When Can I Give My Baby a Bottle of Breastmilk

What would you do if you give birth and your employer needs you to report back to work as soon as possible? Or you have to go back to school in the shortest time possible? The question you will be asking yourself is, when can I give my baby a bottle of breastmilk?

Introducing your baby to expressed feeding is the best way to give your baby breastmilk. Giving a baby breast milk using a feeding bottle is known as expressed feeding. As a lactating mother, how long are you planning to stay with your baby? If long then you may require to have someone help you feed your baby with breastmilk in little quantities.

Doing this will ensure your baby can get familiar to the expressed feeding in case you are in a hurry of going back to work or school. You need to take care during the process of expressed feeding because in case you miss any feeding the milk supply will reduce.

Have You Considered Going To Work Before The End Of 4 Weeks?

You can consider working together with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, they will provide significant guidance on how to successfully introduce your baby to expressed feeding. If you are ascertained of returning to work before 4 weeks elapses you need to start pumping from once to twice in a day after the baby has suckled.

You should keep the milk in a freezer. This you should start during your first week while you are still with your baby at home. This is an important way to make sure your baby is supplied with breastmilk whether you are around or away from the baby. You may not want your baby to start having problems with expressed feeding, therefore, the baby needs to practice the expressed feeding before it is time to return to work.

The following are guidelines that will help you feed your baby using a bottle

  • Hold the baby in an upright position.
  • Prevent any position unsafe for the baby
  • Change positions
  • Burp the baby from time to time
  • Adhere to the guidelines
  • Hold the baby in an upright position

Whenever you are feeding your baby with a bottle, ensure the baby is held in an upright position.to help the baby control the milk flow, you ought to support the base of the head. When the baby is full or needs to take a break, you should not continue feeding them. Slant the bottle down when you want to give your baby a break, this makes the milk leave the nipple of the bottle. During feeding, the baby can release the nipple or fall asleep, if this happens you should stop feeding the baby.

Prevent Positions Unsafe To The Baby

A bottle should not be propped together with a pillow while feeding the baby, doing this can be disastrous and might choke the baby.

Change Positions

When you are bottle feeding your baby you should shift the position of the baby halfway over the bottle that is from one arm to another. It is also important that you keep eye contact with baby while you are feeding them.

Burp The Baby From Time To Time

During feeding using a bottle, the baby might accidentally swallow the nipple. To avoid disaster, it advisable that you should burp the baby regularly throughout the feeding.

Adhere To The Guidelines

There are guidelines that are meant to assist in pumping and storage of breastmilk as well as sanitizing the feeding bottles together with the nipples. As a mother introducing the child to expressed feeding you need to follow these guidelines.

How About Using A Formula?

The mother’s milk contains a lot of nutrients that are required for growth and development of the baby therefore when a baby drinks the milk from the mother, the more fit and strong the baby becomes. Even if you pump the breast for an equal number of times in a day, you will not always produce the same quantity of milk. Therefore nurse your baby whenever you are around them. You can think of your baby taking formula when at work, it is significant to breastfeed the baby after and before leaving for work.

Final Verdict

Isn’t it simple? You can supply breastmilk to your baby even when away from them. I have elaborated when you can start using an expressed feeding mechanism on your baby alongside guidelines that can help you in the process. It is my great hope that our article has served the purpose intended therefore you got the answer as a lactating mother. It is the greatest pleasure that you have given your time to us.

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