inside the farming business.

The medium drone presents heavier units yet are lighter and little than airships. This quadcopter can convey weight up to 200 Kgs and have a normal flying limit of 5 to 10 minutes.

A standout amongst the most popular plans under this classification is UK watchkeeper. Let’s show you some example of the medium drones. Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone, DJI Inspire 2, Eachine Chaser 88 F3 UAV, etc. are the medium drone.

Large Drones

Because of the idea of many organizations a, the requirement for an overwhelming lift drone is genuinely normal. In the field of filmmaking, units, for example, the Dji Phantom 4 and Matrice are exceptionally helpful tools. The large drones that we will focus around are made in the span of a little flying machine. They are basically found in military offices. Because these are the different type of military drones.

They are chiefly utilized in the field of battle where sending of ordinary planes with humans will be a serious issue. You can employ these drones in surveillance particularly in dynamic fighting territories. As specified in the above area, these drones are uncommonly worked in view of professionals.

They are very reasonable for conveying large burdens. They could in this way be utilized for transporting different bundles for various organizations. They are additionally utilized by the military as weapons of fighting. They are regularly sent to high-risk zones that would make some way or another be risky for a human.

Type of Drones by an Aerial Platform

UAV can be arranged on several bases. You can say in view of ‘usage’ like drones for photography, aerial mapping, and surveillance and so on. In any case, the best arrangement of the drone can be made based on the aerial platform.

There are four noteworthy kinds of drone in view of the sort of aerial platform utilization. You can begin with these descriptions of the four unique plans being used today.


Single rotor drones are solid and seem to be comparative in structure and outline to real helicopters. They have one major rotor that resembles one major turning wing. In addition to a single sized rotor on the tail for stability and direction.

Single rotor UAV’s can fly vertically. They are worked to be solid and tough. The drones have a tough flight time that increments if the quadcopter is powered by gas. Also, it has an overwhelming payload capacity.

It looks fundamentally the same as in plan and structure to genuine helicopters. Single rotor drones are much productive than multi-rotor editions. They have much better flying time and can even be controlled by gas motors. In streamlined features, the lower the tally of rotors the lesser will be the turn of the protest.

Furthermore, that is the central motivation behind why quadcopters are steadier than octocopters. In that sense, single rotor drones are much proficient than multi-rotor drones.


The most well-known kind of UAV is the multi-rotor drone. This is the mainstream decision for flying photography, filmmaking and surveillance. It is utilized by experts and specialists alike as a result of its little size and prepared to fly out of the crate capacities. Multi-rotor drones are most effortless to the manufacturer. They are the least expensive quadcopter choice.

They convey a few rotors on their body and can be additionally ordered in view of the quantity of them on the drones platform. Tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters and among others are the examples of the multirotor. The main issue with the multi-rotor is they need to spend a large bit of their vitality just to battle gravity. Perhaps from a battery source. And its balance out themselves noticeable all around.


The fixed-wing UAV has a single fixed wing and it looks like a plane. They can’t be able to fight against the gravitational force. The fixed-wing drone is able to fly a couple of hours. If you have a preparation of long operation, then you can choose a fixed-wing drone. It’s suitable for surveillance or mapping. However, it’s not perfect for the aerial photography.

But the fixed-wing drones have some disadvantages. If you’re a beginner, you can’t fly the device. You should need training before flying the drone. It’s difficult to take off and landing for a beginner. This type of drones is more expensive than others. It can only move forward. You need a launcher or a runway to fly the fixed wing.

Type of Drones by Ranges

Flight range is the distance between the transmitter and the drone that is flying. If the long flight range, there is a very few chances to lose the control of the UAV. The technology of drone is growing its power day by day. So, at present, we can see the flight range of the drone is longer than the previous time.

The range of the UAV is depended on the power. If you look into a mini-drone, the flight range will not more powerful than the large drone. The flight range of drones from 100 meters to 7 km.

Very Close Range

This type of drone is not more powerful than others. You can control the very close range drone within a little distance from the transmitter. It will be crash if you cross the distance limitation. They act like a most loved toy for a large portion of the children. They can fly up to 5 Km with the flight time of 20 to 45 minutes when outfitted with great batteries.

Probably the most ordinarily utilized units in this classification are Raven and Dragon Eye. If you’re a photographer or want to use the drone in your farming field, then it’s perfect for you.

Close Range

The close range drone is using for the surveillance of the military. The army men use this drone in the war. These drones are known to maintain a flight up to 6 hours. They can be flown up to 50 kilometers from the controller. DJI Agras MG-1 is the example of the close drone. The close range drones are the different type of military drones.

Short Range

They are better than short-range drones so are used for military applications. They can fly out up to the most extreme separation of 150 Km that implies inclusion is right around 100 Km more than that of short-range drones. The assessed flight time for short-range drones is 8 to 12 hours.

So they are valuable for observation and purpose of spying. There are several categories of military drones like this are available in the market.

Medium Range

Medium range drones are in fact and practically better than these different drones. They are great and fitted with great hardware. They have awesome batteries that can maintain the drone’s flight for a considerable length of time. The flight range is evaluated to be up to 650 kilometers from the remote control.

They are not only using for military surveillance but also for geo-mapping and tracking weather patterns. If you are searching for the different type of military drones, then the medium range drone is your right choice.


The drone looks like an airplane. The endurance is able to fly a long time. The military used this drone in the war for surveillance and exercises of reconnaissance. These are drones that are known to operate for extended periods of time and can persevere through various climate conditions. They can travel to statures of up to 30,00ft and can remain airborne for a considerable length of time.

The Phantom Eye, MQ-1 Predator and the Hermes 900 are the perfect examples of the endurance. They are also the different categories of military drones.

Type of Drones by Equipment

There is a lot of materials of the drone. What’s the equipment of the UAV? The drone’s equipment is the camera, FPV, GPS and etc. So, there is a different type of drones by the equipment. In this part of the article, we share the drones by equipment.

Camera Drone

Drones are multi-rotor, remote-controlled flying gadgets. ‘Camera drones’ are outfitted with cameras. Camera quadcopters push the points of confinement of how we commonly see our surroundings. It offers new potential outcomes for filming, photography, mapping, and that’s just the beginning. 

Camera drones empower us to get to spaces and make organizations in fresh new ways. The camera drones are using from professional photography to travel.

Nowadays it appears as though drones are being utilized all over the place. If you’re a professional, we make a list of camera drone for you.

  • 1DJI Mavic Air
  • 2Yuneec Mantis Q
  • 3DJI Phantom 4
  • 4U49C red heron quadcopter
  • 5Holystone F181C Drone with an HD camera

FPV Drone

FPV stands for the first-person view. This is vital equipment of the drone. It gives you an awesome experience. You can see what the camera of the drone sees in the time to use a monitor, goggle or a screen. That’s the main purpose of the FPV drone.

Flying an FPV quadcopter is a powerful experience. Prior to now, just in movies and computer games could many people encounter a bird’s-eye view. There are several FPV drone on the market.

Are you looking for different type of commercial drones, then FPV drones are a perfect choice. Here is the list:

  • 1Vortex 285 Racing drone
  • 2ARRIS FPV 250 Quadcopter
  • 3Walkera Runner 250 Pro drone
  • 4DJI Spark
  • 5U49W Blue Heron
  • 6DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

GPS Drone

A UAV with a GPS and an autopilot framework including camera gives you a lot of flying choices. Quadcopters can be flown by a pilot physically. But, a quadcopter on autopilot flying in a programmable route can take aerial photographs and video. That is particularly valid in troublesome climate conditions.

A quadcopter flying in autopilot mode is checking and changing its area a huge number of times each second. Manual steering will never have the capacity to accomplish this flight accuracy. Drones that utilization GPS, GLONASS or a blend of the two route frameworks are wherever nowadays. Many of the quadcopters have GPS framework.

You can fly the drone easily. Here is a list for you:

  • 1Walkera Vitus
  • 2Autel X-Star Premium
  • 3SpellPro Splash Drone 3 Auto
  • 4DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom
  • 5Holystone HS100 GPS Drone

Type of Drones by Abilities

The drone has different abilities. It can able to race, delivery, take photos, etc. We are discussing the article on the different type of drones. So, here we should know about the drones by abilities. The well-known drones that are composed for recreational and business use come in wide assortment of abilities.

The following discusses the types of abilities utilized by a significant number of the most prevalent models of drone. Read the following to know the several categories of drones.

Helicopter Drones

There is an expanding flood of drone helicopters in the market. At first, helicopter UAV’s were exclusively implied for military tasks to keep an eye on spying. Today, in any case, helicopter drones are utilized in all circles of life. Because of the technological progressions that have made them more reasonable.

Drone helicopters are controlled by the remote. Each model has a different kind of features and abilities.

Drone helicopters have different uses. The most patent applications for these toy flying machines is photography. Photographers can take innovative and better quality pictures. They also make videos just by flying these remote-controlled helicopters over a scene.

Drone photography has business use in real estate, tourism, and news-casting. However, the photography of drone can be utilized for individual excitement versus drone selfies.

To begin with, you should realize that helicopter drones are harder to control than a quadcopter. Basically, they have distinctive rotors and an alternate design. There is a lot of helicopter drone such as UDI U13A metal RC, WLTOYS S977 and ODYSSEY FLYING NIGHTHAWK, etc.

Quadcopter Drones

The quadcopters are outlined with four rotors that are masterminded in a square pattern. They are the most widely recognized kinds of drone. The drones are using for recreational purposes. But other individuals regularly use it for professional and authority purposes. This configuration is used to make toy drones and in addition greater, laborer drones. Quadcopters are named rotorcraft, instead of a settled wing flying machine.

On the grounds that their lift is produced by an arrangement of rotors. Quadcopters, utilize two sets of propellers- two clockwise and two counterclockwise. These use a free variety of the speed of every rotor to do control. Quadcopters contrast from traditional helicopters, which utilize rotors. The rotors can fluctuate the pitch of their sharp edges to move around the rotor center point.

In the beginning, quadcopters viewed as conceivable answers for a part of the determined issues in vertical flight. If you’re looking for the several types of commercial drone, then the quadcopter drones are the perfect example.

Photography Drones

Photography drones have a camera connected to their body. These embellishments can take HD quality snaps and videos of the world from the drone’s point of view. They are exceptionally worked to withstand the harm done by cruel climate to the cameras. These drones are for the most part utilized for capture videos and pictures from above ground level.

They are planned with awesome cameras and camcorders that can withstand climate conditions. They can’t be harmed by the air conditions. These cameras can take fantastic pictures and videos for use by professionals.

Drones for aerial photography figure out how to give another kind of viewpoint. Drones have been picking up their prominence as a device used for taking pictures and videos. This type of photos and videos are generally hard to capture.

In this present day, you can’t consider drones without thinking awesome videos and pictures. In addition, you can’t consider drones without considering top of the line cameras and incredible frill.

Racing Drones

Racing drones are worked with an altogether different reason. The first contrast being the FPV camera. The camera enables pilots to fly through the FPV point of view with the help of video goggles. The goggles stream continuous video back to the pilot.

It is enabling them to see all the action from their drone’s point of view as they weave their way through the course of the racing drone. The video bolstering to the racer isn’t the best quality. However, it’s still enough to give the vibe of flying that keeps drone pilots returning for another race.

Drone racing is rapidly getting to be one of the most favorite hobbies. There are numerous clubs and groups that set genuine contenders against each other. It has all the adrenaline of flight and it bids to hobbyist of the drone flying, hopeful pilots and PC gamer alike.

Drone racing, as recommended by their names, are fundamentally utilized for racing. They are outlined with a streamlined structure that lessens wind obstruction. It can make a trip up to paces of 60 miles for each hour. Their utilization is mostly restricted to racing and other recreational events. You can find several types of commercial drones that are racing drone in the market.

Delivery Drones

A delivery drone is a UAV used to transport bundles, nourishment or other goods. In 2014, a Dutch student made a model ‘Emergency vehicle drone. It would be able to do conveying incorporate live stream correspondence capacity. It is enabling paramedics to remotely watch and train on-scene people in how to utilize the defibrillators.

Early models of food delivery drones incorporate the Tacocopter a taco conveyance idea. It is using a cell phone application to arrange drone conveyed tacos in San Francisco area. The disclosure that it didn’t exist as a conveyance framework or application prompted it being marked a scam. This type of drones is using for the e-commerce business.

We can find the delivery drones for the postal organization. Postal organizations from Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Ukraine have attempted different purposes of drone for delivery.

The delivery drones are using as the type of commercial drones. Day by day the necessity of the delivery drones are increasing.

Trick Drones

Trick drone is a type of drones that we miss on the discussion. There are many reasons a man may purchase a drone. Perhaps they need to break into the energizing field of flying photography and videography. Possibly they’re searching for an RC toy for their children. But many of us, drones have a verifiable “coolness factor” that makes them emerge from comparable gadgets.

They let us plunge, jump, and avoid just as we ourselves could fly. That is the place trick drones come in. No exhausting photography features or camera correlations in this post. It simply the primal delights of mid-air traps, flips, and rolls. Trick drones are generally little in size and have no specific professional use. They are using mostly for recreational purposes. They can play out various tricks including flips and rolls.

They are lightweight and have no additional items that the weight increase. The most popular trick drone is able to flip in the sky. In some cases, they call it 360 aversions or you should think about it a barrel roll. Regardless, it’s a trick and it’s enjoyable to see.

RTF Drones

RTF remains for Ready-to-fly. It implies that you don’t have to buy any extra accomplice to have the capacity to fly the drone. Regularly, an RTF rendition of a drone implies that there is a controller incorporated into the bundle.

So, in case you’re simply beginning with drones, it is the RTF form of a drone that you have to get yourself. The RTF has the frame with the strong carbon, brushless motor and DEVO 7 transmitter. It also has a camera with 600Tvl HD wide-angle mode. Besides 5.8GHZ real-time image transmission make it unique.

There is a different type of drones that are RTF enabled. For example, Walkera Rodeo 110, ARRIS X210S 210MM 5″ RC and Redcat racing carbon 210 etc.

Type of Drones by Cost

UAV’s are the most popular device is present. There are different categories of drones in the market. You can also find several types of commercial drones. In this part, we divide the drone by cost.

If you need to attempt your hand at some flying encounters, you could decide on the simple drones that come at quite minimum costs. But, it is likewise clear that for further developed models with better components. For example, a great camera and the preferences, the expense is certain to go up. Building a drone starting with no outside help can lessen your consumptions to a degree.

Cheap Drones

Drones are a fantastic device, but at the same time, they’re extremely costly. Those new to drones or those keener on the incidental piece of photography and fun flying should look at a low price. These cheap drones are simple to use that come completely set up and prepared to take off. The capability of drones is limitless.

They can be utilized to video and photo, to convey items, to race, utilities for drones. So we can say with high confidence that if you’re a beginner, choose a cheap drone.

Expensive Drones

There is a different type of drones that are expensive. The price depends on the features of the drone. You can get awesome features in the expensive drones. Let’s take a look at the expensive drones. These drones will overwhelm your brains alongside your pockets. In the event that you wind up smashing one of these drones, you could be losing some dollar.

It’s a few people pay to get their hands on the most recent Sports Utility Vehicle. Picking the correct drone can mean something other than taking a look at the price tag. You truly need to consider the features that are imperative to you.

You also settle on an acquiring choice in view of what you intend to do with your drone. Aerial photography, videography, surveillance or simply flying for a game are the perfect use of your drone. The professionals or the businessmen are interested in the expensive drones.

We provide 2 expensive drones for you.

  • DJI Mavic Air
  • DJI Spark

Most Expensive Drones

The different type of military drones are the most costly drones. Besides, there are some drones that for the filmmakers. Drones are an awesome method to catch great scenes, sporting occasions or whatever else you need to catch from the sky. The drone market is loaded with low-end drones that enable you to catch video and pictures. However, the camera quality and execution aren’t generally the best.

The most expensive drone has the auto take-off and auto landing with GPS. They can easily control everything. And there are a lot of features in the drones. Let’s introduce with high price drones.

1. Freefly Alta 8

  • It’s able to the payload of 20 pounds.
  • There are eight propellers up to 18 inches long.
  • Super-light carbon fibers are the materials of propellers that allows long flight time.

2. Yuneec Tornado H920

  • The dimension of the drone is 797 x 920 x 461 mm.
  • It has the weight of 5 kg.
  • Battery: Li-Po 4000mAh
  • The drone is able to fly up to 24 minutes.
  • It has the carbon fiber frame.

Wrap Up

The quadcopter is a part of the most modern toys of the present. Professionals have discovered methods to do a few accomplishments that were beforehand unwieldy. Then again, fun-searchers discover comfort in utilizing rambles for recreational purposes. They have found the experience exceptionally fulfilling. The article on the type of drones is also a buyer guide for you. It will help you to find the perfect drone for you.

The expanding popularity of UAV has prompted the development of several drones. The market has different quadcopters classified in several variables. For example, the number of propellers, size, range, and gear among various features. The multi rotor gets the most attention to the buyers. But it’s not the only options for you. You can choose any one of our choices that we already discussed.

Hope this article will give the right instructions. If you’re a beginner, this will be a bible for you. These different categories of drones that we shared in the post are helpful for any kind of users.